To occupy children during a wedding so that they do not get bored?

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To occupy children during a wedding is important to predict! Imagine, this article will be part of the category Wedding decoration . Why? Because to occupy the children at the wedding will require preparations and especially decorative acts.

Indeed, children's entertainment must be well prepared in advance and this in order to relax them, give them confidence, restart them to play or calm them. The activities of animation will be planned for this precise moment where they will not be able to have fun anymore alone. This can happen at the beginning or middle of the wedding.

Occupy children during a wedding without stopping them having fun as they wish

Without wanting to cut off the enthusiasm of finding the only way to have fun or not wanting to prevent them from taking care of each other, we simply want to plan activities so that they do not waste too much time finding the means to having fun or not getting bored.

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Yes, it is possible that they are bored at a wedding since the wedding is not their party. Moreover, at this party there are not only children! In addition, weddings are real parties that adults would love to forget their family responsibilities and get carried away by the wave of the passion of the bride and groom and be seduced by the enchantment of the event.

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Occupying children is a must for which one needs to have recourse to a professional who will have prepared activities on the day of a wedding. Activities can take place at the beginning of the wedding or in the middle. We will not say at the end because we all know that weddings can last all night and at night, children must still go to bed at some point.

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Several activities can be proposed to them while being careful that these activities do not cut them the appetite to play and to have fun alone!

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Occupy kids with table activities

First, put the children together. Plan a table where they can all settle down and do table activities together. Children like to draw. This is why we must define an area (a large table or small depending on the number of children) where we can leave them felt and sheets of paper to let them make drawings.

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This table should be decorated in such a way that it does not differ from other tables decorated for guests.

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What else should I put on this table? How is it necessary to decorate it so that its decoration fits perfectly in the general decoration of the wedding event? It may be necessary to plan activities with clay. But also board games . Yes, board games, like Uno cards, for example. Kids love the Uno card game.

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Occupy children with babysitters

Should babysitters be provided? It is almost essential to provide babysitters if adults want to spend a quiet and happy time. One babysitter for five children seems reasonable. She or he will stay at the table with the children and meet their needs.

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The babysitter will accompany them to the washroom and install them indoors if the child or children will want to go to bed. Do not forget to bring blankets and sleeping bags in case the kids want to sleep under the stars.

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Occupy children with animators

The child care has nothing to do with the animators that parents will eventually call. In addition, children will not be able to spend the whole day (or evening) with colored pencils in their hands. They will not really enjoy themselves if they spend their time with the babysitter. So think about hiring animators!

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The profession of animator has existed for a long time already! They offer their service especially for events such as birthdays or children's parties. But why not order the service of one or more animators for this solemn day. Everyone will find his account!

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They will know how to entertain your little ones. They are trained for this! Several games will be offered to your children. These will not feel the time pass! For their part, the animators will be able to organize collective games. They are trained so that the idea of ​​the games they offer, seem to come directly from the kids.

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In this way, children will keep their minds open and will not lose their will to initiative. Also, children will have fun without having the time to argue or be bored.

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All this is possible thanks to the training of the facilitators to channel the children, nothing more. Yes, they can guide or direct them where necessary. But they know how to help them find their own happiness!

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Occupy the children but for that, make up and disguise them!

Kids will love to be disguised and made up. This wedding day will indeed be a very special occasion for everyone to be dressed very, very chic or in any case in a special way. The married couple will live their fairy tale moment.

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So why not allow children to live a moment of magic too! Instead of respecting a particular wedding style and trying to dress them in a particular way, it is better to let them embody their favorite hero by letting them disguise themselves as they wish.

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This will allow them to live this special moment in an unforgettable way. They will be able to live the party (which is not theirs) as if it was somewhere theirs too.

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Take care of the children and take pictures or videotape them throughout the evening

During weddings that are unique events, everyone likes to take photos and videos.

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So that nobody feels compelled to document the event and responsible if the photos or videos are not perfect, we can plan to call a professional photographer for the occasion.

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In addition, babysitters can be asked to take pictures of children from time to time. However, she could hardly film while she cares for the little ones. As a result, you should not expect too much from the video.

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Occupy children by allowing them to play video games on their tablets?

If you have teenagers, they would not do without their cell phones or tablets. Maybe they should not be playing all the time, but certainly no one can convince them or forbid them to play for a while at the wedding. Because between teens, we play video games and we set challenges, we exchange information, etc.

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Why is the subject of how to occupy children at a wedding falls into the Wedding Decor category?

Whatever is organized and planned for young and old, everything must be done in a style that corresponds to that of the wedding decor. If the children will have their own corner where they will draw and play, the table is the chosen activities must meet the theme of the wedding.

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Babysitters and the animator must also be dressed according to the dress code chosen for the wedding. Since children will not play all the games that exist on Earth, we can choose some games that are in the style of marriage.

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If they draw, there will be felts of all colors. Children's drawing blocks, on the other hand, can be chosen according to their coverage so that they fit better with the decoration of the wedding. These may be minor details, but there are people who want them.

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Occupy children by age and gender

If there are more girls, think of calling a host dressed as a princess. Depending on the preference of colors, everyone can be dressed in pink. If at the wedding there are more toddlers, we can choose the theme of Cars or Ninja Turtles.

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Children from 5 to 7 years old like heroes like Spider Man or Star Wars. All this to tell you that you should not take this task lightly. You have to make an inquiry and carefully choose the theme and activities. By making a list of all the preferences, one can then find the perfect solution so that the theme corresponds best to the style of the marriage.

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Occupy the children thinking to put them music they like

For a long time now, children have been listening to their own music. What would annoy them the most is to listen to adult music all night long.

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You have to know a little about their taste. You can even rent the service of a children's DJ. If the big DJ knows about it, he can alternate the songs and from time to time something that would please the little ones.

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In case he does not know at all, one can at least try to find out from the young and the young. The important thing is that everyone has fun and the taste of people according to their age is respected.

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Occupy children in late hours

That we can find a table for children, this is self-evident. This may be a corner in the restaurant where one or more tables with chairs will be stowed. Depending on the local or the place where the wedding is organized, it can be a real corner with cushions and beanbags and coffee tables.

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Children must be able to move, so if there is a second dance hall for them, it will be perfect. If everyone shares the dance hall and the DJ alters the songs, that too will be fine.

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But if no one has a sleeping area with cushions and blankets (unless the wedding takes place in a village and a hotel is booked nearby), the adults will soon find themselves in a very delicate situation where it will not be possible for them to stay fun anymore.

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They have to go to sleep. On the other hand, if at least one such corner is laid out for the little ones, with lots of blankets and pillows (or cushions), that will do the trick.

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Occupy children while they rest or sleep

The facilitator no longer has responsibility when the children get tired and do not want to play anymore. On the other hand, the care of baby-sitters will be highly appreciated especially when the children will sleep in the corner that is planned for them or at the hotel if there is one of reserved.

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Indeed, anything can happen especially if the children sleep at the hotel far from the wedding event.

Even if the children are lying on the floor in the restaurant or the place where the wedding is being held, the presence of babysitters will be mandatory. The noise can wake someone up.

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Someone will be able to drink water or go to the bathroom. In short, so that the grooms and the guests can think only of the party, it is necessary that the services of a trained and qualified staff are rented.

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Some children may only fall asleep when someone has read a story to them. The babysitter will read them the story that the parents have previously brought. It may be that a child can not fall asleep without his blanket. The babysitter will have the commitment to think about it and bring it.

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To occupy children but also to think of all those who contributed

Keep in mind that babysitters who will spend hours with your children during the wedding will also be virtually invited to this wedding.

Do not forget to provide them with chairs around the children's table. In other words, do not forget to talk to the grooms who organize the whole wedding. If places are counted, it is mandatory to have a solution.

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You have to either provide small IKEA children's tables that are light and do not take up space that could be put in a corner if there is no other possible solution in the reserved restaurant, or rearrange the entire room. space to accommodate such a corner.

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