Tuto contouring face round, oval, square... Find the ideal contouring according to its shape of face!

contouring round face square-rectangular-tutorial

The contouring face is a makeup technique that consists of highlighting certain traits of its expression and concealing others. His goal is to underline the natural beauty and hide some small imperfections of our expressions.

Made popular by Kim Kardashian, facial contouring is nowadays a widely used technique not only for an evening makeup but also in the daytime.

Makeup tips - how to make the contouring face round, oval, oblong, square, rectangular, diamond and heart

What is useful to know is that the technique of contouring face is not always the same. Its application depends on the occasion but also, and more importantly, the shape of the face. In the text that follows, we address the issue of contouring face round, oval, square according to its form.

contouring round face oval-square-rectangular-tutorial

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Tips and tricks contouring oval face

contouring round face oval-tutorial-makeup

It's no secret that contouring makeup depends on the shape of the face to some extent. Follow our guide to learn how to accentuate your features using this technique applied to the oval face.

The oval-shaped faces are longer than they are wide and this, about one and a half times. If we have to compare it to something, we could say that it looks like an egg turned upside down. To make the forehead of such a face slightly narrower, a small amount of bronzing powder should be added on its sides.

Bypass your cheekbones as usual. For that, leave ears and go to the cheeks. Another thing to remember for contouring the oval face is the use of the highlighter. Use the highlighter (or highlighter) matte finish in the middle of the forehead. Continue applying also to the middle of the chin and under the eyes.

Finally, you can add a brilliant highlighter below your eyebrows. You will thus make your eyes even more defined.

Tips and tricks oblong face contouring


The oblong face does not have distinctive points like other facial shapes. What can be said about its form is that it is rather long than broad.

To succeed its contouring, it would be necessary to start with the root of the hair. Mix some bronzer in your hair. You will thus get a forehead and a line of hair visually lower.

To continue, consider adding a touch of chin powder. With this trick, you will create a rounder illusion of face.

Finally, the last thing to remember here is the cheekbones. Start applying your tan product from the ears and continue to your cheeks. As for the highlighter, apply matte-finish glossy powder in the area under your eyes following the imaginary shape of a triangle.

Round Face Contouring Tut - Tips and Advice

contouring round face tutorial-model

What characterizes the round-shaped face? The fact that its length and width are almost identical. How to emphasize his features with the round face contouring? Here are the steps to follow!

To begin, apply the tan on the sides of the forehead by pulling toward the cheek bones. Then, fade the tan from the ears and towards the cheeks to the area where your chin begins. With this technique, you will create an illusion of a visually longer face.

What are the areas of the round face where to apply highlighter? The forehead, the chin, under the eyes (following the shape of an imaginary triangle turned upside down).

Square Face Contouring Tutorial


Do you have a face with a square shape? In these, the length of your face is about the same as its width.

To succeed in contouring a square face, the first thing to do would be to apply your tan to the area where the hair begins to frame your face. This would make your forehead narrower.

The next step would be the line of the jaw. Try to mix the bronzing powder to make it narrower. Bring some touches on the cheekbones as well.

Where to apply the highlighter? With a square face, the answer is easy. Add some matte powder to your forehead, chin, and under the eyes.

Tutorial for rectangular face contouring

tutorial-contouring face-rectangular-Photo

After rounding the face round and square, see how to succeed the contouring of the rectangular one. What is typical for this face is that its length is more important than its width.

To make a rectangular face contouring, apply a little tan along the hairline and on the sides of the forehead. You will use makeup to reduce the size of your forehead. To make the line of the jaw just as narrow, apply a bronzing powder, blending, below it.

As for the cheekbones, proceed as for any other type of face. The highlighter should be applied on the chin and in the area below the eyes. For a finishing touch, add a little matte-finished highlighter to the eyebrow arch.

How to make contouring for a diamond-shaped face

contouring-tutorial-face-diamond-model image

The diamond shape of the face is characterized by the fact that the area of ​​the hair roots is narrower than that of the cheeks. The chin is distinguished by its sharp appearance.

If you have a diamond shaped face, know that you are lucky. Successfully contouring is probably the easiest with this facial shape.

To highlight the natural beauty of your face, you will have one thing to emphasize: the bones of your cheeks. However, do not touch the forehead or the line of the jaw.

The bones of the well-defined cheeks will be largely sufficient to succeed the contouring of diamond face. For the hgighlighter, consider applying it to the following places: the arcade of the eyebrows, below the eyes, in the center of the forehead and chin. With this tip, you'll make your face wider where it's needed.

Heart contouring contouring tutorial


So far, we have examined the contouring round, square, oval, oblong, rectangular and diamond faces. Finally, we just have to consider how to contour for a heart-shaped face. It is a face that has an area of ​​the hair roots that is narrower than the cheeks. To add to that, the chin of this type of face is usually pointed.

Launch into the diamond face contouring starting at both sides of the forehead and blending to the cheek bones.

Then take a little more tan and set the same area well. To make the features of your chin softer, add a little bronzer in this part of the face.

Finish by applying the highlighter below your eyes, in the center of your forehead and chin. These areas will appear wider and brighter.

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