The design bunk bed in 30 furniture solutions and deco full of personality

design bunk bed small-space-deco-modern-bedroom

The beds in mezzanine or superimposed type are practical and modern furniture that is appreciated in the development of nursery and adult room. Whether to save space or enjoy high ceilings in a room, these beds are always a good idea.

This is why they are also increasingly popular in the decoration of other types of spaces. Guest rooms, lofts and houses with open plan also furniture of this type.

Design bunk bed, a modern furniture and full of personality

A few years ago, the bunk bed was a piece of furniture that was only associated with its practicality. As a result, he sometimes lacked originality and personality. But this is no longer the case today. We take as proof a series of 30 models of bunk bed design that make us crack especially. It's up to you to explore them in this publication!

A marine-inspired design bunk bed

bunk bed design bedroom-deco-child

To open this collection on the design bunk bed, we chose a nursery image inspired by the marine theme. An aquatic wallpaper serves as a decorative accent. This is complemented by a design white bunk bed whose appearance evokes that of a submarine. A beautiful idea for the decoration of a room of girl or boy passionate by the ocean!

A chic design bunk bed

idee bed-design-superimposed-room-boy

Industrial deco is no longer just for trendy lofts! The proof, with this bunk bed design indus chic in black color. It has some metallic accents that serve as protection and keys original decoration . A great planning idea for a boys room!

A wooden loft bed that you can do yourself

bunk bed design wood-two-storey

Whether to save money or because they love DIY, more and more parents are turning to DIY projects for the nursery. In addition to storage and desks, today you can make a design bunk bed for your children. Wood is a material of choice for this type of project.

A bed on two floors way Ikea hack

bed child-gain-of-place-two-floors-is-how-it-yourself

If you are looking for a cheap designer bunk bed, you can always turn to Scandinavian style solutions offered by stores like Ikea. The best thing with this kind of furniture is that you can customize them at will. Here is an example of a Scandinavian design style bunk bed Ikea hack for bedroom decorating girl.

An idea of ​​a mezzanine corner bed to save space

design bunk bed with-drawer-storage

The bunk beds offer plenty of clever solutions to save space in a small space. And that's one of the reasons why this type of furniture is so popular. For example, you could install two pairs of angle design bunk beds. In this way, you will further optimize the space in a small living room.

A design wooden bunk bed with open shelves

bed superimposes-a-do-it-yourself-wood

How to save even more space around your design bunk bed? One possibility is to bet on a panel that serves as back for the beds. The panel can also house additional storage, such as open shelves for example. You will benefit from a mini library close to your rest area!

A folding two-story bed for children or adults

bed-superimposed folding-design-modern

In some cases, the design bunk bed is not used every day. It plays the role of a complementary piece of furniture, for example, for parties that friends spend with us. For this, nothing better than a bunk bed folding design. It can accommodate one or two people and is easy to store when you do not need it!

A design bed in mezzanine that will seduce the handymen


In a holiday home or in his main residence, sometimes it is decided to complete his decor with an extra bed. If the height of the room allows it, you could make yourself a bed in mezzanine which will be added to an already existing furniture. You will have a bunk bed like the one on the picture above. All without having to get rid of your old bed!

A raised child's bed with concealed storage beneath the metals

bed child mezzanine storage drawer

Concealed storage below the mattress is a great way to save space for things like clothes and bed linen. The idea will be even more appreciated by parents of two or more children. It will offer them the opportunity to optimize the space in a room where one must always provide two sets of identical furniture.

A bed on two floors with curtains for more privacy


In a child's or adult's room, the design bunk bed must always be thought to offer more privacy to its users. For this, we can decorate each bed with a discreet curtain. With this solution, everyone could benefit from a little more privacy when they need it. The best is that this touch of decor is very simple to make yourself!

A design bunk bed with appropriate lighting

bed-room loft-child-deco-design

Classic beds in a child's or adult's room always have an appropriate light source. In many cases, it is a floor lamp placed on the bedside table. But, in the case of beds in mezzanine, this type of lighting is not always possible. Fortunately, wall sconces are always a good alternative.

A practical mezzanine bed that saves space

bed child-superimposed-modern-design

To access the second floor of a bunk bed, you almost always need a ladder. This must be adapted to the type of bed but also the age of its users. On the picture above, a solid and adapted scale model that is contiguous to the bed itself. With this kind of accessory, your children will be able to return to the second floor of the bed easily and safely. Best of all, the sleek design of the ladder gives them plenty of room to play in front of the bed.

A modern design bunk bed in a wall niche

bunk bed design niche-wall-deco

Installing your designer bunk bed in a wall niche of the bedroom is a great idea. This tip will give you the opportunity to better organize the interior space, as shown in the picture above. This is another way to enjoy a bed on two floors to gain space.

A design bunk bed idea for four full of personality

bed child-superimposed-deco-modern

In the past, bunk beds often lacked character. This is probably the reason why owners of such furniture are always looking for fun ideas to decorate a bed on two floors. The picture above gives us some interesting suggestions of this type. Take the opportunity to give more personality to your design bunk bed!

A seasonal decoration idea for the mezzanine bed

bunk bed design furniture-deco-ambiance-nature

Of course, you can opt for a thematic decor of the design bunk bed that is in harmony with the spirit of the room. Another possibility would be to embellish this furniture with accessories of the season. Thus, in winter, you will opt for a wreath or garlands made of fir twigs. This suggestion is particularly suitable for rooms of children or friends in a holiday home that will be visited during the end of year celebrations.

A loft bed with modern desk

superimposed bed-with-office-room child-gain-of-site

For several years already, bunk beds and those in mezzanine are no longer reserved only for double rooms. Sometimes they are simply used to create a small room that would otherwise be deprived of office space or play space. This is precisely the approach that was adopted in the layout of the child's room on the picture above.

A bunk bed design for teen room

bed mezzanine deco-chamber-teen-dressing idea

When children grow up, their needs in terms of room organization evolve. Change is probably most noticeable in the period of transition from child's age to adolescence. If you need a makeover idea for teen girl room, consider a designer bunk bed. Your daughter could take advantage of the space at the bottom of the bed to set up her first dressing room.

A color idea for a two-story bed that will visually open the room

bed child mezzanine two-storey-design

We know that the color of a room's painting is very important for its atmosphere. This observation is even more true in the decoration of a small room. Opt for a clear paint color, such as white or pastel shades. They will visually open the interior and make it more spacious.

A design bunk bed for adults and children


Whether because we live in a small house or because we are looking for practical solutions to decorate a second home, we may be led to consider the decor with a bed on two floors of which a level will be reserved for adults and a other to the children. If you need inspiration for this type of furniture, take a look at the picture above.

And, to continue this round of design bunk bed ideas, be sure to browse the images below!

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