New design house designed by Miró Rivera Architects

new house contemporary design modern garden

Today, we introduce you to the interior and exterior of a new luxury design house with a large garden called Residence 1446. Design Miró Rivera Architectes.

Photographs by Paul Finkel .

New design house designed by Miró Rivera Architects The architects of architecture studio Miró Rivera have designed a new home in Austin, Texas featuring rough exterior copper and limestone walls of Lueders. The roof, too, was made of copper. Indeed, the house is located in a natural and very quiet place next to a lake and a lagoon. new house exterior design modern garden

New design house designed by Miró Rivera Architectes

The new house is surrounded by a landscaped garden. In front of the entrance of the house, we discover a nice green lawn and all fresh. The turf, on its side, has been surrounded by a border of garden pebbles , and large windows giving a glimpse on the interior. These windows have a very strong visual effect on perception

New design house designed by Miró Rivera Architects

The house has a pivot door that has been dressed in copper. It opens onto the lobby with polished limestone floor, which is indeed present throughout the house.

outside courtyard garden-interior-contemporary-modern

The entrance is spacious and simply furnished. Four frames decorate the wall along the stairs to the second floor.


The social spaces of the house have an open floor plan, with the living room and dining room sharing the same space. A square dining table aligns perfectly with the fireplace in the living room. A large and beautiful light was suspended above the dining table. They bring a luxurious side to the entire room.

new home design dining room chair dining table wooden fixture suspension

The dining room and living room. They were designed in the same modern and simple style.


In the living room, a wonderful fireplace has been installed. It was made using patinated steel and soapstone, also called steatite, Old Dominion . Everything looks carefully chosen and finely worked.


At the back of the house, the large glass walls overlook the covered patio that leads to the backyard .

The living room, the dining room and the kitchen seen from outside through the window exterior stair-interior-contemporary-modern

At the end of the patio is a small space designed as an outdoor lounge with comfortable seating. It has been furnished with a large gray sofa and two small wooden coffee tables. The windows overlook the kitchen inside. A perfect space to relax outdoors while enjoying the surrounding natural landscape.

gray sofa-corner-interior-contemporary-modern

In the kitchen, the custom wood kitchen cabinets have been surmounted by a marble worktop. The marble and the wood form a nice harmonious whole. It is impossible not to see the spectacular suspended luminaire.

luminaire-kitchen-design-new-house Nestled in a small alcove, there is a wine cupboard and a bar with storage space next to the drinks fridge. Wall-table-deco-contemporary-modern-interior

The bathroom is very modern and elegant. The lighting was used to showcase the artwork on the wall. On either side of the mirror, soft lighting creates the feeling of luxury. The bouquet of roses is the perfect decoration for this modern and stylish bathroom.


What was the design of this beautiful new house according to these designers of the Miró Rivera design and architecture studio?

According to the architects of this beautiful house, the design aims to create architectural interventions that respect and enhance this unique site. Thick limestone walls define the east-west axis that guides the occupants from the entrance courtyard, across the house to the vast views of the site, the lake and the hills beyond. Long horizontal openings and spectacular roofs offer grandiose panoramas, while deep recessed overhangs provide shade and privacy for this family setting, offering a modern interpretation of the"American porch".

luminaire room-home-design

The materials further reflect this connection with the landscape. The raw limestone, cut locally, crosses the house from the inside to the outside, reinforcing the natural link with the site while maintaining a balance with the modern aesthetics of the house.

Wall-ceiling wood-white-design

Residence 1446 was the last element of a 10-year general plan. The plan includes a guest house, a pedestrian bridge, a swimming pool and a boathouse. To contrast with the verticality of the three-story guest house, this one-storey house is defined by a horizontality that responds quietly and sensitively to its serene and humid environment.

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Who are Miró Rivera Architects?

The Miró Rivera Architects design and architecture studio was created by Miguel Rivera and Juan Miró, one born in Puerto Rico and the other in Spain. Their paths first went through in 1991 while working at Gwathmey Siegel & Associates Architects in New York. They became friends and soon after Miguel went to work at Mitchell Giurgola Architects' office in New York, where he stayed as an Associate for nine years. Juan stayed at Gwathmey Siegel for almost six years.

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Miguel's sister, Rosa Rivera, studied at Barnard College in New York. It was there that Miguel met Juan. They married in 1996. Shortly after, they moved to Austin for Juan to oversee the completion of a residency as a project architect for Gwathmey Siegel. Once in Austin, Juan began teaching at the School of Architecture at the University of Texas. Shortly after the creation of Juan Miró Architects, Rosa and Juan began collaborating with Miguel, who was still in New York at Mitchell Giurgola's. The collaboration prompted Miguel to move to Austin, and the three formed Miró Rivera Architects in 2000.

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