The Top 20 Most Attractive and Inspirational Women's Fitness Models in 2018

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Being a female fitness model is not an easy task, but when you do it pays well! Look at the list of the most attractive fitness women on the planet!

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Long distance runners, ballerinas to yogis and celebrity trainers, these sexy-looking beauties constantly show off their seductive bodies on social media. Read our article and take inspiration to put yourself shaped in a healthy way.

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Not only will we rank the sexiest bodies on the planet, but we'll give you all the information about the feeding and training of these girls. The 1 and 2 are SUPER SEXY, get ready!

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20. Woman fitness model: Paige Hathaway


Paige Hathaway is a fitness coverage model and entrepreneur who has grown in importance through social media. His Instagram profile is followed by 4 million users, while his Facebook page has 5.5 million likes. She grew up in Minnesota, having been very active physically since childhood. She wanted to pursue a career in athletics and fitness. Her life took a turn when she competed in a fitness contest and won 2nd place.

Model-fitness-woman-Paige Hathaway

Paige starts her morning with a bean burrito and avocado or with a vegetable protein smoothie (usually hemp protein). She eats a lot of carbohydrates like those found in rice, sweet potatoes and oats. Vegetables are always present in its menu usually in the form of a green salad. Fish is also a very important part of its diet as a source of protein. She is a peso-vegetarian (someone who eats seafood but not meat).

19. Female fitness model: Stephanie Buckland


Stephanie Buckland is a fitness girl model just like Hathaway. She grew up in southern Oregon, her childhood is described as modest. At the age of 15, she already had four jobs and was educated from home. Buckland was always active in activities such as running, surfing and playing football. Her diet was very clean because most of the time she ate vegetables that her mother grew and meat that her father hunted.


In the long run, this has hurt her health because she has not consumed enough carbohydrates for her active lifestyle. Later, she started eating properly, making a better shape. His training, six days a week, is very rigorous and his diet is as strict. Breakfast consists mainly of eggs followed by fish or chicken breast, fruit and protein powder. His advice to all who want to be like him is"if you want something, work your buttocks for it."

18. Female fitness model: Jen Heward

Jen Heward is another fitness model with nearly a million followers on Instagram. She has her own website where you can ask for advice or purchase supplements, exercise equipment, etc. Her career began when she was 16, but at that age she did not know how to exercise and eat properly. As a result, she became dissatisfied with her own body which led to her depression.


This continued until she was about 21. One day, she decided to make radical changes in her life. Heward began to learn about fitness and proper diet. Shortly after, his career took off. Now she uses the power of this knowledge to help others feel better about themselves through diet and exercise. She offers help through her videos and diet guides on the Internet.

17. Female fitness model: Caitlin Rice

Caitlin is an icon of fitness. She began her career as a model at the age of 16. The fashion industry asked him to be very skinny and his diet became worse and worse over time. After a while, she decided to give up her modeling career and focus on her studies, but her bad habits did not improve, mainly because she was partying and drinking large amounts of alcohol. fitness-model-woman-Caitlin-Rice
After getting tired of the bad decisions of life, she started to gain weight and improve her diet. This had a huge effect on his mood and well-being and made him consider a career in the fitness industry. Shortly after, his social media exploded. Now, Rice has her own website, where she offers advice on fitness and proper diet.

16. Model fitness woman: Chloe Meltzer


Meltzer is an online personal trainer and diet coach. From an early age, she was surrounded by health and fitness. His father was a doctor and a former bodybuilder and his mother is a personal trainer. His fitness trip did not start until a dear friend asked him to join his own gym. Meltzer joined her and after a year or two, she decided to change her lifestyle and spend her whole life pursuing a career in fitness.

fitness-model-chloe-meltzer 1
In addition to being a fitness guru, Meltzer has a black belt at Tae Kwon Doe and a green belt at Kenpo, she also plays multiple musical instruments and is used to ride horses competitively. His ambitions for the future are to obtain a NPC (National Physics Committee) professional card and open his own gym. Since she was so young, she wants to finish school and settle down and have a family that will probably be in great shape.

15. Model fitness woman: Marzia Prince

fitness-model-woman Marzia Prince

Prince is a certified personal trainer, a nutritionist and a life coach. In her last year of nursing school, Marzia Prince had doubts about her purpose in life. She had a conversation with her boyfriend who pointed out that she especially enjoyed doing exercise and eating healthy. As a result, she decided to pursue a career in fitness and nutrition that proved to be one of the best choices made in her life.
fitness-model-Marzia Prince

In 2009, Prince switched to an herbal diet because of health issues related to his strict diet. She is not a strict vegan and likes to cheat from time to time. His favorite food is cheese. Breakfast usually starts with oatmeal, vegan powder and berries. During the rest of the day, she eats vegetable protein powder and many fruits and vegetables. Most of its diet consists of raw foods.

14. Model fitness woman: Jennifer Nicole Lee

Fitness-Jennifer Nicole-Lee

Jennifer Nicole Lee is a fitness model, motivational speaker and author known to lose 30 kg. She started a career in fitness after having two children. Lee struggled with his weight for a large part of his life, at a time reaching 90 kg. Despite this, she decided to make changes by exercising and eating healthy food.


She achieved her goal and was crowned"Miss Bikini America"​​in 1996. Subsequently, she began her career as a"fitness guru". She has published several books and has appeared on 44 magazine covers.

Fitness-model Jennifer Nicole-Lee

13. Model fitness woman: Lina Jordan


Lina Jordan is a former preschool teacher and a certified personal trainer. Unlike the other girls on the list, she became famous at the age of 44 by being the mother of two children. She spends 45 minutes each day to get the body of her dreams. It now has more than 700,000 followers on Instagram.

Jordan began to focus on fitness 10 years ago. After both pregnancies, she struggled to manage her weight and decided to stop it by exercising and fixing her diet. She is an inspiration to many women, especially mothers who give up hope for a healthier lifestyle.

12. Model fitness woman: Diana Johnson and Felicia Oreb

Diana Johnson-Felicia-Oreb
Diana Johnson and Felicia Oreb are sisters who are known as Base Body Babes. On their Instagram profile, they seem to have a lot of fun together. Looking at the pictures, it feels like the exercise is very fun. The Top 20 Most Attractive and Inspirational Women's Fitness Models in 2018

Over the years, they have developed a method called"force system"that promises great results. In their program, they insist on cardio exercises (kettlebell swings, box jumps and sprints). For best results, the program should be followed by a healthy diet that contains lean protein, fruits and vegetables, and healthy fats. Many have tried, and are satisfied with the results.

11. Model fitness woman: Alice Matos


Alice Matos comes from Brazil. She has always had an active lifestyle. At first, it was just doing sports like volleyball, basketball and soccer. At age 25, Matos was inspired by other fitness celebrities and decided to get into fitness. She hired a personal trainer and started working. After a few months of training, she fell in love with fitness.


Noticing his talent, the coach decided to register Matos in his first contest. Although she did not win, Alice was hungry for more competition and devoted herself to the maximum. The following year, she competed in the same competition and achieved better results, but it was only a few years later that she won gold. After getting attention, she quickly has millions of admirers in social media.

10. Model fitness woman: Jayde Nicole

fitness-model-famme-jayde-nicole Jayde Nicole is a model who is famous for being a Playboy girl from January 2007 and playmate of the year 2009. She started modeling very young. On top of that, Nicole did theater. Her acting debut was in the 2009 Italian comedy"Un'estate ai Caraibi", but she did not have as much success in the game as in modeling.
fitness-model-Jayde Nicole, Nicole is not as sculptured as the other girls, but she works hard to be fit. In an interview, she said she was vegan and had been since the age of four. To stay healthy, Nicole incorporates vegan foods such as tofu, green vegetables, fruits, soy and beans.


9. Female fitness model: Jenna Renee Browne fitness-model-Jenna-Renee-Browne
Jenna Renee Browne is a fitness model who appeared on the pages of publications such as Sports Illustrated, Shape, Maxim, and Muscle & Fitness' Swimwear Special 2012. She had a decent body shape when she was young, but as the age was settling on her, she began to gain weight. Soon, a constant battle with his weight ensued, fluctuating between being overweight and anorexic. FitNesse-Jenna-Renee-Browne

At one point, Browne found herself in a hospital. For her it meant that she had to change her life radically. Not wanting to gain weight again, she decided to start focusing on the right nutrition and exercise. Shortly after, she was lifting weights, eating six meals a day and living an extremely healthy lifestyle.

8. Female fitness model: Cally Clarice

Although her Instagram is not as popular as the others, she regularly gains new followers. As a child, she had weight problems. Increasing insecurity has pushed her to make changes. Needless to say, she got a gym membership and hired the local fitness coach.

fitness-model-woman-Clarice Cally

It took a lot of sweat and pain to lose weight and have the look of today. In addition to strength and conditioning exercises, she enjoys doing cardio. Running and swimming are his favorites.

7. Female fitness model: Hannah Stocking

fitness-woman-Hannah Stocking
Hannah Stocking is a model and celebrity on the Internet (Instagram and Facebook). In addition to her Instagram profile with nearly 12 million subscribers, she has an extremely popular YouTube channel with approximately 3 million subscribers. Although not a hardcore fitness addict, she's calling on the help of famous fitness trainers to maintain her perfect form. fitness-model-woman-Hannah Stocking

She is not afraid of weightlifting exercises and includes free weights as well as machine exercises to tone her muscles. For her lower body workout, she performs leg movements and dumbbell squats. She often performs these two exercises together. Other lower body movements that she performs include jump squats, box jumps, and leg pressure. In addition to training hard, she maintains a healthy diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, lean meats and fish.

fitness-model-Hannah Stocking

6. Female fitness model: Kerri Hayes fitness-model-wife, Kerri Hayes
Kerry Hayes is a fitness model and a social media personality who is best known by the Bikini Pro contest. Kerri is also popular on Instagram and Twitter. If we look at her schedule, we'll see that Kerri trains 6 days a week and changes her workout routine every month. fitness-model-kerri-Hayes

Kerri follows a clean diet: low in carbohydrates, high in protein and good fats. She occasionally gets a cheat meal. During the months of November and December, she does not have a cheat meal. If she is still hungry before going to bed, she takes egg whites or a ball of protein powder with a little water and some almonds.

5. Model fitness woman: Dianna Dahlgren

Dahlgren's career took off fairly quickly (she only started working in 2009). First, she started as a gymnast, and she went on to modeling in 2009. It was the right choice for her because the success she achieved was simply outstanding. fitness-model-Dianna Dahlgren,
To maintain his perfect body, Dahlgren maintains a strict diet and follows an exhausting fitness program. Apart from regular exercises, she also enjoys doing other activities such as skiing, snowboarding, cycling, hiking, offroad and horse riding.

fitness-model-wife, Dianna Dahlgren,

4. Model fitness woman: Katy Hearn fitness-model-woman-Katy-Hearn
Katy Hearn is a fitness model. His journey into the fitness world began a few days after his 21st birthday. Before that, she did not pay attention to what she ate, let alone exercise. At that time, she was in college and her life was related to drinking and eating cheap food. A life of leisure and a life of pleasure have bad effects on the body. fitness-model-Katy-Hearn

Thus, after the celebration of her birthday, she scrolled images and was not satisfied with her prospects. Shortly after, Hearn took action and committed to starting fitness. Hearn then created his first Instagram account and started posting photos and tips. The number of followers began to grow steadily.


3. Female fitness model: Andreia Brazier andreia-brazier-fitness-woman

Andrea Brazier is another Brazilian fitness model. She started as a model in Brazil and then decided to pursue a career in fitness. It turns out that she had an even bigger success there. So far, she is the most muscular girl on the list. When she's not training, Brazier enjoys spending time with her family and her two dogs, Jimmy and Burr.


She works 6 days a week with a day off. The Brazier diet consists mainly of a moderate amount of complex carbohydrates, low in fat and high in protein. His top three tips to look good are: eat clean, train hard and sleep well. Maybe you will be inspired by this.

FitNesse-woman-Andreia Brazier

2. Female fitness model: Lais Deleon fitness-model-woman-Lais-Deleon

Lais DeLeon is another Brazilian on our list. She is a sensation in social media. Lais started training at the age of 19. She greatly appreciated the fact that she witnessed the transformation of her body. In 2013, she started posting photos on Instagram, now she has nearly a million followers.


Lais trains in the gym for up to 5 days and rests 2 days a week. She enjoys sharing her gym sessions believing that her body responds best to this. She aims to eat 8 meals a day, to keep her metabolism high and the body fueled to grow. She plans her diet around lean proteins, green vegetables, fruits, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats.


1. Model fitness woman: Brittany Renner Brittany-Renner-fitness-model

Brittany Renner is a model and Instagram star with 3.6 million followers. She has always been passionate about sports and fitness. Before jumping on Instagram, she worked as a caregiver, sales clerk and zumba instructor, but the rise of social media opened up new opportunities for her. Soon, she attracted so much attention that she became famous around the world.


Encouraged by her success on social media, Renner has her own website where she sells her brand of outfits. As for her personal life, she now frequents American hip-hop artist Lil Uzi Vert. She said having a family is one of her top priorities in the near future.