Women's fashion blog: the best bloggers and their trendy fashion secrets

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What to wear today? This is a question we often ask ourselves (if not every day) and invites us to take a look at the ideas of trendy outfits for women on the web.

With the advent of bloggers and women's fashion blog, looking for outfit suggestions for everyday or for an official occasion has become even more interesting. For, on a blog fashion woman, one can find not only images of outfits and accessories but also tips and tricks to adopt a particular style of dress.

Fashion blog - top 15 best fashion bloggers right now

We went around the web and consulted 15 of the most popular women's fashion blog of the moment. Discover more about the girls behind her inspiration spaces below!

Camille Charriere


Camille Charriere is a Parisian currently living in London. It is from the capital of the United Kingdom that she directs her fashion blog Camille Over The Rainbow.

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Her blog will fascinate all those who love French fashion and urban chic looks.


What we like is that we can also find all the pieces she wears easily thanks to the Shop section of her blog!


Women's fashion blog: www.camilleovertherainbow.com

Instagram: @camillecharriere

Monikh Dale


Monikh Dale is a fashion blogger based in London. She also works as a mannequin and influencer through her fashion blog and her Instagram page.

Monikh's blog will inspire you to transform a street style outfit into a trendy woman outfit . Do not miss out on his page if you are looking for chic brands that have just been launched.


The London beauty is known for her attentive eye of the very last fashion trends .


You can trust him, she finds the most beautiful women's fashion pieces!

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Women's fashion blog: www.monikh.com

Instagram: @monikh

Freddie Harrel


Freddie Harrel is a British woman who lives in France. She is based in Paris but she also remains well known in the Channel. And for good reason!

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Freddie Harrel has managed to combine two difficult activities: motherhood and constant work on her fashion blog for women. Frank and fresh, she puts on a natural look and authentic beauty.


And it's mission is to highlight the natural afro hairstyle!

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Take a look at her fashion blog to find inspiration for a casual look.

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Women's Fashion Blog: www.freddieharrel.com

Instagram: @freddieharrel

Caroline Daur


Caroline Daur is also known by her nickname, Caro. German based in her native country, she has no less than a million fans in her Instagram profile.

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If you follow Caro Daur on her fashion blog or her Instagram page, you'll quickly discover that she does not have a particular style of dress. Instead, she prefers to dress according to her mood.


She changes clothes according to her desires and that always ends up giving an excellent result.

Take a look at his blog, you will persuade yourself!


Fashion blog: www.carodaur.com

Instagram: @carodaur

Katherine Ormerod


Katherine Ormerod is the person behind the Women's Work Work Work Blog. She is an entrepreneur who writes not only about fashion trends, but also about her career and her professional life, which is dedicated to major brands.

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What you will find on Katherine's fashion blog is chic and casual looks for every day.


As a bonus, you will also explore news on brand new trend brands!

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Women's fashion blog: www.workworkwork.co

Instagram: @katherine_ormerod

Margaret Zhang


Need fashionable women's fashion ideas? You can count on Margaret Zhang! Photographer, director and stylist, Margaret, who is of Chinese and Australian descent also has a fashion blog that reflects her lifestyle in New York.

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In addition to all the areas of work listed above, you should know that Margaret also has a law degree. She handles all aspects of her blog and also works as a consultant for fashion and beauty brands.

Blog de-mode-woman-margaret-zhang

You will love his blog if you are looking for ideas in a versatile and chic American style.

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Fashion blog: www.margaretzhang.com.au

Instagram: @margaret__zhang

Jessica Wang


Jessica Wang is a Chinese-born fashion blogger based in New York. It's from this city that she runs her fashion blog Not Jess Fashion.

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What is typical of her fashion blog is not just chic looks and trendy accessories.


In addition to all the classic content, you'll find fashion tips and tricks for girls who dream of creating their own blogs. All, presented with outstanding images!


Another interesting thing about Jessica's blog is the fact that she initially launched her blog to turn it into a sales space for trendy women's clothes. This idea changed once she found her inspiration for fashion.

Women's fashion blog: www.notjessfashion.com

Instagram: @notjessfashion

Lesego Legobane

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Lesego Legobane, whose Instagram name is Thickleeyonce, is a fashion blogger and photographer who specializes in women's fashion trends. Based in South Africa, Lesego does not have a web page in itself.

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On the other hand, she is very active on Instagram and she sometimes works on the creation of video content.

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In addition to the trends of women's fashion sizes, we will find on its chain of ideas of interesting accessories, lingerie and suggestions of outfits for those who dare to experiment with their forms.


Instagram: @thickleeyonce

Pernille Teisbaek


Born in Copenhagen, Pernille Teisbaek is a Danish blogger who offers street-style and urban-inspired ideas.

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Her blog and Instagram channel will undoubtedly seduce those who love Scandinavian design.


The Nordic style is the secret of his success, as evidenced by the huge popularity of his looks that guarantee him a place on our list.


Women's fashion blog: www.pernilleteisbaek.com

Instagram: @pernilleteisbaek

Helena Bordon


Helena Bordon is a Brazilian fashion blogger. She works since the city of Sao Paulo and ranks among the best known fashionistas in her country.

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Helena is fortunate to have grown up in a very fashionable family. His mother Donatela Meirelles is none other than one of Vogue's editors for Brazil.


Hence also the passion of the blogger for chic outfits and fashion trends. Today, she is one of the founders of the street style brand 284. In addition to fashion info, you will find in her blog also reviews of her latest travels and beauty tips.

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Fashion blog: www.helenabordon.com

Instagram: @helenabordon


Leandra Medine


Leandra Medine is the creator of the blog Man Repeller. Based in New York, Leandra is of Turkish, Iranian and Jewish descent.

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She launched her first blog, Boogers + Bagels early in her career to focus on women's fashion today and trends that push men away.


Women's fashion blog: www.manrepeller.com

Instagram: @manrepeller


Kavita Donkersley


Born in the city of Sheffield, Kavita Donkersley is another blogger working from London. Her site, She Wears Fashion, is dedicated to original and intriguing women's fashion looks.

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Do not miss visiting her page if you like women's clothing full of colors and the combination of chic, street style and luxury elements.


Women's fashion blog: www.shewearsfashion.com

Instagram: @shewearsfashion


Natasha Ndlovu


Natasha Ndlovu works as a model and author of the blog Bisous Natasha from the city of London.

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The British blogger is well known for her style that combines chic looks and city with slightly sporty touches.


Feel free to take a look too if you like branded handbags. She has a fabulous collection!


Women's fashion blog: www.bisousnatasha.com

Instagram: @natashandlovu

Danielle Bernstein

danielle-bernstein-trend-woman blog

Danielle Bernstein is a New York blogger who likes to experiment and has created her blog We Wore What to inspire women around the world by drawing ideas from New York City.

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Like a modern Carrie Bradshaw, she shares her daily experience and adventures in the city that never sleeps.

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Fashion blog: weworewhat.com

Instagram: @weworewhat


Pandora Sykes


Pandora Sykes is probably a name known to those who follow the world of fashion. Writer and stylist, Pandora was the fashion editor of The Sunday Times Style.

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Currently, she runs her own fashion trends blog where she highlights her unique style. His looks will appeal to those who love vintage fashion and mixed print mixes in a city style that does not lack a romantic touch.

woman-fashion-trend-fashion-blog fashion-woman-trends-look-blog

Women's fashion blog: www.pandorasykes.com

Instagram: @pandorasykes