Soft and elegant velvet sofa

Sofa velvet sofa blue cushions light blue decoration parquet wood candles deco chair

Install a Sofa in velvet In your living room guarantees you sensations all soft. Velvet, combined with elegance and delicacy, is a fabric renowned for its softness and warm appearance. Today, we present a selection of 32 velvet sofas of fabulous design.

Velvet sofa for a stylish and warm living room interior

Blue velvet sofa idea interior deco cushions decoration wall idea carpet floor

Velvet is a fabric made in a very special way: the threads are distributed evenly. The word velvet comes from Latin Villosus Which means"covered with hairs". It is a creation from the East. For the first time, velvet appears in Persia. Throughout history, it has been associated with richness and elegance.

Fabulous living room interior with green velvet sofa and vegetal decoration

Green velvet sofa cushions design interior deco plants

The velvet has long been reserved for the bourgeoisie and the aristocracy. It was not until the 19th century that this fabric became democratic. It is at this moment that the workers begin to wear the famous pants Largeot . These trousers have been made from cotton or wool velvet.

Sofa made of velvet blue color Of very dark Prussia in a Scandinavian-style interior Blue velvet sofa design interior wall bricks coffee table carpet floor deco

If you like the elegant and fine appearance of velvet, then why not arrange your living room with a nice velvet sofa, like this one, for example:

Blue velvet sofa decorated with two pastel yellow cushions Blue velvet sofa carpet floor idea decoration wall

The sofa is indeed the focal point of any living room interior. Well choosing it and integrating it into the decor already present is essential to create a harmonious atmosphere. A velvet sofa is not only very comfortable, but also very aesthetic. If your salon interior lacks character, and you feel like refreshing it, then the velvet sofa is for you!

Gorgeous green velvet sofa

Sofa velvet idea living room deco wall wood parquet modern flowers

The velvet is shiny and very soft to the touch which makes it the perfect fabric for the manufacture of modern sofas, armchairs and poufs. He still asks for a regular interview.

Sofa made of blue velvet and fresh vegetal decoration Blue velvet sofa decoration ideas decoration objects parquet wood

The velvet, at the base, was made of leather. Nowadays, it is made from cotton, silk, hemp, jute and wool. When it is made of cotton, it has a soft and dull appearance, while the silk makes it shine. What kind of velvet to choose depends on your budget and your personal tastes. Finally, it should also be noted that any material has its advantages: wool and cotton are very rigid, for example.

Interior with two armchairs and ottoman in dark blue and fabulous interior decoration Interior living room velvet armchair luminaire parquet wood pouf design

The blue color is very trendy this year. A sofa in blue duck, oil blue or peacock blue, does that tell you? Look at how beautiful it is:

Sofa made of blue velvet oil: trendy and elegant Blue petroleum sofa velvet modern parquet wood idea white design white Sofa made of velvet yellow color associated with furniture and decorative elements in blue and white Yellow velvet design carpet floor idea wooden wall

Velvet is very well associated with wood and copper. The proof of this beautifully elegant living room and very sophisticated design:

Very elegant living room with sofa made of vintage velvet and beautiful wooden trunk tables

Sofa velvet design living room lighting fixture idea floor carpet wooden table

For an even more elegant living room, install a marble coffee table: marble and velvet combine fabulously together, look:

Blue velvet sofa and marble coffee table for a luxurious living room interior Coffee table marble design sofa velvet blue modern floor mats

Very elegant interior with Armchair Oeuf In blue / dark green velvet

Velvet armchair egg idea interior design modern wooden shelf piano Green armchair and blue velvet sofa Armchair velvet idea coffee table interior modern armchair coffee table design

Sofa made of very elegant and luxurious Spanish leather velvet

Sofa velvet interior living room idea interior design expensive luxury living room

Sofa made of dark blue velvet decorated with original cushions

Sofa velvet design interior modern cushions carpet floor deco wall frame Green velvet armchair with beautiful and original design Design armchair velvet sofa modern idea cushions carpet floor Interior in minimalist style with a sofa made of blue velvet and marble coffee table Blue velvet sofa living room interior modern idea marble coffee table

For a stylish and dynamic living room interior at once, installing a yellow couch is a possible solution. This color, combined with the sun and heat, warms up and makes any indoor ambiance more joyful as soon as it is present. But be careful, use it in small doses because it has a rather intense energy. A sofa made of velvet pastel yellow is perfect for an interior that lacks colors:

Sofa made of yellow velvet with carpet flooring in blue with white patterns Deco lounge design idea sofa velvet yellow carpet floor modern deco lamp Sofa made of velvet green and modern style Sofa made of velvet beige color all shiny and elegant Sofa velvet beige deco idea wall carpet floor coffee table deco frames wall ideas

The velvet is also very present on the fashion shows of haute couture. The velvet trousers are ideal for spring or autumn.

Original design sofa inspired by the 14th century and light green Interior decoration sofa velvet cushions decoration chandelier Design sofa in an interior of Scandinavian inspiration with beautiful decoration of plants and photos Sofa blue idea living room decoration wall green plants modern floor carpet Sofa and ottoman made of velvet in beautiful green / blue color Contemporary design sofa idea velvet pouf velvet design deco Idea blue velvet sofa and deco with original cushions Deco lounge design sofa velvet design cushion floor mats

Prices for sofas made of velvet vary. It is nevertheless necessary to count at least 1000 euros to find a sofa velvet design and modern. For a retro sofa of Art Deco style, for example, it takes more than 2000 euros. The chairs are at more affordable prices and can also bring the elegant touch you are looking for to your living room.

Idea dark blue velvet armchair Deco lounge velvet armchair layout idea modern space contemporary design

Large blue velvet design sofa in a contemporary and open interior

Sofa blue design contemporary living room coffee table glass design ideas Living room sofa in blue velvet combined with ethnic motif floor mats Sofa velvet design interior living room deco plant idea coffee table wood Modern and bright interior with blue velvet sofa and vegetal decoration Living room design idea sofa blue design carpet floor pouf idea plant Interior in dark colors with dark blue velvet sofa Living room idea interior furniture furnishings space lamp cushions decorate living room space Upholstered sofa and pouf, which also acts as a coffee table, in green / blue velvet Pouf velvet sofa idea decoration coffee table contemporary design Black sofa made of velvet and armchair Pastel yellow velvet egg Contemporary design idea sofa black cushions picture deco wall armchair egg

To consult the prices of the velvet sofas, you are invited to visit the platform The Line .