What attracts mosquitoes: 7 incredible reasons for the phenomenon

what attracts climate-scent mosquitoes

What attracts mosquitoes? It is important to ask the question because knowing everything about mosquitoes can help us to protect ourselves from them.

Remember that mosquitoes appear in summer and not during cold seasons. We all know that mosquitoes like moisture but let's be reassured that they also like the heat. So, there are mosquitoes only when the weather is humid and It's hot .

Let's start now our topic: What attracts mosquitoes?

In winter, mosquitoes hibernate. In fact, just some hibernate. Others die two weeks after the temperatures drop. Mosquitoes can not live when it's cold.

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Let's start now our topic: What attracts mosquitoes?

What attracts mosquitoes? : The blood group

What attracts mosquitoes is first the blood group. People of the blood group 0 attract mosquitoes more than people of the blood groups A or B.

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What attracts mosquitoes? : The dark color of our clothes

Darker clothing, especially black or dark blue, attracts more mosquitoes than shinier clothes. Why? Because mosquitoes are almost blind, almost! Those who wear darker clothes are more distinguished by mosquitoes than those who wear white clothes or shimmering.

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As a result, mosquitoes are not attracted to light anymore. Hence the great problem of being stung by mosquitoes in the evening and less often or almost never in full sun. We all know that mosquitoes love places in the shade, trees and of course wet.

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What attracts mosquitoes? : Perspiration

Some of us barely tolerate the hot summer days and sweat more than others. It's like mosquitoes that will instantly spice you up.

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Mosquitoes are attracted by body odors. They love our cute perfumes, the oils that we apply to the body. As they have a well developed sense of smell, they perceive the minimal differences that the human body releases. Our perspiration with the specific smell that each body emanates and depending on what the individual has eaten or drunk, the mosquitoes smell everything. On the other hand, there will be mosquitoes that will not be attracted.

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What attracts mosquitoes? Body temperature equal to or greater than 37 ° C

If someone drank beer, for example, and sweated during summer evenings, mosquitoes will love that. They love the smell of alcohol and the heat that emanates from the body, as well as the warm and fast breathing of the drinker.

This is explained for two distinct reasons. First, mosquitoes are attracted to the warmer body temperature. Whoever drinks has warm blood. But also, overweight people: an overweight individual exhales large amounts of CO2 by burning calories.

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Pregnant women are characterized by a warmer body temperature. In addition, pregnant women emit more CO2 during their breathing than others (around 20% more). And here brings the second explanation: what attracts mosquitoes is our expiration by mouth, carbon dioxide or CO2.

that-is-what-attracts-the mosquito-pregnancy

What attracts mosquitoes? : CO2

In reality, these insects can smell CO2 up to 10 meters away! It is this main factor that makes us so appetizing. Thus, active people, who emit more CO2 are the main targets of mosquitoes.

that-is-what-draw them repellent odor

What attracts mosquitoes? : Gestures

When we move more, our blood circulates faster and we are more easily distinguished by mosquitoes. On the one hand, as mentioned, our body will have a warmer body temperature, and secondly, we will notice ourselves more easily.

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What repels mosquitoes?

The Haute Autorité de Santé recommends that we memorize the four molecules in order to know what really repels mosquitoes. These molecules are DEET, IR 3535, Pycaridine and PMD RDO. So you have to buy products that have these four synthetic molecules if you want the mosquito products to be effective.

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What can be said about ultrasonics that we install as applications on our mobile phones? If ultrasounds keep mosquitoes away for a while, they do not chase them away permanently.

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What can be said about bracelets with strong smells? Are they effective? Same, the bracelets repel them temporarily but not definitively.

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Do all mosquitoes bite?

Strangely, not all mosquitoes sting. First, only females bite. They take their daily dose to ensure the development of their eggs. The most offensive species are mosquitoes called tiger (aedes), mosquitoes vectors of malaria (anopheles) and the most common mosquitoes (culex).

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How to avoid mosquito bites?

First, do not stay near stagnant water and in wet areas. What is interesting is that the tiger mosquito does not move more than ten meters in diameter from its starting point. The common mosquitoes move a lot and thus carry out longer distances.

Secondly, you have to buy products like lotions, sprays, and so on. against the bites (that is to say products to protect themselves) and after the bites (to relieve themselves).

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Thirdly, you should wear light clothing, preferably full and covering the whole body (arms, legs, neck, wrists and ankles that mosquitoes are particularly delicious).

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Fourth, it is recommended to put mosquito nets on windows and around beds.

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What diseases can be transmitted by mosquitoes?

Some diseases that can be transmitted by mosquitoes are serious because they are dangerous. Mosquitoes can transmit dengue, malaria or yellow fever (know that in Europe malaria is eradicated), chikungunya virus, Zika virus, West Nile virus (located around the Mediterranean basin).

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On the other hand, the mosquito can not transmit HIV because the mosquito can suck blood but can only inject saliva.

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