Patio Layout: Tips for a Beautiful Outdoors

Decking wood design sofa cushions

What Living room Choose for a beautiful outside? Having a balcony or terrace in the city, whose square meter is becoming more and more expensive, has become a luxury. We always consider ourselves lucky to have a balcony or a small terrace to set up a chair, a hammock or an armchair and enjoy it.

Whether you have an outdoor terrace on the ground floor or a space on the roof of your building, it is up to you to make this place a corner of relaxation and magical sharing. Discover our gallery of ideas and tips for a modern, functional and relaxing exterior.

Layout of terrace in town: tricks for a beautiful outside

Modern design wooden cushions

When designing an apartment or house terrace, you must concentrate on four main elements: the living area, the dining area, the ambience and the lighting, and of course the capacity .

Idea furnishing of small balcony in town with corner meal

Terrace arrangement idea balcony furniture flower pots

Going out two or three folding chairs on its terrace to sit, from time to time, is not enough to fully enjoy its outdoors. As time goes by, the number of guests and the temperatures will increase and you will be forced to rethink the layout of your terrace for the next summer evening!

Modern and verdant terrace in a semi-open space

Landscaping modern idea

Transforming its terrace into a beautiful outdoor lounge is easy, the results - very satisfying. The minimum furniture you should get is a sofa and coffee table. To buy or to manufacture, it depends on your means and your skills. Yet the manufacture of garden furniture in wooden pallets is simpler than is believed.

Idea of ​​decoration and installation of wooden terrace

Wood furniture outdoor furniture chairs ideas

Imagine yourself: you come home from work, you sit on your terrace with a salad and a glass of wine, contemplating the sunset... To get great pleasure, you just have to organize your terrace in all simplicity Beginning with the installation of the seats and a small table.

Dining area with comfortable dining table and seating

Wooden garden table chairs modern arrange space

First, start by designing your outdoor dining area. For lunches and dinners with friends or family, consider installing a large dining table, with extension or extensible. The bench is more convenient to sit than the chairs because you can settle for several!

For outdoor dining, consider installing a large dining table

Table wood outdoor living room garden brick ideas concrete

If your patio is small, installing a large extension table is an ideal solution to save space.

Large table on beautiful terrace with verdant plantation

Dining table

For romantic summer evenings, candles make a wonderful Outdoor decoration .

For romantic dinners, illuminate and decorate your table with candles

Candles decorate exterior light garland wood chair

For a harmonious garden and / or terrace, natural materials are to be preferred: wood and stone will ideally integrate to all styles of design.

Idea for a small outdoor space in the city, source Garden Club London¹

Outdoor wooden table modern bench ideas

For a vintage and industrial style, install a rustic wood dining table and metal and suspended fixtures:

Rustic style wooden table and industrial style pendant lamps

Dining table wood rustic lamp modern vintage idea

Lighting your dining area is essential for the ambiance you want to create.

Modern design exterior space with dim lighting

Modern dining table modern design dining table

For the dining area, the lighting is a stronger idea than that of the corner of relaxation.

Townhouse with roof terrace

House garden terrace convertible sofa corner cushions idea wood staircase

In the middle of the noisy city, create your little paradise outside corner...

Terrace furniture: a corner for relaxation, conversation and reading

Corner relaxation terrace furnishing idea light garland sofa

To create a cozy atmosphere and cocoon in your relaxing corner, install many soft cushions and original floor mats.

Cozy lounge area with large corner sofa

Terrace exterior lighting idea outdoor table terrace

For summer evenings, why not install a hot tub? Tired of conversations, some of your guests can enjoy it in the meantime...

Geometrically decorated and enlightened city terrace with light garlands

Landscaping garden lighting idea idea living room garden wood wreath

You have a small budget? Do not worry, there's nothing better than making your own garden furniture. With wooden pallets, it's simple and practical.

Corner sofa in wooden pallet and light garland

Palette wood garden furniture idea light garland

The wooden pallet is easy to handle and integrate to all types of surfaces.

Small outdoor space with wooden pallet sofa

Wooden pallets cushions cushions exterior furniture

For more privacy, install a fence or blackout panel, preferably - wood or bamboo.

Modern city terrace with wooden pallet with casters

Terrace roof idea armchair cushions light garland flooring wood

The choice of lighting, colors and materials is decisive for the ambience of your exterior.

Relaxing corner with a resin armchair and decorated with modern carpet

Corner relaxation coffee table resin wicker cushions modern coffee table

The cushions make beautiful accents of decorative colors.

Zen oasis in the noisy city

Outdoors sofa cushions idea plants outdoor sofa floor

If on your terrace you have a view, like the one below, no need for blackout panels!

Building a terrace on the roof of a building is a real treat

Terrace furnishing modern living room garden table chair

And even this black cat enjoys this beautiful terrace in Boho chic style...

A black cat who appreciates the comfort and design of the terrace


A must for all outdoor, these are the plants! In pot of preference... The more plants you have, the better. More vegetation, less bulky furniture and decorative objects.

The vegetation is an essential element for the atmosphere of your terrace

Idea garden flower garden pots plant ranger vegetation

In addition, plants help restore inner peace. They aerate and flavor...

Furnished terrace decorated in style Boho chic , Source: My Domaine²

Terrace modern decorating idea chair wood carpet floor plants

Choose plants that will adapt well to the climate of your area and to the exposure of your terrace. Is it shady or sunny? There are a large number of resistant plants that easily integrate with the different climatic conditions.

Terrace in town with large flower pots and beautiful view

Terrace city pots flowers tile white wall bricks modern terraces

Beautiful terrace in town arranged on a roof with lots of vegetation

Black and white building exterior city

¹ Garden Club London

² My Domain