Succulent plants: the five golden rules to have beautiful happy green friends

succulent plants

Succulent plants, also known as greasy plants, are beautiful and easy to maintain! Ideal as indoor plants, greasy plants can also be used for the creation of plant walls, vegetable tables , vertical gardens, terrariums and others.

Beginners gardeners and urban gardeners, this article is for you! Here you will find all the information you need to have healthy plants. It is very simple and it is enough to respect a few golden rules. Having plants at home is wonderful, green and good for the whole family.

succulent plants maintenance ideas

succulent plant

Succulent plants: everything you need to know about their maintenance inside

Succulent plants are quickly introduced into modern interiors for two obvious reasons: they can be placed everywhere and they require very little maintenance. Their resistance is due to their very thick leaves that store water. They can even live a few weeks above ground! Beginner gardener? The succulent plants are ideal for you to start the art of cultivating beautiful fresh greenery.

There are five golden rules that will make your succulent plants happy:

  • always have a well moistened and rich soil
  • ensure the necessary amount of indirect light
  • choose the right container
  • place them in the right place
  • clean sheets from time to time to remove dust

succulent plants interior maintenance

Succulent plants: regular watering and maintenance of the always wet soil

Succulent plants are naturally designed to survive in drought conditions. Their fleshy leaves store water. When there is no water, they use the water stored to survive. This is one of the main reasons why succulents have survived so long without a problem.

succulent plants interior pot maintenance ideas

Contrary to the belief of some, do not take the risk to let your succulent plants dry. They are designed to survive in drought conditions, but they will thrive only if they are watered regularly. This is the number one mistake made by novice urban gardeners. The rule number one to have beautiful succulent plants lively and happy: the water !

We must not forget, however, that these are living plants. They like the water and the sun . Water them once a week at least. Be careful not to put too much water!

succulent plants inside ideas

Container: essential for the health of your succulent plants

Specialists recommend to avoid glass containers. The glass does not allow the water to evaporate. A too moist potting soil puts your fat plants at risk! However, if you already have your glass container and you do not want to replace it with another, when watering be careful with the amount of water you put in it. The best solution for any plant remains terra cotta and ceramic pots.

Use drained and enriched soil

Choosing soil is essential for your plants to survive and prosper. You can easily find quality flooring in specialist shops. The more potting soil is draining and enriched, the more your succulent plants will be happy!

Succulent plants pot light indoor

Light, light, light!

Sunlight is necessary for any plant to produce energy through photosynthesis. By providing just the right amount of sunlight, you will enjoy a beautiful happy and healthy plant. Most succulent plants need indirect sunlight.

The majority of the varieties of greasy plants can adapt to a small amount of direct sunlight, but again, this is not advisable. For best results, place them in a location with indirect sunlight unless your specific variety says otherwise. If you notice that the leaves begin to sneak and fall, this will tell you that you give your plants too much sunlight.

succulent plant

Spray the leaves occasionally or clean them with a wet cloth

Yes, leaves retain water, why then spray them with water from time to time? This is to clean them and remove dust! Dust is the worst enemy of a succulent plant, besides a curious cat perhaps, because it creates a barrier between the sun and the leaf. As dust begins to accumulate, your succulent plant will have more and more time to absorb sunlight to thrive. Spraying leaves and wiping them will greatly improve the health of your new green friends.

succulent plants

Want to create a planter?

For novice urban gardeners and lack of space, we recommend the plant picture. Super fashionable lately, easy to make and low price! You can make a plant picture with recycling materials (as you know well, we at Designmag, we love recycling). Use a wooden pallet, a wooden board or just cardboard. If you want to know more about the stages of the realization of a table of plants, we invite you to consult our recent publication on this topic.

plants succulent plant pot

Succulent plants: a history of nature

Some people do not dare take care of a cat or a dog. Others do not dare to grow plants in their homes! And yes, we are not all alike. Taking care of a living plant is a good start that will teach you to take care of something alive. If you still hesitate for a cat or a dog, start with a plant! She is less demanding and a superb company all fresh. Who knows maybe the next step is cat, dog or even... baby?


And if you are fans of the mini decor and elegant, realize a terrarium! It's super cute and you can use it as a small object to create one. Bulb, glass, cup, pine cone... The possibilities are immense. It's also a great gift. Instead of offering a bouquet of perishable flowers, offer your loved one a terrarium with a small fat plant. To find out how to do this, check our publication on this subject .

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