Small bathroom fittings: functionality and design

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Developing a small space is always a challenge. Making a small bathroom design and functional is possible if you have some tips in mind. In this publication, we will share helpful tips on how to make the small bathroom design a success, as well as a gallery of 50 small, trendy bathroom interiors.

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Small bathroom layout: some tips for a design and functional space

In the small bathroom space is limited. We can not afford big furniture or too many decorative objects. It is necessary to be satisfied with a minimum of furniture and necessary objects. The bathroom is a place of personal hygiene, but still a place of relaxation. It is therefore not only functional, but also Zen atmosphere and relaxing.

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Choose according to the size and surface of your small bathroom

If you want to renovate your small bathroom or are planning a new apartment, you always start by calculating the area of ​​the space in question. To choose a small bathroom, you should know that not all small spaces are the same.

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Functional or multifunctional furniture for a successful small bathroom layout

It is often said: small or big, any modern space wants to be functional. Emphasize functional and sleek furniture is always a good idea, no matter if it's the bathroom or another room in your living space. Functionality rhymes with modernity.

small bathroom layout

The lighting is of great importance to create a pleasant atmosphere in the bathroom.

Of course, we will not choose the same lighting for the small bathroom as for the large one. Three things to consider when choosing the lighting for your bathroom, or any other room:

  • always give preference to soft lighting (except for the kitchen worktop where you need lighting a slightly stronger idea)
  • avoid bluish lighting that tires the eyes
  • favor economic and ecological lighting solutions
  • lighting can visually make space bigger than it actually is

Since the bathroom is a place that is zen, so it makes sense that we opt for a dim lighting and soft. A luminaire will be installed above the mirror. Also, we will install a fixture (suspended if you want) to the ceiling, usually above the bath or shower stall.

room-bathroom-modern space-modern

Bath or shower cubicle for my small bathroom fitting?

Both choices are possible. It depends on the surface you have at your disposal. If you really want a bathtub, you can try to design a project that will suit your bathroom and enjoy. The shower cabin (preferably Italian) is of course preferable. It takes up much less space and is suitable for all surfaces. By opting for a shower, you will free up space and you will enjoy a great comfort in everyday life.

layout small bathroom bath idea italian shower

Why cabins italian shower are so trendy?

The Italian shower enclosure is so trendy for several reasons. At first, its design is inspired by nature. It gives you the feeling of being under a waterfall. The Italian shower is also practical because the water evacuates quickly thanks to its well thought out and ultra practical operation. In a second time, this shower is indeed one of the models of the oldest showers dating from Antiquity and the Roman Empire.

Its success is therefore due to the fact that it is simply ultra practical. No matter if you choose a bath or shower stall for your bathroom, we strongly advise you to install an Italian shower. You will see the difference from your first shower...

small bathroom decor italian shower deco

What colors for my small bathroom arrangement?

In general, it is said that for small spaces, it is always better to choose white or light shades. Yes, we can always dare a dark color for the walls and ceiling, but it is certain and sure that it will make your bathroom visually crushed and unpleasant. Walls and ceilings - we always choose light colors. The white is of course the ultimate choice because it not only visually makes the space bigger, but also allows to gain in brightness. For decoration, you can integrate your favorite colors without hesitation. A small bathroom in black and white is a classic, for example.

small idea-aparthotel-room-of-bath-design Designing a room all in white is usually a good idea, especially when it comes to small spaces. We love the small bathroom layout below, everything is white except for the floor dressed with a natural fabric rug. Light, comfort, nature!

What decor for my little bathroom?

An interior all in white or in neutral tones is also much easier to decorate. All colors are possible! Indeed, it is easy to maintain. If you want to know more about this subject, we invite you If you particularly like a color, you can incorporate it as a decor in your small bathroom. You are lucky to have a window in your bathroom? Excellent! Decorate with potted plants. There are many indoor plants that are easy to maintain. Orchids are part of this list. Many people believe that the orchid is a pretty demanding flower. Well, it's wrong! to consult our detailed publication .

orchid-interior-room-of-bath-Extension-breakfast space

The small bathroom below has perfectly combined brown and white. Its layout is quite simple and very functional.


Take a hot and relaxing bath is nice. Even those who do not have a lot of space in their bathroom can enjoy! If you love hot baths, go ahead and put a bathtub in your bathroom.


Install a mirror to visually make your small bathroom larger.

Usually, we all install a mirror in the bathroom for purely practical reasons. Indeed, the way you decide to install your mirror can allow you to make your small space visually bigger. This is something very common in interior design. The mirror in the bathroom interior below has been installed in front of the window, it brings depth to the room. Good game!


What bathroom interior organized, right? The Moroccan tiles add a touch of originality to the whole of this piece of trendy design.


It is obvious that the small bathroom layout has been precisely calculated. The space is perfectly optimized, the bathtub is present and the lighting is soft.


The deco style seaside is very trendy lately. Light, fresh and sunny, it fits easily into the modern bathroom.

deco-wall framework bath-tub and toilet A small bathroom well appointed! Shower cabin, toilet and practical storage space. small-space-hall-of-bathroom-toilet-idee decoration

Dark colors for small bathroom fittings?

If you wish, design your small bathroom in dark colors. Yes, it will not help you make your room visually bigger, but at least you'll do what you want. The interior below combines dark gray with accents in red and blue. black-bath-tub-deco-design-ideas

Gray and white is a choice for the frequent bathroom. Both colors are neutral and indeed, we can integrate this harmonious marriage in any room of the house. For decoration, you can choose a slightly brighter color such as pink, orange, yellow or why not - green or blue. The wall decoration of the interior below is very interesting.

Interior-modern-bath-tub-gray toilet

Do you like Shabby chic style? In this case, you will probably appreciate the bathroom interior in the photo below. The luminaire and the mirror frame are the two elements that bring the whole retro sweet side.

small-room-bathroom-ideas-Layouts February 14 is less than two days away. Have you ever decided how to surprise your darling or darling? Here is a really romantic idea: deco-idea-bath-tub-modern The marble has a unique old-fashioned charm. Perfect for the bathroom, it is not only very chic, but also stands out. On the market, you will find quality marbles and varied prices. It all depends on your budget and your desires! en-suite bathroom-design-Layouts-small-room-of-bath

The sliding door is one of those elements that we always think of when it comes to optimizing a space. To gain space and bring a vintage touch to your interior, choose a barn door . From the charm to the old..!


What style of decoration for my little bathroom?

What style, what chic vintage decor, no? The bathroom interior below combines blue and gold surfaces with flower patterns - the result a bathroom look very feminine and retro.

deco bath-deco-design

The industrial style is inviting in the bathroom to make it more modern and cool. The bathroom interior below perfectly combines industrial style elements (brick wall, steel surfaces) and minimalist design.

space-toilet-bath-tub-shower cubicle

The polished concrete is always associated with the industrial style. We like its ultra resistant and clean side. A polished concrete worktop is a perfect choice for the bathroom.

arrangement small bathroom worktop concrete waxed

The wall niches are those invisible storage spaces that we tend to forget. However, they can allow us to optimize the space, especially in the small bathroom. Instead of installing a shelf in your shower cubicle for storing your hygiene products, enjoy a wall niche!

shower cubicle bath-design-ideas As we already mentioned before, we avoid the bulky decor in the small bathroom. If your bathroom is still under construction, choose tiling with patterns of your choice - here's a practical decor idea!

Small bathroom fittings: functionality and design

Yellow and gray is also a good choice for deco and small bathroom fittings. We love the wall tile 3D effect below.


White and gray and optimized wall niches - all elements of a modern and functional interior are present.


Moroccan tiles is ultra trend lately. We do not hesitate to choose it for the bathroom, the toilet, the living room, the dining room or why not the bedroom.


We find that the small space bathroom and toilet below has a little too deco. Yet, it looks so cocoon and modern! It is difficult not to appreciate the warm presence of wood and the freshness of green plants.


Wood and rusty metal - vintage is fashionable.

If you like the retro style of deco, a single element in wood or rusted metal is enough to bring the desired vintage chic touch. Small bathroom fittings: functionality and design Marble imitation tile, vintage style gold light fixture, small tub and wood - the minimalist bathroom interior below is just great.

small bathroom layout

Vintage deco is always in fashion. We love his warm and unique side. The furniture or wooden deco is a must if you want to create a space cocoon.

deco-small-room-of-bath amenager

Long live the green decor! Plants, plants, plants and always plants - all over the house. Layouts-small-room-of-bath-toilet Having a bathroom with window is lucky. The very modern bathroom interior and cocoon really makes you dream.

Bath-room-of-bath mat

It is often said that the floor mat makes any interior look warmer. It is not only decorative, but also practical. It's nice to have hot feet when brushing your teeth in the morning...

bath-shower cubicle-Layouts-small-room-of-bath

small bathroom decor ideas

What a feminine bathroom interior - purple and pretty flowers decorating the walls. Fantastic!

amenager grand-bath-tub-deco-ideas

White, wood and green decor - three elements that guarantee a successful bathroom design and decor. Open wall shelves are an ideal way to optimize and organize your bathroom or kitchen space.

shelves-small-room-of-bath decoration You can make your shelves yourself from recycled materials or find them cheaply at IKEA. deco-toilet-Extension-room-of-bath-space-deco


So, have you already chosen your favorite bathroom and decorations?