Milan Fashion Week 2018: Drones carrying Dolce & Gabbana bags at the parade


Milan Fashion Week 2018: the surprise was total! Drones replaced the models to show Dolce and Gabbana's handbags at the parade. On the song All the Stars from Kendrick Lamar, the drones went around the podium and came out on the catwalk , did it and withdrew.

Milan Fashion Week 2018 drones-models-carrying-handbags-dolce

A dozen Dolce and Gabbana handbags autumn winter collection 2018-2019 have opened the Milan Fashion Week in Italy. The drones brought something new to the Milan parade that no one had expected.

Milan Fashion Week 2018: a parade that no one had ever seen

The drones marching were equipped with cameras that filmed and thanks to which we could see the images broadcast on the giant screens made available to the guests of the fashion week Milan 2018. The images were also broadcast on the social networks of the brand so that users can follow the show online.

Milan Fashion Week 2018 drones-carrying-handbags-dolce-gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana chose the drones carrying their new handbags on the podium on humans so that the event entitled"secrets and diamonds"is exceptional and amazing! Called"devotion", the handbags had heart-shaped closures. Flying handbags really had an impact on the public!

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Milan Fashion Week 2018 and security measures taken in advance

Since the show of flying handbags may have presented a real danger to the public, strict rules of non-Wi-Fi have been imposed for fear that the use of the network may have interfered with the drone mastery network. Hence the delay of one hour with which this parade started and the order given to the guests to put their cell phones or tablets in airplane mode.

Milan Fashion Week 2018 podium-handbags-dolce-gabbana-drone-gates

This delay planned by the organizers of the parade of the drones allowed them to release the necessary waves for the beginning of the"drone ballet".

Milan fashion week 2018 helicopters-handbags-dolce-gabbana

Thus, the spectators were able to contemplate the floating of the handbags of Dolce & Gabbana in all serenity and confidence.

Milan Fashion Week 2018 drones-bags-dolce-and-gabbana

Milan Fashion Week 2018 and security measures taken during the show

Meanwhile, two members of the parade control team wanted to make sure that the small helicopters with their propellers fitted with protectors were not going to crash into the 600 impressed people watching the show.

Milan Fashion Week 2018 drones-hand-bag-red-dolce-gabbana

Bordering the podium in white uniforms, they expected the unexpected. It was not excluded all the same that the public decides to change its Wi-Fi and creates a fleet of wild and threatening weapons.


Fortunately, nothing like this happened during the short flying presentation of the Dolce and Gabbana handbags for the fall winter 2018-2019 season.

Milan Fashion Week 2018 debut-drones-defile-handbags-dolce-gabbana

Obviously, nothing could prevent spectators from releasing their mobile phones to immortalize this unique and unforgettable moment that has not since stopped browsing social networks.

Milan Fashion Week 2018 dolce-and-gabbana-drone-models-carrying-handbags

Milan Fashion Week 2018 and the continuation of the Dolce & Gabbana brand show

After the impressive fluttering of Dolce & Gabbana handbags, the brand introduced its collection of clothing that was worn by real models.

Fashion week Milan 2018 beaute-dolce-gabbana

This was able to reassure those who had wondered in the meantime if the future of the modeling profession was threatened in one way or another. Well, it's obvious that the modeling profession can never go away even if robots start to show up one day.

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The modeling profession

The model is a professional who poses to promote a clothing, a fashion accessory or one or beauty products. Exclusively female at first, the profession begins in the middle of the 19th e century under the leadership of Charles Frederick Worth, a French couturier of British origin and founder of the haute couture . The term manikin started to be used from the middle of the 20th e century. The other term used in fashion was that of model. If the manikin was mobile, the model was static.

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The controversies around the modeling profession

In the world of haute couture and fashion in general, it has been considered and still considered that the female model must be a woman more woman than the ordinary woman. Only the slender woman is considered a woman more woman than the woman. Although the wide hip is one of the main characteristics of the woman when she is described or drawn, the woman without hip is preferred to the woman with hip. What we are looking for in this medium are tall, thin girls, thin ankles and no hip.

Milan Fashion Week 2018 dolce-gabbana-mannequins-after-drones

Karl Lagerfeld says that"The body"fashion"today is a mold-made silhouette, incredibly narrow, with endless arms and legs, a very long neck and a small head. You must not have too big bones. There are things that can not be planed.

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The problem coming from the weight of the mannequins

The concept of"zero size"and the efforts made to be able to respond to the aesthetic canons of the profession which resulted in the problem of anorexia that many girls experience at some point in their careers. In 2006, Madrid banned the appearance of models whose body mass index was below 18. It was this ban that started the controversy around the problem of the weight of girls. Israeli law set the ban at 18.5. In France, a law was passed in 2015 prohibiting the hiring of excessively lean mannequins.

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Will robots ever be able to replace real mannequins?

We consider that the modeling profession is not threatened by high technology. Exposing clothing but also beauty products can, of course, be done by robots but the flesh and the charm of the girls or boys under clothing or makeup can never be neglected to the point of preferring a robot to theirs square.

Milan Fashion Week 2018 drones-floating-carrying-handbags-dolce-gabbana

The Milan 2018 fashion week presenting Dolce and Gabbana handbags with drones is not the beginning of the end of the model's profession. On the contrary, it's just the introduction of the particular technology on the catwalk, nothing more.

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