Women's short haircuts: 100 trendy look ideas spotted on Instagram

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In recent times, Instagram is an endless source of ideas for trendy looks, fashion, beauty tips and make-up. This week, we decided to turn to the social network to see what are the trends in short haircuts.

100 ideas for trendy short haircuts spotted on Instagram

Cut pixie cut, short or gradient square, short shaggy hairstyles, natural look ideas for afro hair... Explore our selection of short haircuts women and find inspiration to change haircuts!

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According to Coco Channel, changing haircuts means starting a new life. And that's true! Having a beautiful trendy hairstyle inspires us more confidence and can be part of a complete transformation project. In 2018, women's short haircuts are everywhere. We see them adopted by the stars, by the fashion bloggers and by fashionistas on Instagram. Let's see what are the types of chic women's short haircuts at the moment!

Trendy women's cuts - variations of the short square

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When it comes to women's short haircuts, the short square comes at the top of the list. The square, also called bob, according to the English term used for this cut, is a timeless hairstyle that remains very current at the moment. And this is not surprising knowing that this hairstyle offers a lot of benefits!

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Girls who are looking for short cut ideas women often want to find a hairstyle easy to maintain. After all, it's a perfectly legitimate motive when you go from a long hair hairstyle to a short haircut! The square bob is precisely one of the easiest female hairstyles to wear. Because, as we know, it only takes a few minutes in the morning.

Hair-square-short woman-ray-middle

One good thing about this trendy woman's idea is that it gives her wearer a lot of freedom. The bob is an ideal hairstyle for the warm months. And it can be customized with a variety of accessories, such as, for example, the headband or the scarf. In addition, you can change looks at will by choosing a square with ripples, effect capped-disheveled or smooth. Not to mention that we can also decide to change color by opting for a scan, for example!

Short hair woman cut - looks ideas with pixie cut

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As for fashionable women's haircuts these days, the pixie cut is another very popular hairstyle. Adopted by many stars, the pixie cut is an idea of ​​dynamic look and easy to wear. Currently, you can choose to wear it with your natural hair color or opt for a short hair sweep.


The pixie cut is one of the short women's cuts that rivals the square when it comes to easy care. A few seconds are enough to put in order this hairstyle. And that, even if you have rebellious hair!

pixie-cut-woman-2018-pink hair

Have you decided to make a drastic change and opt for a new hair color too? The pixie cut is a hairstyle that will allow you to realize this idea very easily. Making a transition from one hair color to another can damage your mane. To avoid a brittle hair effect, the advice of many professional hairdressers is to reduce the length of his mane. So that's an added benefit of the pixie cut!

Trendy fit for women - short shaggy models

model-cut-to-short-hair shaggy

Since the late 20th century, shaggy-style women's haircuts have never ceased to be fashionable. And for good reason! They bring dynamism and a fresh and shimmering air to any girl. In addition, in many cases, shaggy-style short haircuts have the ability to make us younger.

idee-coupe-de-hair-woman short trend

What's good about the shaggy style haircut is that it can adopt different lengths. So, you have the freedom to bet on a very short hairstyle or a slightly longer version (in case you do not dare a change too important)!

square-short hair blond woman-trends

Not to mention that women's short haircuts are perfect for customizing with various hair coloring ideas. Take a look at the photos below to find the perfect color for you!

Ideas for women's short cuts for afro hair

hair short woman-breaker trend

Another trend of the moment is the return of natural looking Afro hair. Followed by many fashion bloggers currently, this trend invites us to rediscover the natural beauty of curly manes and natural colors.

hair short woman Afro-hairstyle

And if you have decided to try this new trend and bet on a short hairstyle for afro hair, you now have the opportunity to do it in short or mid-length version. What's better for a natural look that's easy to wear in the summer?

Trendy hairstyles and haircuts ideas - Instagram inspirations in images

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After reviewing the most popular types of hairstyles and haircuts for women this season, we invite you to explore our selection of images spotted on Instagram.

trend-hair woman instagram trend-hair-woman-short-2018 trend-hair short hairstyles model-breaker short-wife-trend-2018 model-hair-hair short woman-summer-2018 model-hair short woman-square-trend fashion-woman-hair-hair short pixie-braid idee-hair-woman-hair short-2018 cut-trend-woman-hair short square woman-hair trend short-cut cut-shaggy-short-hair-woman-modern short-cuts-trend-woman-2018 cut-shaggy-short fringe-square-wife short haircuts trend-hairstyle-2018 pixie-cut-hair-black short haircuts cut-short-women-idee-hair-trend-2018 cut-short-women-effect-wet hair short haircuts women hair-wavy-blonde short cuts women coloring-trend-pink short haircuts women hairstyle-pixie-cut short cuts women hair-afro-square-fries short cuts women square-ripple-ideas short cuts woman model-hair-trend pixie-cut-cut-woman-2018-trends cut-woman-trend-hair short instagram cut-woman-trend-square-short waves cut-woman-shaggy-trend-short cut-woman-shaggy blond-Short cut-woman modern hair-short pixie cut-woman-short-trend-square-wave cut-woman-short-hair-trend-2018 cut-woman short hair blond-pixie-cut cut-woman-hair short trend cut-woman-hair blonde pixie cut-woman hair African-trend short cut-to-hair trend-woman short cut-to-hair-woman-trend short cut-to-short-hair-woman-fashion cut-short-braids-wife cut-short-short-trend hair model cut-short-trend-woman-2018-tattoo cut-short-hair-modern trend cut-short-shaggy-woman-2018 cut-short-for-women-hair wavy cut-short-for-women-trend-square-2018 cut-short-for-women-square-blonde cut-short-wife-2018-hair trend-idee cut-short-wife-trend-blond hair cut-short-hair-woman-hair trend Hair-cutting short-mid-long-square-wife cut-hair-woman-short-wave cut-hair-woman-trend short bob cut-Afro-hair-woman-trend short cut-short hair trend woman cut-bob-square-short dark-blonde coloring-woman-hair short-idee hair trend hair-short-to-woman hair-trend-for-women-2018 hair-trend-2018-woman short hair Hair-modern-woman-hair short color purple shaggy hair-short-wife-trend-2018 hairstyle-for-short-hair-woman-2018 hair-woman-breaker short-hair afro hair-woman-hair-trend short-cut hair-woman-blonde wavy hair hair-woman-hair short Afro-2018 Hair-easy-woman-hair short-2018 hair-hair African woman cut-short short-hair-square-woman-trend-2018 Hair-cut-short-square-blonde Hair-square-short-modern woman bob hair-short-hair-cut woman Hair-square-bob-woman-trend Hair-African woman-2018-Short hair-cutting trend-woman-2018 hair short woman-trend-square-fringe hair short woman-square-trend-2018 hair cut short-woman-trend model square-woman-hair-trend-waves square-woman short shaggy square-short-mid-long-wave-wife square-cut-trend short-wife square-short cut-woman-hair wavy bob-woman short-hair trend square-woman short-cut hair-trend-2018