The extra fine tiles for renovation: modernity, functionality, versatility

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The extra-fine tiles are one of the latest trends that somewhat disrupts the renovation market. This type of revolutionary flooring just appeared a few years ago.

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What are the benefits of extra thin tiles and why is it so fashionable?

The biggest advantage of extra thin tiles is that you do not even need to disassemble your old floor, you can put it directly. Renovation work is therefore much easier and faster to achieve. In addition, it is much lighter than traditional tiles. The installation of traditional tiles increases the thickness of the floor. This is not the case with extra thin tiles! Also known as slim tile and thin tile, it has been specifically designed for its thinness. The classic tile is usually 10 millimeters thick, while the fine tiling is 5 millimeters or less.


In addition to all these advantages, the extra fine tiles are also very resistant. Some models are even stronger than traditional tiles. In general, the fine tiling is made of porcelain stoneware but, since recently, it also exists in porcelain. It is still necessary to choose the model of its fine tiling to avoid falling on a fine tiling of low quality. Feel free to ask for quality and price information, as well as tips on the fine tile pattern that will best suit your current floor.

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The extra thin tiles are easy to install and two times lighter than traditional tiles.

In short, the extra fine tiles seem to have many advantages. But does he have faults? And yes, like everything in life, the fine tiles also has a significant disadvantage, its price. It is significantly more expensive than traditional tiles. The indicative price of an extra fine tile may vary. The average price is usually 30 to 75 euros per m². At the moment, you can take advantage of very advantageous discounts at Réflexe Boutique.

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Fine porcelain tile is one of the latest trends in interior design. Functionality and avant-garde.

Porcelain has a fine and very delicate beauty. Now, it exists in the form of extra fine tiles thanks to the renowned Spanish company Levantina. The latter has recently presented its new collection of extra fine tiles and very large tiles made of Techlam® porcelain - a real explosion of colors and refined textures. You will be fascinated by its sophisticated nuances and quality! Indeed, the collection introduces porcelain interior design in a new form to create a unique and personalized space.

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What renovation tile extra end is for you?

To make your choice of tiling renovation, you must always inquire beforehand. Each living space has its specificities with which it gives its choice of flooring. The aesthetic aspect is rather a question of choice. A wide range of various surface and design finishes are available on the market. It is therefore easy to find the model that fits your style preferences and your budget. You will find models of extra fine tiles with natural wood look or modern and brilliant models. In terms of technical details, it is better to seek professional advice. In short, choosing fine or extra fine tiling for the covering of your floor and your walls is an excellent idea that will allow you to enjoy a beautiful and modern interior!