Relieve sunburn naturally - an easy skin care recipe not to be missed!

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Taking care of your skin in town or on vacation is essential to avoid sunburns and burns. In fact, in summer, 15 minutes of UV exposure can be enough to cause damage to the skin.

The sunburn can be accompanied by pain in different areas of the body that must then try to relieve. Whether you are on holiday in a secluded place or simply wish to favor natural ingredients, a good idea would be to opt for a homemade product that can relieve sunburn.

How to relieve sunburn and skin burns?

In the text that follows, we offer our homemade product recipe to relieve sunburn. It includes only 3 perfectly natural ingredients, is easy to make and comes in easy-to-apply gel form. And, to complete this natural skin care recipe, read everything you need to know about the symptoms of a sunburn and the right actions to treat them just down!

What are the ingredients needed to make a homemade product to relieve sunburn and burns?

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To be effective and practical, homemade products to relieve sunburn and burns must include natural ingredients. And so much the better if the number of these ingredients is reduced to only 3! We offer a recipe developed by Amber from Busy Creating Memories. It corresponds precisely to these criteria!


  • 100% pure gel of aloe vera;
  • pure lavender essential oil;
  • pure essential oil of peppermint.

Better yet, the products incorporated in this type of recipe must have indisputable benefits for the skin. This is probably the case for the three ingredients on our list. Below, some practical information about the properties of the ingredients in question and their positive effects on the skin.

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You do not like the smell of lavender or peppermint? In this case, you can try different essential oils that are known to heal and revitalize the skin. Examples of this type of oils are eucalyptus or sweet orange oil.

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Be careful, however, because not all oils have the same benefits for the skin. In addition, it is advisable to inquire carefully before applying an essential oil on its skin. Some, like orange oil, may have a photosensitivity effect, others may cause allergic reactions.

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Natural recipe to relieve sunburn - how does it work?

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Aloe vera gel is one of the natural products widely used for the manufacture of skin care home.

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And this is not surprising knowing that it has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It also contains active compounds that can reduce pain, which is very good in case of sunburn.

Lavender and mint are two essential oils found in many homemade skin care recipes. Both of these oils are beneficial to the skin and will help you effectively relieve pain.

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Lavender essential oil is known to have the ability to heal a lot of ailments. It is a very effective oil when applied to the skin in case of insect bites or itching. The product is also perfect for sunburn. At first, it will help you calm the skin. Then, it will facilitate its quick healing and will strengthen the action of the gel of aloe vera .

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It should also be noted that the essential oil of lavender will reduce the amount of itching that you will suffer after a sunburn. This applies in particular to the immediate application of the product. In addition, frequent use of the oil can reduce the amount of scars.

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The essential oil of peppermint is another powerful product in case of burning and to relieve sunburn. It helps stop the evils created by the sun's rays and prevents their action in the future. Another well known effect of mint: it helps the skin to cool almost instantly. All this allows him to soothe the pain naturally and effectively.

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How do these natural products work to relieve sunburn?

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How do these natural products work to relieve sunburn. Lavender and peppermint essential oils are natural ways to help aloe vera gel work instantly. How does this combination of products help relieve sunburn? She goes:

  • Stop the excessive pain caused by sunburn;
  • Stop the combustion;
  • Offer the skin an instant cooling effect;
  • Soothe and moisturize the skin;
  • Leave your skin soft, smooth and much calmer;
  • Reduce the risk of itching
  • Allow the skin to tan instead of suffering.

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Note: for best results, always favor pure and natural products. Opt for organic ingredients and you will benefit from a cream skin care home made more effective and ideal for all skin types.

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Tutorial to make a homemade skin care to relieve sunburn

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In addition to all the benefits of this natural product to relieve sunburn, he says it is really quick and easy to make. Follow the instructions below to convince yourself!

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Add 3 tablespoons of pure aloe vera gel in a small airtight jar. After adding the aloe vera gel to the jar, put 15 drops of lavender essential oil.

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Then, also add 15 drops of peppermint essential oil. You have now used all the ingredients in the list at the top. Now all you have to do is mix them up!

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Using a stick or the back of a spoon, slowly stir the ingredients. Continue until the oils and aloe vera are well mixed. You will recognize the fact that your aloe vera will become slightly cloudy.

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Now your product to relieve sunburn and burn is ready. You just have to seal the lid! If you have friends who travel a lot or love to sunbathe, you can offer them a small pot of your homemade skin care as a gift.

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To keep your cream homemade, you can store sealed pots in a cabinet away from sunlight. Another solution to consider: store your skin in the fridge. This way, it will have an even more refreshing effect when applied to the burned area!

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How to apply this homemade gel to relieve a sunburn?

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If you decide to try this product to relieve homemade sunburn, you will discover its many benefits. In particular, you will see that it soaks in my skin very quickly. It's always good news when looking for a product that acts fast in case of a burn!

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In addition, you will see that it does not leave a greasy residue and it instantly soothes my skin. Better than that, it leaves the suffering area smooth and soft. What's better when you're on vacation and want to enjoy your stay?

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To make the most of the benefits of this product, apply the skin care product immediately after spending time in the sun. Moreover, you can use it even if you have applied a sunscreen product and you do not feel any negative effect from exposure to the sun. In this case, the product will simply condition your skin.

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In case of sun burn, it is particularly important to apply immediately after exposure to UV rays. Similarly, it should continue to apply the product every few hours or whenever the sunburn causes pain.

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Sunburn - a red skin, painful and hot to the touch - usually appears a few hours after excessive exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun or artificial sources, such as sunlamps.

What are the symptoms of sunburn and burning? How do we know if we need to apply a treatment to relieve them?

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Intense and prolonged exposure to sunlight can lead to sunburn, skin damage and, in some cases, skin diseases. Among the most common effects of exposure to UV rays are dry skin, rough spots and spots, and skin cancers.

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When it comes to relieving sunburn, as a rule, one can use simple ingredients and home remedies. It is also important to know that the symptoms of a sunburn can take several days to disappear.

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Regarding general information about burns, be aware that any part of your body, including that covered with hair, can burn. This can include even areas covered by clothing. So, for example, you could suffer a burn if you wear a fabric that is too light or transparent that lets in ultraviolet light.

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Some of the most common and easily recognized symptoms include:

  • redness;
  • warm skin to the touch;
  • pain, sensitivities and itching;
  • swelling of an area of ​​the skin
  • small ampoules filled with liquid;
  • headache, fever, nausea or fatigue if the sunburn is severe.

Where and how do these symptoms appear and how long to heal?

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Where and how do these symptoms appear? These symptoms of sunburn usually occur within a few hours of exposure to the sun. In some cases, a day may be necessary to see the full extent of the condition.

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How long to heal? As a rule, a few days will be enough for the body to begin to heal. In many cases, the healing goes through a stage during which the damaged layer of the skin pellets. After this step, the skin may temporarily have a lighter color. More rarely, a sunburn can take several days or to pass.

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What are the good things to know in case of a light sunburn?

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To relieve mild sunburn, there are a series of good things to know. Apply them together with your homemade skin care product and you'll get the condition going faster. Here is the list of measurements to be given in case of prolonged exposure to UV rays:

  • to put in the shade;
  • take a cold shower;
  • apply ice (slipped into a plastic bag and wrapped with tissue) over the affected area;
  • use a skin care product to relieve the burn;
  • limit the use of cosmetic products (they can cause an allergic reaction);
  • drink more water;
  • take an anti-inflammatory medicine
  • wear light and comfortable clothing.

When should I see a doctor?

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In most cases, sunburn and mild burns can be treated with homemade products. But in some situations it is better to go to a doctor. It is recommended to do this if:

  • sunburn covers a large part of your body;
  • symptoms include high fever, extreme pain, headache, confusion, nausea or chills;
  • the sunburn does not improve for a few days.


Medical care is also advised in case of infection. The symptoms, in this case, include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • an increase in pain and sensitivity of the skin;
  • an increasing swelling of the area,
  • a yellow liquid (pus) flowing from an open wound.


Finally, the best way to avoid suffering from a burn or sunburn is to know how to take care of your skin in the summer. If you want to learn how to have beautiful skin in town or on vacation during the summer months, come and read our special report on face, body and hair care essential for the hot season!

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Recipe and photos: Busy Creating Memories