Modern, welcoming and functional entrance hall layout

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We often say the entrance to the house is one of the spaces that most affect the image we are invited to make of our homes. And that's true, since this is the first room they see after crossing the threshold of our homes.

But there is more, because the atmosphere of this part of the house also has consequences on the state of mind of all members of the household. An entrance hall that has not been optimally landscaped can ruin the atmosphere of the entire interior space!

6 tips for modern, welcoming and functional home entrance

In this publication, we will see how to make of his entry of house a pleasant, chic and practical corner. Rest assured, the ideas that you will read below are adapted as well to the entries of the type classic as small spaces and atypical entries. No more excuses not to try them!

The wallpaper will give your home layout a more chic look without cluttering the space

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House entrances are often small spaces. This is especially the case in city apartments and some old houses. In this kind of room, we are forced to look for modern and chic decorating solutions that are not greedy for space.

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Wallpapers are just a type of decoration of the kind. This idea of ​​interior design is creative and chic at the same time. You can opt for a modern wallpaper in light tones to optimize lighting. Otherwise, try a dark and intriguing color.

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The wallpapers will bring character to your home entrance layout. Use them throughout the space or on a wall to which you want to attract attention.

Add a bench or bench to your modern home layout to make it even more practical

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The bench is a small piece of furniture that does not cost much. By the way, you can even make one yourself using wooden pallets, for example. Thanks to its classic forms, this type of interior furniture fits very easily into any modern home entrance.


The bench makes the interior space more comfortable but also more structured. For example, you can take the opportunity to lengthen the room and make it larger visually. This is a very good idea for small entrance halls.

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The furniture is particularly useful for the organization of the room. In fact, it will easily become a focal point around which you could arrange all of your home entrance layout!

Wall decor for your home entrance, choose paintings and objects with strong visual impact


Large or small, the entrance to the house is a very suitable space for the exhibition of original wall decoration objects. Paintings and other works of art find their place quite naturally.

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Like all the other elements in this part of the house, art objects will make a first impression in everyone who visits your home. So select them carefully. Make sure they reflect your personality and the ambiance of your living space!


Lighting is an essential point in the modern home layout


Lighting is an essential point for successful home entry planning. An entry that lacks light is a dark and very unwelcoming. This is especially true in entries that do not have windows.


To remedy this problem, it is essential to find adequate sources of lighting. As for the overall brightness of the room, use LED fixtures. Then complete it with a really interesting ceiling light. It's a way to take advantage of your light source to make your home decor even more remarkable!


You are lucky to have a rather spacious entrance? In this case, you could place a table in the middle of the space. Then, hang one or two lights suspended above it. This is another design approach that will allow you to diversify the light sources in your entrance.

Mirrors are an obligatory accessory in the successful home entrance layout


As you may have noticed, mirrors are an essential accessory in home decor. This is due to several practical and aesthetic reasons. For starters, the mirror hanging in the entrance allows us to take a last look at our outfit to make sure everything is in order before leaving home.


Then, the mirror is also a very effective decorative object. Well chosen, it can really change the look of the entire interior space. In addition, mirrors can be used as a tool to make your home-style layout brighter by reflecting light from another source.

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Are you looking for a trendy mirror for your entrance decoration? So why not experiment with a mirror with gold or copper frame? These two trendy colors will make your mirror shine even more!

Complete your home entrance layout with a practical and pretty storage unit


Finally, think of finding a practical storage cabinet and aesthetic at a time. The type of storage that you prefer for your home entrance will depend entirely on the available space and your needs. All entrances do not need bulky furniture; some will be just as functional with one or two shelves only.

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The storage furniture for home entry is available in several forms. Currently, you can choose between console tables, benches with concealed storage, open shelves or closets with doors.


To decide which of these solutions is optimal for your entry, consider the aesthetic aspects of the room but also your needs in terms of space. It is the combination of these two components that will help you make the best choice!

Here are 6 tips that everyone can test to create a pleasant, comfortable and chic space. And if you need even more deco ideas for welcoming home entry, come read our special article on this theme !

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