Organize a chic picnic - our custom kit ideas and accessories!

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While waiting for the arrival of spring, Designmag's editorial aims to uncover decorating ideas and creative projects related to the moments we spend outdoors.

Some ideas of DIY deco accessories to organize a chic picnic

Today, we are exploring a series of projects of this type that will appeal to those who enjoy meals and evenings out. Organize a meal or a chic picnic, it's time to have fun with your family or friends in the open. And for the mission to be even more successful, we think not only of menu to realize but also accessories to take with you.

chic picnic diy-tablecloth-basket-original-idea

The picnic kit usually consists of a tablecloth and a basket or box to store food that is taken with you. Some additional accessories, such as cushions and mini trays or folding tables come to make the experience of the picnic even more pleasant. We have collected images that show you how to make or customize this kind of objects!

Make a chic picnic tablecloth by recycling old textiles

picnic-chic-set accessory-Picnic-ideas

The tablecloth is one of the essential objects in any picnic kit. What's more, it is also one of the most visible parts of the improvised decor for an outdoor meal. So as much as you want to customize it! Above, an idea to give an old picnic tablecloth pep with an embroidered message.

chic picnic do-it-yourself tablecloth

Make a chic picnic tablecloth yourself? Contrary to what one might think, it's a very simple project. To achieve it, we will need a sheet and a little paint for textiles. Our little tip about this project? Go for bright colors that rhyme with the cool atmosphere of spring!

box-picnic-chic exterior accessories

For even more comfort, consider making a chic tablecloth tablecloth with lining. For this purpose, you will need two pieces of sewing material together. It's a clever way to protect them from the soil moisture and enjoy this blanket for an outdoor nap!


Besides, you could also make a patchwork style tablecloth by recycling several pieces of fabric. Denim is ideal for this kind of DIY project because this type of fabric is very durable. As a result, your creation will serve you for much longer!


To carry your chic picnic kit more easily, add handles to your tablecloth! Use a few pieces of leather or other resistant material and attach them to the blanket of your choice. Here's a tip that will make setting up your meal open even faster and easier.

chic picnic accessories-deco-diy

Ideas for making or personalizing a picnic basket

box-picnic-modern-idee-DIY decoration

Second essential element for any chic picnic, the basket or the lunchbox. Purchased in stores or homemade, this type of storage comes in full of original variants. The best part is that there are always interesting ways to beautify it! Thus, the classic basket on the picture above has been completed by some supports for cutlery and glasses.

packed picnic-vintage-diy-deco-idee

Do you like retro picnic baskets? Remember to decorate them to make your meal even more chic! For example, use artificial flowers to make a garland. Then, tie it all around your basket braided picnic.

make-a-basket picnic-cloth quilt

We talked about the picnic tablecloth patchwork style . Here is an idea for a bag of the same style that was made using pieces of two-colored fabric. One of the benefits of this project is that you can provide a thermal liner to keep your food cool for longer!

Picnic kit-bag-a-do-it-yourself-model

Do you want to make your own picnic bag without wasting time? No problem! Take inspiration from the image above to recycle an old basket or purse that you no longer use. In most cases, you could do this kind of DIY project with textile glue.

Picnic basket-sac-a-labor-idea braid

Some original picnic storage ideas to make yourself

box lunch picnic-chic-a-do-it-yourself

Do you organize a picnic in your garden or in a park near you? In this case, why not replace the classic basket with some DIY storage for your food and accessories? For example, recycle one or two wooden crates with a little paint and a piece of cloth!


For your garden meal, a vintage suitcase can work well as a picnic! This is a very good idea, to transplant also for the organization of an outdoor theme party (baby shower, birthday...).

set-picnic-a-vintage-making-oneself-old portmanteau

The vintage suitcase that you intend to use is a bit old? Feel free to relook with a small piece of fabric. Remember that the most visible part of the suitcase will be inside of it and concentrate your efforts on this area!

box lunch-drinks-diy-picnic-outdoor-garden-party

Are you planning an outdoor meal during the summer months? Then you will need an insulated box that will keep your drinks and food cool. Make a wooden plank box that will be used as a cover for your usual cooler bag. Slip it inside the trunk and enjoy an even more chic picnic!

Mini tables and stands for chic and comfortable picnic

Picnic bag-vintage-accessories-deco exterior

Latest series of ideas for your picnic or outdoor meal: make a mini table or stand to present your menu in a more elegant way. A wooden board the size of your basket will perfectly play the role of a meal tray. To use it, it would be enough to take out the objects which you put in the basket and to place it above this one. You will have an improvised mini-table to enjoy your picnic menu in comfort!


If not, consider one or two standing trays made of wood. You can buy them and decorate them according to your wishes or make them yourself!

Kit-picnic-a-do-it-yourself-wood pictures