The mid-length hair cut is revisited. Discover the new looks!

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The gradient cut is one of the most recognizable features of the 1990s in hairdressing. We still remember the iconic look of Jennifer Aniston in her role as Rachel of the series Friends.

Her iconic hairstyle has inspired thousands of girls around the world to try a variation of the mid-length hair gradient. With the return of the 1990 fashion, the time is at the rediscovery of the cuts in gradient.

The mid-length hair cut revisited in 20 hairstyle ideas woman to try

On this occasion, we revisited the symbolic cup of this period of the end of the 20th century to see what are the ways to wear the hair shading mid-long during the coming months.

What are the advantages of the mid-long hair gradient cut?

Mid-long hair smooth-middle-ray

The gradient cut has an interesting reputation. On the one hand, it is considered flattering, especially for girls with fine hair. This is because hairstyles in mid-hair gradient allow to give more volume to the manes with hair that lack thickness.

cutting-to-hair semi-long-degraded-fringe-coloring-red-auburn

On the other hand, the gradient cut is considered difficult to wear. This is true for those who, on the contrary, we have rebellious locks and rather stiff hair. In these cases, the short gradient cuts are to be avoided because they would require a lot of effort every day.

degraded-cut hair-mid-long-disheveled-effect ripples

In practice, the half-long hair gradient cut is obtained by creating several levels. Those on the upper part of the skull are cut shorter than the others. This produces a crown effect, with the shorter strands elegantly falling on the longer ones.

cut-square-degraded hair-woman-half-long model

Modern hairstyles admit many interesting interpretations of the half-length hair cut. For example, you can bet on a more distinctive gradient or, on the contrary, on a cut with subtle highlights. Plus, some trendy coloring techniques, such as shaded hair can help you emphasize your mid-length hair cut.

How to wear the half long hair gradient?

Mid-length short hair-loops-stripe-on-side

As you probably know, the mid-length hair gradient can be worn with a variety of styles. It comes in official or rebel version and it combines with classic women's cuts like the bob square, for example. In its modern version, the mid-length hair is also worn with bangs or with ripples.

cutting-edge hair-mid-long-degraded fringe

Do you fancy a mid-length cut reminiscent of the 1990s? So try a woman hairstyle with bangs and gradient way crown. It will give more volume to your mane and you will get a slightly vintage look. To adopt by those who are seduced by fashion accessories style 1990!

Gradient hair hairstyle mid-long-with-fringe-coloring-blonde

For a less accentuated effect, choose a gradient with slightly longer wicks. You can keep the bangs but try a hairstyle-style hairy hairstyle that will allow you to create a casual look. This hairstyle is suitable for hair of all colors; it will seduce especially those who have fine hair.


Do you like the bob cut but you want a little change? Experiment with the gradient square ! The degraded square cut is available in short, medium and long version. Gradient highlights give you plenty of options to change your look every day. For example, with a seaside-style ripple effect!


Are you seduced by the rock'n'roll style? The mid-length gradient cut lends itself perfectly to such an interpretation. Opt for a short mid-gradient square with ripples like messy hair. Wear it with your hair on your side and a dramatic makeup that highlights your eyes. The rockstar effect is guaranteed!

Ideas for an elegant look with mid-length gradient hairstyle

hair-woman-degrade-half-long undulations

The gradient cut with mid-length hair is also suitable for official occasions. Here again, you can count on light and elegant ripples to emphasize the movement of your locks.

degraded long hair long-ripples-hairstyle-hair-blonde

Another great idea for such occasions: to wear one's hair on one's side. This is a simple and elegant hairstyle, to try if you have long hair to long.

Hair-degrade-half-long-hair-brown stripe-middle

You have naturally smooth hair or have tried a technique like Japanese smoothing ? The gradient cut will highlight the authentic brilliance of your mane. For this, avoid stylizing too heavy products that will prevent the natural movement of your locks gradient.

degraded mid-length hair fringe-ponytail

On the occasion of an evening outing, girls with medium long hair could also try a ponytail style hairstyle. The shorter hair will fall nicely around the face to frame it in a romantic way.

How to show off its mid-length hair cut with a trendy color

Hair-square-degraded hair-mi-long undulations

As we have said, there are certain types of trendy coloration that will allow you to emphasize the beauty of your gradient hairstyle. Among them, there is the scan that is to give shine to the hair with a subtle lightening of some locks. A very nice way to sublimate your cut degrades long or half long!

degraded mid-hair long shadow-hair-idea

Next to scanning, there is another trendy coloring technique that will highlight the beauty of your gradient cut. This is the shaded hair, also known as progressive discoloration. The effect of this technique is a gradual lightening of the hair from the roots to the ends of the hair. As a result, the shaded hair can be a beautiful way to emphasize your short locks of crown style.

The long and mid-length hair cut inspired by the 1990s to rediscover

degraded mid-hair long hairstyle-bangs-black-hair

As you can see, the time has come to rediscover the gradient cut in long and medium length haircut. This is also what we seem to see the images of stars who are more fun than ever to experiment with this trend. You too can get inspired by the fashion of 1990 and interpenetrate with your taste with this chic and modern woman's cut!

cut-woman-half-long-degraded-line-of-odds cut-hair mid-degrade long-woman-coupons breaker degrades hair-mi-long door-on-side