Simple little girl hairstyle: 20 ideas that do not take more than 5 minutes!

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Looking for inspiration for a quick and easy little girl hairstyle? Look no further, you have come to the right place! Below, a series of 20 simple little girl hairstyle ideas to try in a hurry.

20 simple little girl hairdressing ideas that take 5 minutes top

Finding various hairstyle ideas for a little girl can be difficult, especially in the morning when getting ready to go to work and to accompany her children to school. To avoid even more busy mornings, the best way is to identify hair styles and test them in advance. Once you have found the ideal solutions for you and your little princess, you will be able to achieve them quickly. Here are just our suggestions for a simple and quick hairstyle girl to try!

Little girl simple hair style idea for long hair with ribbon

hairstyle little girl simple fast-idea-long-hair

Need a simple little girl hairstyle idea with a trendy accessory? Be inspired by the photo above. She gives you a suggestion for hairstyle with long hair tied with ribbon. Because, yes, the ribbon is one of trendiest hair accessories from the moment!

Hairdressing style for little girl fast with two braids


As for easy and fast hairstyles for little girls, braids are probably the most popular solution. The hairstyle with two symmetrical braids is ideal for small princesses with long hair. It is easy to wear and promises to keep your child's hair nicely styled throughout the day!

Example of a hairstyle for a little girl with two original braids


Little girls love to play and have fun as much as boys. For this reason, it is important to find a hairstyle that gives them the ability to move without undoing. Braids are ideal in this regard. And that's probably why they remain so popular today. On the picture above, an idea to give a touch of originality to a hairstyle with two classic braids.

Idea of ​​simple and fast little girl hairstyle with a braid


To allow your child to play and work at school more freely, opt for a hairstyle that holds hair in place with small elastics. Behind the skull, make a low braid decorated with elastics in several colors. Moreover, you could have fun harmonizing these hair accessories with the outfit of your little puff!

Photo of simple little girl hairstyle with braid crown


Another idea of ​​braid for your child: the crown. Perfect for girls who have long, even very long hair, this simple little girl hairstyle is also a very good solution for an official event such as a wedding or anniversary. Do not hesitate to try it!

Easy hairstyle for girl with african braid and crown


Those who love braids could also experiment with an idea of ​​hairstyle modern and practical at the same time. His particuliarity? It combines braids of two types. The first, says African braids is stuck to the scalp; the second, placed behind the skull, is of the crown type.

Easy hairstyle example for little girl with medium hair

hairdressing-girl-with-easy-braided-hair mid-length

The braid on the side, which frames the face, in a delicate way is another simple little girl hairdressing option. She seduces many moms of girls with a mid-length cut. Opt for this hairstyle if you want to tie a part of your daughter's mane without losing a lot of time!

Image of simple hairstyle for little girl with mid-length cut and stripe in the middle

idee-hair-easy-to-granddaughter-hair mid-length

No time for braids? So here is a simple hairstyle idea for little girl: coiled hair. Perfect for all lengths, this hairstyle will seduce the moms and dads of impatient princesses!

Hairstyles for little girls simple with coiled hair


Like the braids, the coiled hair allows a lot of varied approaches in terms of simple girl hairstyle for long haircuts. For example, you can bet on two ponytails by splitting your daughter's hair in half. Before making the tails, cross the two sections of coiled hair, as shown in the picture above.

Simple hairstyle for little girl with coiled hair and ponytail on the side

model-hair-granddaughter-way-with-tail horse

If hairstyles with curled hair seduce you more than those with braids, do not hesitate to try the suggestion illustrated at the top. She offers to separate the hair into three sections at the level of the skull and then tie them into a single low ponytail. That's another idea for a little girl look that gives you the freedom to have fun with a variety of hair accessories.

Hairdressing image for little girl with ponytails and bangs


Whether for school or for a day of leisure, ponytails are a simple and classic hairstyle idea. She is one of the favorite solutions of girls who do not like to waste a lot of time in various hairstyles tests. On the picture above, a model of this type of hairstyle little girl simple way capped disheveled!

Simple little girl hairstyle model with ballerina bun


Your little girl will practice a sporting activity that day? So think of offering him an idea of ​​a look that is practical for his activities. The ballerina bun is among the most practical options in this style.

Simple little girl hairstyle with bun or bun on the side


To vary the hairstyle of your child, consider offering him another version of the bun: the bun on the side. In addition to being ultra fast, this hairstyle is perfect for hot summer days.

Quick haircut model for little girl with two buns


Speaking of a simple hairstyle for a little girl with a bun, you can not miss the look inspired by Princess Leia. Cute and all fun, this look for little girl is also very easy to achieve, even if your toddler does not have very long hair.

Here are some more ideas that revolve around easy hairstyles with braided and coiled hair!

hair-tutorial-granddaughter-easy-school-re-entry hairstyle-for-granddaughter-easy-hair mid-ties hairstyle little girl simple tutorial-quick-diademe hairstyle little girl simple braid-on-side hairstyle little girl simple braid-fish-idea simple little girl hairstyle with-ribbons-ideas