Trendy men's suit: what are the must-have pieces for this year?

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What are the trends in men's suits this year? And what are the must have pieces to accommodate his look at the latest news from the fashion world?

Trendy men's suit - zoom on the latest in men's fashion!

Trendy colors, materials, patterns, accessories and small details... Designmag reveals what you need to know about this trendy men's suit this year!

What are the trendy colors for trendy men's suits?

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Choosing a color for the man outfit can be quite difficult. So let's start with this topic. Above, a list of the ideal shades of trendy men's suits in 2018!


Emerald green

According to several fashionsitas, the most fashionable color in trend 2018 men's suit is emerald green. Many famous designers have presented remarkable designs by adopting shades of this beautiful color. Among the shades they chose, we could see original choices in bright emerald green tones. Other known creators have opted for models in quieter shades. These are probably thought for the chic man style of everyday.



In terms of color, we can see that the blue trendy men's suit will not lose its popularity in 2018. Now a classic in the male wardrobe, the blue shade is still alive this year! Those who follow the male dress code closely will probably not be surprised by this trend. After all, a blue suit is a very versatile garment.

suit-Official-man-blue-butterfly knot

If you want to buy a blue trendy men's suit, you can bet on cranberry or purple color. It will be the original version for this type of pants.


Red and black (and other color combinations)

Another chic and interesting idea for this season, the combination of men's suit elements in two shades. Red and black are one of the most beautiful options in this regard. During the summer season and the transition periods between seasons, you can have fun combining two colors in one and the same outfit. A trendy look for men that will appeal to those who love street style and casual urban fashion!


White (and black)

For the spring-summer season 2018 there is a significant presence of white color. This is probably one of the easiest ways to create a look inspired by the eighties, which is another big trend of the moment (more is said below)!


This summer, dare white from head to toe! You think it's a bit too bold? So, try changing a combination of colors with a denim jacket or a navy blue blazer. A great idea to create a casual chic look for the city!

Also noteworthy, the 2018 trendy menswear collections feature a classic and traditional color combination: black and white. It is ideal for a dress suit, both official and casual.


The pink

The rose is now known as the colors of the millennial generation. The clear shades of this color were avoided for a long time by the guys. But this is not the case today! Evidence of this is the collections of fashion houses such as Ermenegildo Zegna, Berluti, Fendi and Valentino.

What are the chic materials launched by the 2018 trendy menswear collections?

trendy men's suit velvet-color-red-black

In terms of trendy men's suits and menswear in 2018, let's also say that designers' collections show a great diversity of materials. The creators have clearly decided to break the stereotypes. That's what they show us with their velvet costume solutions.



Men's fashion can now be described as bohemian fashion. Because, the main trend in 2018 is the aristocratic velvet!

suit and man-fashion-trend-2018-color

This year, major fashion houses offer a wide variety of men's velvet suits. Good news for those who like to experiment with colors and shades! Black velvet is definitely a winning bet. But designers also leave room for rich shades of green, burgundy, brown and purple hues.

suit-man-2018-trend-color green

We also observe that designers have managed to adapt this capricious fabric to the cut of the trendy and modern men's suit. This type of pants is an ideal choice for a party or for a chic evening. A jacket made of this material can also be part of a casual set in the fall.

Types of costumes for men trend in 2018


The three-piece suits were, for a long time considered, more suitable for the occasion. official events . The traditional version of this type of men's pants is composed of a pair of trousers, a jacket and a vest. These are made in a fabric of the same color. The shades mainly used for this purpose are gray, black or blue. Sets of this type are usually worn with a white shirt.

trend-suit-man-two-three-piece-parts models

In 2018, designers experiment with the three-piece suit. They create various variations, both in form and color. We also observe that they have fun adding unexpected details and original touches.

The costumes in style eighties

fashion trend-trend-man-summer-2018

Good news for all those who love the fashion of the eighties! This season, the style of this era will be among the most popular! And this also applies to associations of pastel colors and jackets worn with jeans.


The silhouettes of trendy men's clothing and the shades of the 1980s have dominated many podiums in world fashion capitals. And that suggests that we will also find them in street style looks for the year 2018.

jacket-pant-man-2018-trend tiles

To reassure you, it will not necessarily be a complete change of wardrobe. The idea is to mix new accessories with what you already have on hand. To get inspired, take a look at Fendi's trendy men's clothing collections. They mix sportswear of the eighties with chic and modern elements. Cerrutti has adopted the same approach by offering a collection with men's jackets with square cut associated with fairly loose pants.

Trendy men's suit motifs this year

trendy gray man-plaid suit

The plaid suits for men are making their comeback this year. The same goes for other reasons such as stripes. Here are some details on the most chic way to adopt them!



For many, plaid dress is exclusively associated with the aristocracy of Britain. Now you can take inspiration from the classic British look to try on a modern plaid suit.


Regarding the perfect colors for this kind of costume, you can always opt for light gray. The color is ideal for a plaid fabric, because it is not banal but it also has something very elegant. Dark shades, such as rich brown and burgundy, are also fashionable this season.

trendy men's suit color-black

The stripes

Another interesting element this year is the return of the stripes pattern. Discreet or impressive, these vertical stripes come in full of original variants. And while there was a variety of widths on offer, this kind of fabric will not only be eye-catching, but it will always be flattering for all guys!

What are the trends in men's casual suits?


Are you rather casual and casual style? So here are some fashion trends that will interest you!



Certainly, classic and traditional costumes never go out of style. But there are ways to keep your look interesting and personalized each season. This fall winter season, opt for a chic element to give a little pep to your pants.

Swap your usual shirt for a turtleneck sweater! Combine a turtleneck with a suit and you will be able to achieve an incredibly elegant and elegant look. The best is that you can adopt this look for every day and for an evening!


Beige and brown

What color to adopt to highlight a casual style? We will gladly bet on the warm shades of beige and brown. The highlight of these hues? They will allow you to create an elegant and urban look without any effort. The tip of the designers to make a casual suit in beige or brown even more interesting? The mixture of shades in the different rooms.


Another good idea, opt for a single touch in these colors. Wear it with other clothes in neutral shades or with jeans.

Trendy man suit color-gray-2018

The sporty touch

It's impossible to deny the importance of small sporty touches in city fashion and casual street style for men. This year, the trend continues. Modern menswear designers have relied on sportswear items for athletic accents that they have combined with elegant, sophisticated men's outfits.

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