Miniature figurines living in a microscopic world by photographer Péter Csákvári

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Today, you are introduced to a microscopic and wonderful world where miniature figurines"live"there. All her beautiful creations were invented and designed by the Hungarian photographer Péter Csákvári.

Their world is indeed composed of objects and food products of everyday life: marshmallows, shoe brush, sponge, pineapple, tin can, can and others.

Miniature figurines living in a microscopic world"Tiny Wasteland"by the photographer Péter Csákvári

figurines art photography peter csakvari

Hungarian photographer Péter Csákvári has dedicated two years to the realization of his project"Tiny Wasteland". The collection includes miniature figurines"living"in a microscopic world composed of objects and foods of everyday life. Have you ever seen a pineapple mountain or sardine tin can? And yes, the idea of ​​Peter is very original and has no equivalent. It is impossible not to appreciate it.

miniature figurines art photography peter csakvari

Péter Csákvári has been practicing photography for more than 12 years. He was also a long time chef at restaurants. Time passed, his two passions finally came together - he began photographing food and restaurant interiors. Currently, Peter is working as a photographer and journalist.

miniature figurines art photography peter csakvari 1

But where did he get his inspiration for creating his tiny figurines?

In an interview, Péter tells how the idea of ​​"Tiny Wasteland"came to him. Péter was chasing a little bird. He also had with him a flashlight wrapped in a blue plastic bag that lit up the background of various objects, including a pizza box. It was then that the idea of ​​his project"Tiny Wasteland"was born. It is true that often the brilliant ideas arrive alone by chance.

Péter also intends to make an exhibition and a book. His work is very thorough and inspiring. The recreated scenes are often funny or just improbable. In this publicaton, we decided to present a selection of 21 of his photos.

miniature figurines art photography peter csakvari wasteland

Scenes of life, figurines and objects from our daily lives - a tiny world that amazes with its size and originality. Contemporary photography has something to offer us. We do not get bored!

miniature figurines art photography peter csakvari wasteland 2

The figures are so tiny that even a grain of peas or corn look giant! Below is a scene from everyday life: people doing their shopping. The extraordinary is the size of figurines and objects.


Scenes of everyday life in mini version.

This salami looks huge! Fortunately, the small figurines have a big truck to transport it.

miniature figurines art photography peter csakvari wasteland A field of construction works in mini version. A man who is carrying screws, and another man who is putting away tiny wooden pallets.
miniature figurines art photography peter csakvari wasteland 3

Santa also wants to have fun from time to time. In this scene Péter used a light garland. Erotic scenes are not lacking in his work. You can find others in lines.

pere noel-peter-csakvari-wasteland

Dinner is served! A fly? It is sure that this Thanksgiving dinner is a bit strange and yet funny. The two women sitting on the table do not look very happy.

Fly-wasteland-peter-csakvari photographer

The following photo is funny, but be careful: do not show it to your friends vegan ! Playing golf on a lobster - what a funny idea.


Little great ideas or a wonderful world of figurines and objects.

Péter Csákvári has indeed made several scenes with miniature figurines. We have selected some of his old photo series. One of our favorites and the one in the photo below. She represents a shepherd with his sheep landed on a cauliflower. It's funny how cauliflower looks like sheep's wool.

art-photo-peter-csakvari-figures Police in mini version who is in charge of the investigation of a blood task. The red lighting makes this scene very mysterious.


A mine of fruit, there is nothing dangerous here.

figurines-peter-csakvari lucky

Smoking kills. This message that all smokers see all the time on cigarette boxes, was sent to us in an original way by Peter. We see Death coming out of the box of cigarettes, ready to welcome two girls, most likely smokers.

figurines-photo-peter-csakvari-wasteland Mountain of flour! Perfect for skiing in mini version. Everyone seems to be having fun, do not you think? Nuts are probably the"rocks"of the mountain. One only wonders what the eggs represent?
figurines-wasteland world-tiny-peter-csakvari

Experts in mini version who are in charge of the investigation of the death of a fly. What a strange original idea, no? But who killed the fly?

world-mini-photo-peter-art csakvari

Do you like chillies? US too! The idea in the scene follows below is that very hot peppers"burn"the mouth. That's why there are firefighters who are putting out the fire.

peter-csakvari-photographer-figures-miniature Peel and carry sunflower seeds - a very useful job.


The peas do not look small at all on the photo below.

photography, contemporary-peter-csakvari

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best.

At first glance, the idea of ​​Hungarian photographer Péter Csákvári looks very simple. We've all seen miniature figurines, have not we? Indeed, as we said before, this idea of ​​a tiny world was never realized before this way, hence its originality. It is often said that great ideas are very often the simplest ideas. Once realized, we realize that despite their simplicity, we never thought of it before. It's the same with the Beatles. Fans know that at first the composition of their music was quite simple. And yet, they have become one of the most beloved music groups in history. Awesome rhymes often with simple.