Make-up contouring easy and accessible for everyone, it's here!

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The question of how to make a successful face contouring seems to be one of the most popular queries these days. Needless to say, the makeup trend imposed by the Kardashian clan is still present during this season.

Just take a look at the images and tutorials of easy contouring makeup on the web and videos that explain how to get such a look to understand why it is so popular. You will have seen it yourself: it allows to emphasize the natural features of the face and its beauty, while making invisible some small defects. In addition, this type of makeup can be made in a more or less light version, according to the wishes of each.

Easy contouring makeup: what you need to know to make a successful makeup

So what is essential to know to succeed a contouring face ? What are the different types of contouring depending on the shape of the face? And what are the areas to highlight with a highlighter? We address all of these issues in this text. Below, you can read what are the 4 principles of make-up contouring easy and accessible for everyone. Then, you can see a detailed contouring tutorial that will show you the different areas of the face to make up.

But before all that, let's say, in a nutshell, why learn how to do contouring and how could this be beneficial for everyday makeup?

Why do face contouring?

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Many women wonder if contouring the face is a really effective technique. They wonder what is the purpose of this makeup technique and why learn to use it.

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To understand the usefulness of this makeup technique, think about your nose. Be aware that only a few brushstrokes will be enough to revive the appearance of your nose, as if you took advantage of a professional surgeon. This makeup technique therefore gives shape to the face. It does not transform you into another person but allows you to bring out the most beautiful things on your face. She highlights some parts, such as cheekbones, eyes or nose.

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As celebrities and fashionistas around the world claim, all Hollywood stars use this type of makeup both at official events and in everyday life. So why not you?

Principle # 1 for easy contouring makeup: mixing textures and products

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Who better than a professional makeup artist can tell us what are the must-have products for easy and accessible contouring makeup? So, according to many pros, like, for example, Sir John from L'Oreal Paris in an interview for Makeup magazine, it is better to use two textures than one. In other words, the results will be better if you decide to bet on the use of a powder and a liquid foundation at the same time.

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Why? Well, to start with two products, you will avoid the shiny skin effect but also the cracked appearance of the skin. The first results from makeup products with a creamy substance; the second of the powders.


To sculpt the face and give it a natural look, start with the use of liquid product. Then apply the powder. This will eliminate the bright and will help you perfect your look in place. In a small bonus, the powder will hold everything in place for longer!

Principle # 2 for easy contouring makeup: try this hack with sun protection products!

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This principle may not apply to all seasons of the year but is essential when you want to protect your skin from UV rays. You can use this principle of easy contouring makeup in town or during the holidays. It will also seduce those who do not like too much makeup!

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When you go out and you are going to expose yourself to UV rays, apply a sunscreen with index 20 all over your face. Then, using a product with index 70, make a thin line on the nose and in the hollow of Cupid's bow. When you get home, wash the rest of the products, if there are any. After cleaning your face, you will notice an easy and completely natural contouring makeup effect!

Besides, it is interesting to know that sunscreen products can work perfectly well as highlighters (or highlighters). You can apply a little SPF on the cheekbones as you would with a normal highlighter to convince you!

Principle # 3 for easy contouring makeup: do not overdo

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If you're interested in face contouring, you've probably taken a look at the makeup tutorials that circulate on the web. And you've probably found that a lot of these tutorials end up giving a clown makeup effect!

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To avoid an effect like this, avoid overdoing it. Nobody likes makeup that makes the face look like a doll. This is the case especially if you are considering, like most girls, a contouring makeup effect that can be worn everyday.


Use your darker background color to start working the area around the ears. Gradually, go down and bring the shadow towards the front of your face. To create a subtle look, it is important to hide the lines created by the products.

Generally, you never want to see this kind of lines. What you should try is to define the natural features of the face to get a subtle look.

Principle # 4 for an easy contouring makeup: a single makeup technique is not suitable for everyone

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The last important principle for a successful face contouring for, too, on the ways to get a natural look. For that, it would be necessary to find the play of shadows and lights on the face and to highlight it. In other words, one must always start from the shape of the face. Keeping in mind that the shape of the face requires a different approach to contouring is essential for a successful effect.

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Thus, it will be noted that there are different ways of applying the bronzer and the highlighter according to the shape of the face. Here are some general principles on this topic for:

  • Heart-shaped face, you should slide your brush along the sides of your forehead and near the hairline, under your cheekbones and in the hollows of your cheek area;
  • Oblong shape of the face, it should begin just at the top of the forehead area and each side of the jaw, fading the product as you move towards the chin;
  • Oval shape of the face, it would be necessary to add more dimension below your cheekbones to make them appear more;
  • Round-shaped face, you should apply the product on the sides of your forehead, in the area below your cheekbones and along the jaw;
  • Square-shaped face, it should begin at the sides of your forehead and under the cheekbones;
  • Diamond shape of the face, it should start with the cheekbones and go through the chin area.


If you want to learn more about easy contouring makeup for all these facial shapes, be sure to check out our article devoted to this subject !


Outline makeup is easy!

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Knowing how to make a face contouring is an important skill for any girl who wants to master the makeup secrets. In fact, almost any kind of makeup involve more or less a certain amount of knowledge about contouring.

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That being said, for many girls, the very idea of ​​making a face contouring at home seems unattainable and too complicated. Today we will see that this is not entirely true. To overcome his hesitation in the application of makeup, we must remember that when drawing contours, all we do is simply accentuate its natural features. Regarding the technique, you can read a little more in the lines that follow.


When it comes to the right way to apply contouring products, it must be remembered that the approach will be different for each person. The essential criterion here will be that of the shape of the face, its features and characteristics. To learn how to make contouring on your face, start with the practical advice adapted to your shape. Little by little, you will play with your expression, which will help you discover what works best for you. Get started and you will see that it is not very complicated!

How to make contouring makeup easy?

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Do you learn to do countouring? Then know that there are two main techniques you should master: the use of powder brozers (creation of shadows) and the highlighter or highlighter (the creation of light).

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The first one refers to using a darker color in any area of ​​the face that you want to make less visible. Professional makeup artists advise different shades for this stage of the work. For example, you could bet on a shade of about three shades darker than that of your skin. For optimal effect, make sure the product is matte finished.

The second technique is, in a way, the opposite of the first. This is to emphasize what you want to highlight. For this you can use either a matte finished product or a glossy color, whichever you prefer.

Here's how to make a face contouring of the essential areas, namely: the cheeks, the nose, the eyes and the jaw.

How to contour the cheekbones


According to the makeup pros, the first thing most girls want to highlight on their face is the cheekbones. For this reason, we start with this part of the face.

In the first place, try to emphasize the hollow of the cheek. If you are wondering how to spot this area, know that it is just below the cheekbone. Having found this part of the face, apply the tanning product discreetly. In the example on this image, a taupe brown hue was used.

How to contour the cheeks

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A basic rule of face countouring is that for each area you highlight, you want to create a balance effect with a climax. After emphasizing the hollow of the cheek, create balance by bringing out the cheekbones. To do this, apply a little highlighter along the cheekbones. Do not forget to fade the product to the temples.

How to make a contouring nose

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How to make a nose contouring is one of the most common questions on the web. And for good reason, because this technique of makeup can help you hide the small imperfections related to the shape of your nose. Here is how to do this.


A basic strategy for thinning the nose a bit (its effect may vary depending on the shape of the face) is to use the same dark shade as that used for the cheeks. Start at the inside corner of the forehead. Apply on each side of the nose. Then you have to emphasize part of the nose only. For this, apply a highlighter product on the bridge of the nose.

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Attention, for contouring makeup of the nose, it should always use a matte product. This applies to both the bronzer and the highlighter. As a general rule, the nose or the T-zone tend to shine more and you want to avoid this effect. Matte finished products are ideal for this purpose. To finish with this part of the face, do not forget to mix the two shades together with a brush.

How to contour around the eyes


To make the eyes appear, we put on an easy make-up contouring in two simple steps. Start with your tanning product. Apply in the crease of the eyelid and fade well. Next, counter the dark hue with a highlight that should be applied to the right and along the forehead.


How to make up the jaw with the technique of contouring?


To make the jaw more visible, apply the tanning product under the jaw and along it. Then blend the dark shades in the neck well using a clean brush. Avoid creating visible lines in this part of the face.

To continue, highlight the top of the jaw and fade the shades well. The area to work here is mostly both sides along the mandible. On the other hand, we will try to stay away from the chin. Apply a clear product to the chin, this may result in a larger chin. And that's not the effect we're trying to get here!