Slate credenza for cooking, a nice and practical solution that seduces young and old!

Slate credenza kitchen-design-industrial-deco

The kitchen splashback in slate color is a popular option for decorating this room of the house. There are several reasons for this popularity. Easy to install everywhere in this room, the slate credenza has many advantages.

It is a cheap object that inspires creativity and is interactive and adds interest to the space. Not to mention also that he is passionate about children and can teach them lots of interesting things about food and cooking.

The slate credence for cooking, a deco solution to showcase!

To add to that, let's also say that the slate credence goes very well with several styles of modern kitchen decor. It adjusts without particular difficulties to Scandinavian, industrial, pub , contemporary, as well as a palette of colors of kitchen furniture very rich and varied.

Slate kitchen-white-wood-slate credenza

This applies equally to spaces in neutral tones, such as black, white and gray, to interiors dominated by natural materials, such as wood, or touches of bright tones, such as yellow. Let's see how to use and showcase a slate credence in his kitchen.

How to adopt a slate credence in his kitchen?


To adopt a slate credence in his kitchen, several approaches are possible. For starters, you could buy a credenza painted in blackboard color and install it on your walls. On the other hand, we must also know that there are today slate paintings. These are designed to faithfully mimic the effect of the blackboard.

Paint-kitchen-credenza-black-dining area

As a result, it is possible to use such a paint to repaint some of the walls of his kitchen. This is a solution that will undoubtedly seduce those who work on a renovation project of their home.

wall paint slate kitchen-corridor

Also note, the slate credenza is not the only blackboard color object that you can incorporate into your interior. As we will see with the images below, you can opt for a slate paint color for an entire wall, or even for some furniture in your living space. This idea of ​​kitchen decor will allow you to get a more harmonious interior and more balanced from the point of view of colors.

The slate credence for a creative and convivial cuisine

Slate wall-kitchen-black-and-wood credenza

A slate credence imitates the appearance of a blackboard, as it has been in the past in school halls. It is probably for this reason that this accessory adds to the kitchen a creative and unique aspect. It is therefore a good solution when the exposed brick facing seems a little too common, the marble coating seems too expensive and you do not want to decorate your home with wooden or metal surfaces. In short, the slate credence is an original solution that can be adopted to give a fresh touch to its interior space.

credenza-wall kitchen paint slate-black

Moreover, choosing a slate color credenza is a sure way to invite your children to spend more time in the kitchen. For that, one should simply think to get some chalk of various colors. Leave them in a corner of the kitchen that little ones can reach easily. They will be able to show their artistic talent. This is how to make his kitchen a room where children will be comfortable!

Wall-slate-deco kitchen-breakfast room-idea-paint

And then, let's not forget that adults sometimes want to have fun too! The slate color splashback gives you the ability to customize the look of your walls. She is there too when you need to write down something quickly. And it can serve as a surface for your cooking recipes or to display the menu of the day!

The chalkboard style credenza complements a designer kitchen decor

Mural painting kitchen-black-slate-deco

Blackboard color splashback surfaces add texture and depth to the interior space. Thanks to their dark hues, they contrast with most furniture in light and neutral tones. What's more, the slate-colored credenzas add dramatic character to interiors dominated by bright, rich colors like red and blue.

Wall decoration-kitchen-colored slate-idee

More than that, a kitchen splashback in slate color is like a canvas painting canvas. As a result, all members of your family will have the opportunity to express their artistic talents. And, as the slate surface is simple to clean, you will never be tired of your kitchen decor!


Want to give an even more design look to your kitchen? So we suggest you choose a slate wall and not just a backsplash. As you will see, the contrasting surfaces will contribute enormously to the unique aspect of your interior space!

The chalkboard kitchen credenza is a practical solution

kitchen-white-credenza-table-black-deco-breakfast space

You may not know it but a slate credenza is also a very practical kitchen deco solution. Eh yes! Surfaces of the blackboard type certainly do not seem very functional. But, in fact, they are very easy to apply. You can also realize the whole of a project of installation of this type of accessory all alone. An idea that will certainly please lovers of DIY!

kitchen credence wall-slate-painting

In addition, a kitchen backsplash or chalkboard credenza is not an expensive item at all. Better yet, this type of surface can be renovated easily and as often as you need!

credence-table-black-kitchen-bar-dining area

Without neglecting the fact that a slate credenza a very good idea for rentals. You can very easily and quickly repaint the surface if necessary!


But that's not all. Side practical benefits, it must also be said that you can attach any supports and shelves to surfaces like chalkboard. Now, as we know, this is not the case for all types of surfaces and wall cladding for kitchen!

The slate credenza as a decorative decoration for kitchen

slate wall-kitchen-modern-deco splashback

As we said at the beginning of this slate credence presentation, it is an object that easily adapts to any type of space. The industrial design kitchen, that of modern rustic style or even minimalist... Here are so many examples of interiors that lend themselves very well to an idea of ​​deco with wall credence in slate!

credence-table-black-paint-kitchen-slate slate wall-kitchen-chalkboard black chalkboard slate kitchen-wall-painting-black-deco-Scandinavian