Junction parquet floor: what are the modern options to consider?

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Are you considering parquet and tile flooring in one or more rooms in your home? To achieve this type of coating in an aesthetic way, you will need to think of a floor tile junction solution.

Junction parquet floor - what is the optimal solution for your living space?

The parquet floor junction is an element of flooring that may be needed in many rooms of the house. More and more interior spaces are created with an association of two floor materials. This is the case, for example, in the kitchen open to a living room or a dining room. The corridor is another part of the fireplace where the tiles are next to a parquet floor. Finally, this solution is also very popular in the development of bathrooms and modern toilets.

Three modern options for a tiled parquet floor in the rooms of the house


At the moment, there are three modern options of joining parquet flooring for these rooms of the house:

  • the junction profile between tiles and parquet;
  • the champlat of connection between two types of coatings;
  • a seal called finishing.

What are the characteristics of these three options? Below, a brief description of each!

The T-junction profile, a classic solution that matches the shade of parquet

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We start with the junction profile which is characterized by its specific form similar to letter T. It is a solution applied to floor coverings that have the same height. It is used to connect a parquet floor and a tile floor by inserting a small space between the two types of flooring.

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Among the advantages of this type of connection, the fact that it can harmonize with the color of the floor and that it can adopt a thickness that corresponds to your choice. It should also be noted that modern junction profiles can be laid more easily, particularly thanks to the clipped installation.

The champlat, a modern option that comes in several materials and colors

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The champlat or junction bar is the name of a product that looks similar to the profile. The essential difference between the two solutions is that the champlat has no part to insert in a space between the two floor coverings. In other words, it represents only the upper part of the profile.

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Given its characteristics, the champlat is an ideal option for those who do not have sufficient space for the installation of a junction profile. It is easy to stick on the floor and on the tiles; moreover, thanks to its neat finish, it emphasizes the beauty of both materials in an elegant way. Today, you can choose between several materials and colors to find champlats that best match your flooring.

The finishing joint, an ideal solution for those who are looking for a modern and discreet fitting

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The third possibility that you can consider in terms of joining parquet floor tiles touches the finishing joint. Unlike the two options listed above, the seal will not add extra thickness to your coating. In addition, it is very discreet because it is made with silicone to fill the space between the tiles and the floor.

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The finishing joint has a considerable advantage related to the specific properties of the silicone. More specifically, it does not prevent the natural expansion of wood and parquet floors. This type of connection is also offered in a range of colors, which is an additional advantage from the point of view of the development of a harmonious interior space.

Profile, champlat, finishing joint... which of these solutions to choose?

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Choosing the right type of floor covering fitting for your home depends entirely on your wishes. To begin, determine if you want a junction with a thin layer or if you prefer an even more discreet connection.

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This decision will allow you to move towards a profile / champlat or a finishing joint. Then, you will only have to see if you have enough space for the installation of a profile (about 13 mm) or if you have to turn to a fitting with champlat.

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In any case, the installation of a junction parquet floor is very simple. In fact, everyone can do it themselves, including those who have no experience in construction work.


Here are two quick tips that will make your job easier:

  • The clipped junction profile is easier to set up; So opt for this solution if you are going to do the laying yourself.
  • The creation of a finishing joint is done using a silicone gun; for cleaning extra amounts of silicone, plan a cutter.

Some modern parquet flooring junction ideas for interior

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In recent times, there has been a growing popularity of joining solutions with a finishing gasket. Among the explanations of this phenomenon, there is the fact that the seal allows very original ideas of soil decoration.

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Thus, it allows an easy transition between hexagonal shaped tiles and floating floors , as in the picture above.


Betting on a finishing joint is also fun with an interesting finish for its flooring. It is also the solution to prefer if you have a penchant for a geometric floor pattern, for example.

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To create an interesting tile and parquet joint, you can also bet on trendy tiles. The mosaic, vintage, floral pattern and patchwork tiles are all ideas to consider.

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If this idea tempts you, allow enough space for laying tiles between the two types of coverings. Once done, use finishing joints to give a finished look to your floor.

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Note also, the floor joints also allow the creation of an original coating that is not limited to conventional geometric shapes. Thus, this type of junction gives a lot of freedom in terms of floor decoration!

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