The long square hairstyle is trendy. Here's how to wear it!

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The square cut seems to be everywhere these days. We see her worn in fashion shows and images of fashion bloggers. It's also featured on celebrity photos from around the world and trendy look ideas from street style collections.

The stars of the song, such as Taylor Swift and actresses like Gwyneth Paltrow adopt it without hesitation. So, is it time for you too to convert to this cup?

Should we adopt the long square hairstyle and how to do it for an optimal result?

The long square hairstyle is also known as lob. The term comes from English. It is a short form of the words long (meaning"long") and bob (meaning"square"). So how do you know if the lob is a good idea to look for you?

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After all, celebrities all have a team of stylists and fashion advisers. Bloggers, for their part, are passionate about the fashion world, who go through all the trends. But what about a girl who wonders if the long square hairstyle is a good idea? In the text below, we take inspiration from the advice of hair pros to give you a clear and precise answer!

Small reminder and definition: what is the lob or the long bob?


To begin, let's do a little reminder. Let's look at what is, more exactly, characterized by the expression long squared or lob. The cut is not difficult to define. In fact, it can be done in one sentence. A long bob cut is inspired by original square but falls, unlike this one, somewhere between the chin and the shoulder. In other words, the long square is simply a longer version of the classical square.


In addition to this basic version, there are also various variations of this trendy women's haircut. We recognize, in particular, the degraded square, the plunging square or the one worn with a fringe. Not to mention that there are a multitude of long square hairstyle ideas. Among them, the options with or without ripples, with smooth hair, part in the middle or on the side or with loops.

How to decide if a long square hairstyle would suit your face?

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Now that we know what the lob cut is, let's see if it fits your face shape. If you've already read a little bit about it, you've probably found that the long square hairstyle is considered perfect for any face shape and for any hair color.

cut-woman-trend-square-long bob

Yes, you saw it well. The lob-style haircut is easy for anyone to wear! No matter the texture of your hair, the shape of your face or your style! So you can now make an appointment with your hairdresser to change your look by opting for a long square hairstyle.

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But, if you want to know a little more, you can continue reading. You will learn that there are variations of cut and long square hairstyle that fit better to some face shapes than others. Below, we tell you more. But before that, we share with you some more ideas to bet on the long Bob.

5 more reasons to bet on a long Bob

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  1. You will not have to choose between a long or short cut. The square lob is, in a way, both at the same time!
  2. The square type lob will allow you to have fun with various hairstyles woman. It is long enough to wear with attached hair!
  3. The lob cut will give you a fresh and youthful look without special effort;
  4. It is an ideal hairstyle for all occasions, from the most casual to the official ones. You can wear lob way elegant, straight and glamorous. Not to mention the relaxed looks of the hairdressed style disheveled or wavy
  5. The style requires a minimum of effort in the morning!

What long square hairstyle for an oval face?

cut-square-long trend woman

You have an oblong face and you have decided to offer a lob cut? The good news for you is that this form of face is perfect for almost any type of hairstyle. The one with the long square produces an even more harmonious effect. The length of the hairstyle will flatter the fine outline of the face.

hair-woman-square-long fringe-color red

Our long square hairstyle idea for this face shape? Wear your skate in the middle or adopt a long bang!

What long square hairstyle for a face with round shape?

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Do you have a round face and wonder what is the best hairstyle squared for you? The professional stylists are unanimous. According to them, it is better to choose a long version of the bob with a degraded cut. The tapered sections of hair will add volume to your mane. What is more interesting is that they will allow you to play with the proportions and will therefore make your face longer.

cut-square-long female-undulations

Our long square hairstyle idea for this face shape? You can bet on a more or less gentle lateral separation with your line. Another possibility would be to offer you a long bang to complete your trendy hairstyle!

What long square hairstyle for a face with square shape?


Do you have a rather square face? In this case, you probably already know the difficulty of selecting an ideal haircut according to your expression. But rest assured, we have a suggestion for you!

square hairstyle long shadow-hair-photo

Women a square face shape need a soft contrast to offset the somewhat expressive lines of their expression. For this reason, they can try a long, degraded square hairstyle. It will frame the face, while softening its contours.

long hairstyle square woman-ray-middle

Our long square hairstyle idea for this face shape? Style your lob style hairstyle with some delicate waves!

square hairstyle woman-trend-hair-long degrade-woman long square hairstyle Hair-square-hair-woman-long fringe square-cut long-woman-blonde hair-woman-square-long trend