Wedding: Is the idea of ​​getting married on Halloween night too spooky?

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Wedding at Halloween

Get married in the night of Halloween Is it cold in the back? But first, what is marriage and why is it married? Marriage is a union of two people who wish to formalize their union in an institution or a contract for an indefinite period (until death separates them) for various reasons.

Rightly or wrongly, people marry because they love each other.

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If they are right to love themselves because this is the only magnificent reason for loving life (to love and to be loved), they are right to unite in a formalistic or sacred way (before God ) for reasons given to them by the company and for legal reasons.

Marriage and Awards

In other words, if loving is enough to have a conjugal life, loving is not all to achieve a married life and you understand this sad truth when you wish to defeat the marriage.

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Marriage is a contract or at least an institution that you pass (sign) before the mayor and before God (if you wish). The formalization of this act is explained by the fact that the to marry looks at society in one way or another. The union of the two people is expressed in a very solemn way because the couple (as an institution) will have begun a life of their own.

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Everything that happens during this life looks at both people. Each has responsibilities towards the other and for each act he undertakes. The couple may decide to procreate and the offspring belong to both. Both are jointly and severally liable (except in special cases) and may make decisions about the future of the offspring. Legally speaking, no one can decide on their own without the agreement of the other.

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Why is it like that? Because the human being is an individual but also a social and societal being. He has social relations with other members of society. Two beings already form a cell of society, a small community which has its own identity and which can have its joint budget. Both can enlarge the social cell and produce three, four, and so on. A woman can give birth to as many children as she can.

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One could already summarize by saying that marriage is a deliberate and deliberate act that has consequences for the society in which the married live. Since they decide to do this solemn act, society has the right to interfere in specific cases. The social cell has its own life but this life in one way or another also looks at others.

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The creation of this social cell is like life, namely something miraculous, as is love, but also something macabre, also as love is because it makes open a reality unknown up to then for anyone and especially for the person in question. Love, life, everything has two sides: the two sides of the coin, they say!

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The attractive side is the side that one sees first, for man is designed to see first the beautiful. The other side of the coin is what you undergo to see the beautiful, what you hide to conceal defects, what you carry in us to be able to discern the beautiful.

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When we get married, we prefer to organize a beautiful and beautiful party. Everything is white, immaculate, everything shines. Perhaps we want to insist that nothing is still soiled. But everyone is aware that marriage has to last for better and for worse. Marriage is like life itself, there is the best and there is the worst. One can not be without the other.

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So why not start everything upside down? Why not celebrate marriage at the Tim Burton? Why not begin by unveiling so that the other way first our bowels, even our skeleton before we see our beauty? Why not celebrate the fact that we unite until death before celebrating life together?

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All these ideas are possible thanks to party like Halloween . In fact, on the eve of all the saints, the ghosts come out of their graves to come and visit the living. The living, on the other hand, disguised themselves in a frightening way to frighten phantoms and to dissuade them from continuing to haunt the living.

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Like the Celtic New Year tradition, we are of course aiming for Halloween, the bride and groom can decide to celebrate the new conjugal life and disguise themselves in their worst nightmares in order to dissuade their nightmarish sides in them, to appear in any form whatsoever.

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It is rather strong to want to defend itself against something naughty and frightening by attacking before waiting for the latter to attack and give goose bumps.

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It is rather worthy of admiration to be able to make fun of its worst macabre sides by celebrating it in the best day of its life where one testifies its deepest and true love to the one who also intends to stay close to his lover until at the end of his days. It is as much admirable that one would rather laugh at the death of a couple's life because of one's own death on the birthday of conjugal life!

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Let's not forget that celebrating her wedding on Halloween is making such a decision. We do not choose Halloween decoration on the day of her wedding because it's Halloween, but we choose such a macabre decoration because we decide to give up the vanities of the world and its pumps. Indeed, under such a glamorous apparatum as usual to make the day of his wedding, we prefer the dismal pump to bury the dirty entrails of our soul.

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There is nothing more sinister and more cynical than the will to provoke Death and to shame the devil to show them that life is also able to laugh at them and especially to show that we has nothing to do with them.

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