Trend spring summer 2018 at Dior: a fairy tulle

trend spring summer 2018 at-Dior-tulle-pink-dark-stripe-jacket-black

Trend spring summer 2018 at Dior, it is the spirit Maria Grazia Chiuri and the vision of Niki de Saint Phalle. It is the latter who actually designed the Dior collection for the season.

Self-taught, up-endist, sensational, with feminine and masculine spirit at the same time, delicate, initiative, energetic, following its only as-self, this artist put everything.

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Trend spring summer 2018 at Dior: reign all

Indeed, there is everything, peas, denim, leather, checks, stripes, mosaics, glitter, sun wrinkles and the flagship material: tulle. These fabrics of all kinds are veiled by the tulle that does not hide images of dragons, hearts, trees or other arty leitmotivs and flashy details.

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Trend spring summer 2018 at Dior: unusual style

What is the style? It's a unique style. Contrast, there is! From the liberal back to the 60s through other times and other trends. That's it the woman of today : a woman who embraces all styles in classic colors but also in flashy and brilliant colors.

trend spring summer 2018 at-Dior-tulle-green-clothing-patterns-stripes-black-green-colors-impressionists

The woman who confirms herself while reinventing herself. What is certain is that it is the time of pronounced femininity!

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Trend spring summer 2018 at Dior: transparency and the deluge of eternal leitmotifs on various and varied subjects

We do not seek so much the sexy effect as the effect of affirmed femininity and that of the woman who assumes. Through materials and the richness of colors and leitmotivs, the slender woman and relying little on its traditional feminine presence, is chic while remaining modern.

trend spring summer 2018 at-Dior-tulle-type-skirt-spanish

It covers all the styles of the last few decades while keeping a contemporary air arty.

trend spring summer 2018 at-Dior-dress-black-tulle-socks-outfit-type-swimwear-swim-stripes-black-red

Indeed, and as mentioned previously, the spring trend was 2018 at Dior and especially women's ready-to-wear collections for the spring and summer seasons. 2018 TV Presented at kite , have put forward the image of a woman who wears everything and who does not remain victim of a particular fashion.

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On the contrary, the woman at Dior plays with the fashions of several decades and uses in her favor all that she finds interesting as she sees fit while mixing materials and combining clothes that have, at first glance , nothing to do with each other.

trend spring summer 2018 at-Dior-tulle-holding-stripes-black-pink-dark

Trend spring summer 2018 at Dior: examples of outfits

This is how she wears the timeless shirt dress, a chic jacket, a bathing suit covered with tulle, long skirts or, on the contrary, mini-skirts with a stocking, etc. And yes, the legs will be well covered during the season. The shoes themselves often go, if not up to the knees, at least up to the calves.

trend spring summer 2018 at-Dior-tulle-stripes-yellow-black

For lack of stockings or socks, opt for the shoes he was just talking about or for leggings with bright patterns. With tulle skirts, so transparent, we do not walk bare legs. But also, although transparent, the tulle gives the feeling of covering the body, even half dressed.

trendy spring summer 2018 at-Dior-tulle-covering-body-outfit-swimwear-swim-stripes

But what is tulle more exactly? History of tulle...

Tulle is a transparent fabric formed by a network of regular mesh of synthetic threads (today) or threads of cotton, silk, linen, etc. (in general). It takes its name from the city of Tulle in the Limousin where a type of lace was made manually at the time still of Louis XIV.

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The tulle that we know today is an industrial tulle. He appears with the intention of imitating lace. The means used to imitate it, are mechanical means and not manual. The names associated with the tulle profession are those of Frost and Holmes.

spring summer 2018 trend at-Dior-tulle-stripes-white-gray

The tulle is born to exist in a distant perspective

Their tulle was woven with linen thread. They imitated the white lace well. In France, we start to know this fabric from the 18th e century, but the quality of the French tulle could not even be compared to that of the English. Napoleon forbade its importation for some time.

trend spring summer 2018 at-Dior-tulle-skirt-colors-primary-jacket-black-classic

Meanwhile, the English improve their techniques and their new tulle bobbin invented by John Heathcoat of Nottingham was even more resistant. A few years later, John Leavers invented an even more powerful process. He produced the tulle at the same time as the tulle background. It is this that fashion knows today.

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Trend spring summer 2018: an overview of collections in general

Introduced by Maria Grazia Chiuri at Dior, tulle has never really stopped to accompany our skirts, our tunics, our hats, etc. We can not do without it. He invades the podiums. Moschino chose playful tulle in flashy colors.

trend spring summer 2018 at-Dior-tulle-level-thighs-tunic-sparkling-black-red-dark

Fausto Puglisi or Brognano presented it in the maxi version. Like a cocoon, Brognano locked his chest and shoulders with it. At Cristiano Burani, tulle is just added to the purple or red tunics presented at the parade.

trend spring summer 2018 at-Dior-tulle-glitter-silver

Since the removable sleeves and the bare shoulders are fashionable, the tulle comes to bring a particular, original touch! Although transparent, the tulle is a bit of a contrast to the slouchy straps and casual look in women. The free shoulders, as they are called, marched at Piccione.piccione, Ssheena, Vivetta, Alberto Zambelli.

trend spring summer 2018 at-Dior-tulle-sequins-color-pink-dark

Trend spring summer 2018: the green is back

The collections have made good use of the color palette. No tone, no color has been forgotten. From intense pastel shades to classic black-and-white combinations, one color in particular stands out: the green.

spring summer 2018 trend at-Dior-tulle-glitter-copper

This color can not fail to be associated with the green spirit characterizing Milan Fashion Week, which promoted sustainable fashion. Mint green in Blumarine, military green in Trussardi, green effects in Etro, shimmering green in Armani, green bouquet in Moschino and so on.

Spring summer 2018 trend at-Dior-tulle-sequins-red-burgundy

At Dior the green did not appear unnoticed either. In a more unusual tone than other designers, green at Dior naturally combines with the other colors present on the outfit. He goes with everything because this color is the color of hope.

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trend spring summer 2018 at-Dior-skirt-long-tulle-outfit-type-swimsuit-bath-patterns-dragon-heart

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