Teenage hairstyle 2018 spring-summer: 40 very fashionable girl hairstyle ideas this year

hairstyle teen girl 2018 spring summer trend

Are you looking for a stylish and modern girl teen hairstyle? In this publication, we offer over 40 cutting-edge ideas and hairstyles ado 2018 spring-summer girl very fashionable this year.

Teenage hairstyle 2018 spring summer

Teenage hairstyle 2018 spring-summer: the trends to follow this year

When we are teenagers, we pay particular attention to their look and we all want to be modern and stylish. It is also at this age that one starts to design one's own style according to one's personal preferences. The hairstyle is that element of our appearance that we see first. Here's why choosing your haircut or teen hairstyle is important for being comfortable with your look. It's also the key to a successful look: feeling good about yourself and being natural and light.

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Hairdresser teen girl short or long: which to choose?

The answer to this question is... Both! This year's trends are not much different from previous years: fashionable haircuts and hairstyles are always the same for teens as adults . You wear your hair as you want: long, short, semi-short or semi-long. Usually, we choose the length according to the morphology of his face, the season and his desires.

Teenage hairstyle 2018 spring summer long hair

Choose your haircut or teen hairstyle according to the morphology of your face

You've probably heard about the notion morpho-hairstyle . This is a technique that allows everyone to choose his haircut by determining the shape of his face and the texture of his hair. To determine the shape of your face, four criteria must be considered: the size of the forehead, cheekbones, chin and the length of the face. According to his criteria, we determine the shape of his face and we choose the model and the length of its adapted cut.

teen hairstyle girl idea trend hair frizzy

Determining the shape of your face is easy.

The types of face shapes are usually classified into five categories: round and oval, heart and triangle, oblong and elongated, square, inverted triangle, and hexagonal diamond. Just stand in front of the mirror, tie her hair back and examine the features of her face. Online, we can also find makeover tools (some free, some paying) that will give you an idea how a hairstyle will fit you.

hairstyle girl teen idea long hair

The round face shape is the most widespread and considered one of the most symmetrical. Usually, the majority of girls have this same face shape: soft features with rounded cheekbones. Most often, the chin is proportional to the forehead. The cheeks are pronounced or even rounded. For girls with round faces, we recommend kid style and short cuts, with or without bangs.

Round face? The short haircut is made for you girls.

Teen girl haircut haircut idea

The triangle shape face is the opposite of the heart face. The forehead is broad, the jaw is pronounced and cheekbones little marked. Short cut or long cut, everything will be as good for girls with a triangle shape face.

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What is the heart shape face ? The heart face is distinguished with a broad forehead, asymmetrical cheekbones and a small chin. Its shape is like a"Y". The pixie cut and squared cut are ideal for girls with a heart-shaped face.


If you have a wide and pointed jaw and your cheekbones and forehead are pronounced, your face is probably of square shape . A long layered cut with a messy effect will be at the top.

hairstyle teen girl coloring blond idea cut square

The long or oblong faces have a jaw and cheekbones of the same width. The forehead is often symmetrical. All cuts with fringes will be fine, short or long.

hairstyle teen girl long hair tail on horse If your forehead and chin are symmetrical and narrow and your cheekbones are wide, then your face is shaped like hexagonal diamond . The cut squared will be fine. teen girl cut square idea short hair girl

These timeless cuts...

There are certain cuts that are simply timeless: bob, degraded cut, bowl cut, cut with bangs... Inspired by mythical films and Indian culture, we see the return of braided hairstyles. Perfect for long hair, we can invent all kinds of hair styles with braids.

teen hairstyle braids girl long hair hairstyle trendy teen

You do not have to have long hair to opt for a hairstyle with braids. Here is a very nice model ideal for girls with a square cut to do in less than 10 minutes:


If you have long hair, we strongly advise you to always braid before going to bed. In this way, you will gain a lot of time in the mornings and your hair will be in better condition. There are many hairdressing models with braids that are quite easy to make. You can find a lot of video tutorials how to go about it.

Braided girl teen hairstyle idea for long hair


Do you prefer to wear your long hair?

It is true that in summer, it is better not to have a lot of hair so as not to be too hot. But if you do not want to say goodbye to your beautiful long hair (it's the experience that speaks...), we strongly advise you to bet on hairstyles with attached hair. The bun is a beautiful, stylish summer hairstyle, for example. We love its bohemian version with pencil:
Teenage hairstyle 2018 spring summer bun bun pencil Casual style bun in version"I just got up" hair-bun-teen-girl-fashion The bun is always cute. It's the perfect teen hairstyle for long-haired girls when it's hot outside. bun-hair-girl

The bangs, is it made for everyone?

It depends on the shape of your face. It is true that the bangs are very cute and trendy at the moment, but it is not necessarily adapted to all forms of face. If you have a round face or heart, the bangs can make your face look even smaller than it is. On the other hand, if you have a long or oblong face, the bangs are made for you!

Hair-long-hair-teen-girl We love the long cut with bangs on the photo below. It makes us think of the 60s and the British actress Jane Birkin. A retro and chic cut at a time. It will go very well to girls with long faces or those with broad foreheads. Hair-teen-trend Young, pretty and natural idee-hair-long hair British actress Maisie Williams with a cute cutie hair hair-girl-star

You have frizzy hair? Girls with frizzy hair know that it is not always easy to look after them and brush them in the morning. At most, they have a lot of volume and training them in orderly hairstyle is often mission impossible. Here is why, short or semi-short cuts are sometimes the best solution. In short, everything depends on you! It is also important to choose the right skincare products.


Zoom on the modern girl teen hairstyle accessories.

And to make his look even more original, we add a beautiful accessory. The trendy hair accessories this season are almost the same as the previous years: headband, plastic headband, ribbon, headband, bandana, barrettes. In recent times, there is a new ultra practical hair accessory that is unquestionably at the top of the list: the elastic spiral hair flexible plastic. The latter allows to make many different hairstyles using a single elastic. Regardless of the thickness and volume of your hair, the flexible plastic elastic is a superb discovery.

Hair-retro-idee-teen-cutting For a bohemian and chic look, choose a headband or bandana with an original pattern. We recommend you to opt for a headband or cotton bandana. You'll find beautiful, affordable models on the ASOS website or in specialty stores. And if you want, you can even make it yourself if you have tissues at home. hair-trend-girl

A shiny hair accessory for a princess look, why not? A headband with pearls is the perfect hair accessory for an evening or dinner.


The short haircut: is it made for me?

It is difficult to answer this question for one simple reason: the short cut is a matter of choice. If you feel it, you can cut your hair short, but if you're hesitating, it's best to go through a semi-short or semi-long cut first. If you have worn your hair very long, it will be a shame to cut them all of a sudden. All long-haired girls know they need a lot of care. At the same time, it is often said that when you want a major change in your life, you cut your hair... Think carefully before saying"goodbye"to your long hair!

hairstyle teen girl short haircut idea trend spring summer 2018

Who said that the short haircut is not feminine?

Many girls think that short cuts are not feminine. Well, they are wrong. It is true that short hair has a side to the boy, but at the same time they reveal the neck and highlight the features of the face and the color of the eyes. In short, the femininity does not depend on the length of the hair, everything is a question of whole.


Combine the short haircut with a nude or pale lip balm.

cut-girl-short-teen-girl-fashion The short cut has many advantages. It is easy to style and requires less time in the mornings.
cut-girl-trend And as we already mentioned before, it is always possible to opt for a semi-short cut, a square for example, so as to make a long hair-short hair transition step by step.


The retro chic look has been in fashion for a few years now. This also explains the return of some cuts and hairstyles of this style such as bowl cutting, for example.
look-teen-hair-idee In the photo below, we see British actress Emma Watson with a stylish hairstyle and simple to achieve. This teen hairstyle is perfect for girls with medium or long hair. idee-hair-trend And the tail on horseback! Do you have long hair and you are always in a hurry in the morning? There is nothing simpler than to opt for the tail on horseback: classic, simple and perfect for every day. horse-tail-hair-teen-girl

To succeed in your look, there is nothing better than to be natural and light. But what do we mean by"natural"? Well, it's about doing what you want. Cut his hair short, opt for an interesting coloring, wear an improbable accessory. Style is built throughout life. Try, experiment, assume.

Hair-style hair-woman-look-idee

What a natural girl! The girl in the photo below decided to keep her hair long and to wear them loose, she also kept her natural color.

Hair-cutting trend-girl

A very cute short and retro haircut, no?

hair-style hair-teen-girl

The look of the 90's is back again this year. teen-girl-hair-trend

So girls, have you already chosen your favorite haircut and hairstyle? You will see that the possibilities are really numerous, the trends have not changed much and the essential thing is to assume your own style.

teen-hair-coloring-trend It's the same for the outfit - choose it for your own style. Opt for comfortable clothes that put you at ease. style-hair-girl-teen-look