The design of the best female fragrances

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Whether at a party, a personal event or just to please a friend or a loved one, the perfume is often a gift idea to offer.

What are the design secrets of the best female fragrances?

For years, the feminine fragrance has been affirmed as an elegant, chic and personal gift. To offer a perfume is, of course, to make a choice of fragrance. Most often, we seek to find notes that, like an air of music, reflect the character of the one who will receive them as a gift. Another frequent approach is to bet on a sure value by informing yourself beforehand about the preferences of your loved ones.

The design of the perfume is just as essential as its content. In fact, many women say that they attach great importance to the appearance of the bottle. Some people think of the colors and how they correspond to the personality of the one who will wear the perfume. Others consider the shape of the bottle and its place among the accessories of their friend. In short, the perfume remains a luxurious object and, for this reason, its design is a criterion of weight.

We wanted to know a little more about the design that owns the best perfumes women . Who are their creators? And how could such a small bottle reflect the complexity of its content? We share with you some of the secrets behind the design of three of the best fragrances for women!

Gabrielle Chanel

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Gabrielle Chanel is a creation of the French perfumer Olivier Polge who works for the big brand since 2013. The fragrance seduces by its floral notes, inscribed in a fresh and warm composition intended to emphasize the femininity of the one who carries it.

The design of the Gabrielle Chanel perfume is directed by Sylvie Legastelois. The bottle takes the form of a box that belonged to Coco Chanel. The bottle is made of glass to reflect the light and echo the lightness of the fragrance. The colors chosen to present Gabrielle Chanel belong to the range of warm and metallic shades. They are inspired by the floral scent and Haute Couture collections of the brand.

Life is beautiful Lancôme


The fragrance La Vie est Belle is the result of the collective work of three great names in the world of perfume, Olivier Polge, Dominique Ropion and Anne Flipo. Its haunting scent features fruity notes and floral accents inspired by the Orient.

The bottle of Life is Belle Lancôme has a long history. Its design borrows the forms to a model imagined by the artist Georges Delhomme at the end of the 1940s. He sought to represent femininity by a delicate and smiling presence. A very successful mission with La Vie est Belle who interprets beauty, fragility and daring through the harmony of glass and pale pink.

Black Opium Yves Saint Laurent


Black Opium Yves Saint Laurent was designed by four famous perfumers, Honorine Blanc, Nathalie Lorson, Marie Salamagne and Olivier Cresp. The perfume is imagined to impress with a play of contrasts, which is noticeable in the mixture of very fine floral notes and deep and exotic touches.

The unique fragrance Black Opium YSL has a bottle of bold appearance. It is dominated by dark shades and illuminated by glittering glitter. Embodying elegance and modernity, the bottle is complemented by a pink accent. A design that exudes freedom, passion and independence, as well as the fragrance it contains.