Spiral staircase: exclusive selection of 20 design models

spiral staircase idea contemporary interior architecture

Everyone wants to have a nice modern and functional interior. The staircase is a key element of any home that has a key role in its design. Today, you will discover a selection of 20 spiral staircases of contemporary and minimalist design.

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Spiral staircase: exclusive selection of 20 contemporary models of minimalist design

Minimalist design is fashionable. Easy to integrate into any interior, it is also very functional and economical in space. The spiral staircase is a great way to beautify and optimize your living space at a time.

spiral staircase modern design architecture

The spiral staircase, also known as spiral staircase, spiral staircase, spiral staircase and spiral staircase, is an ideal way to gain space. It fits perfectly in all interiors, especially those of modern and minimalist style. You will easily find the right model for your home, online or in specialist stores. It is even possible to install it yourself with models sold kit. In addition, the models of spiral staircase sold in kit are adjustable in height and can be adapted to its living space as one wants it.

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The spiral staircase is an ideal space saving solution.

The models of spiral staircase that we chose here are rather design models integrated in public spaces or in large living spaces. We chose them for their impressive aesthetics. Be inspired by our gallery of over 20 photos!

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The spiral staircase can be made of any kind of material: wood, concrete, steel, metal and many others. Which to choose depends on the design of your interior, your desires and your budget. Some models are more expensive than others. For an industrial style interior, opt for a spiral staircase made of concrete or steel. And if you want to warm it up a bit, then you can choose a wooden staircase. Usually, all models have a minimalist side which makes them very easy to integrate into any space.


The spiral staircase in the picture below was made of polished stainless steel. It is located in Beverly Hills and leads to an underground parking structure that can accommodate a hundred vehicles. The cost of this staircase is less than $ 300,000. All components except smooth are pre-polished and retouched in the field. Much of this particular staircase has been assembled in the field because access of course becomes a problem for something so immense. Awesome, no?


Here we are in Mumbai in an ultra modern apartment where we discover a spiral staircase made of impressive wood. It is a 6 storey building. The staircase is in the center of the apartment. It has been designed as a sculpture that makes the space brighter, airy and natural.


A spiral staircase that plays with perspective.

The impressive staircase below was designed by the Italian artist Felice Varini. He plays with perspective and geometric lines to create a motion effect that seems almost unreal. Felice Varini lives and works in Paris.


The stair on the picture below was designed by Michael Marchal. Made of metal, this spiral staircase lets light penetrate.

architecture stair-colimacon

The following stairway is part of the interior of Cubo House in São Paulo, Brazil. It was designed by architect Isay Weinfeld. This house has two functions: private gallery and guest house for both art collectors.


The following staircase was made from a special material named Corian. It is indeed a composite mineral, produced and designed by DuPont. Corian is a registered trademark. The company uses this material primarily for the manufacture of countertops. It is very practical and is also used in the construction of storefronts, interior design and of course for the stairs.


Carvero is an architectural masonry company based in Leicestershire and based on a simple principle: respect for the stone that was formed before us, and will remain intact for years to come. One of their impressive works is the white stone spiral staircase that you can see in the photo below.


Our favorite is probably the wooden staircase by the company YYDG Interior Design based in Taipei.

When the company designed the interior of this house, they did not simply install a typical staircase. Instead, they chose to design a sculptural wooden spiral staircase to connect the different levels of the house. Located on the side of the living room, the twisted staircase doubles as a work of art.


The wooden staircase in the photo below is part of a house located in the nature of clean and minimalist design. When the NGO & NGO company started the design project, she wanted to create something natural and bright. The house is located in Singapore.

stairs-white-wood-design-interior 3

Who does not like the natural side of wood? We love the model of wooden spiral staircase in the picture below. And you?


The following staircase is not quite minimalist in design, but it has a very nice clean side.

Pommeroy penthouse-studio-architecture stair-colimacon The marriage of black and white is a great classic always successful. The marriage of wood and glass also...


What a mysterious staircase, no? It was made of concrete - one of the strongest materials.

spiral staircase idea contemporary interior architecture

What a luxurious interior and what an impressive marble staircase, no? Marble is one of the noblest materials. It has a very eye-catching aesthetic and is very strong.

Spiral staircase: exclusive selection of 20 design models

So, have you chosen your favorite spiral staircase model and adapted to the style of your home or apartment interior? As you see the choice is wide! And still some ideas of spiral staircase of pure design adapted to small spaces:

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