The 2018 summer fashion man: some examples with classic pieces

fashion summer man 2018

What is the fashion summer man for 2018? There are some classic pieces that every man should have in his wardrobe. Look at which ones!

fashion summer man for-2018

There is an old saying"the smallest dog barks the loudest". A beautiful wife does not need to convince someone that she is beautiful. A rich man does not need to convince someone that he is rich. And likewise, a well-dressed man does not need to convince someone that he is well dressed by throwing himself on every fashion trend piece of the week.

fashion summer man t-shirt-white

A look is often enough to know if someone has the class. Therefore, the coolest guy in the room is not always the one who wears a Cuban collar shirt or wide pants, but the one who has chosen the basics as a white T-shirt or loafers. Knowing the classic pieces can guarantee you to be up to date this summer. Look at our proposals!

summer fashion man

Summer fashion man: classic examples

1. Men's Summer Fashion 2018: Custom Gray Pants

pants-gray tailored

Contrary to popular belief, cropped pants are not just for sitting behind a desk. A slender, slender pair can serve as jeans for the weekend or as a reliable choice for summer weddings.

"Tailored pants are a staple in men's fashion and switching to a lighter shade for the summer months is a great way to update your wardrobe." says James Doidge, chief designer at Marks & Spencer. For the summer you have to choose a light gray tone that goes well with other neutral colors or pastels. pants-gray-on-measurement1 pants-gray-on-Measure3

2. Fashion summer man 2018: Handbag


Always think that the only thing worthy of being at the end of your manly hands is a sturdy briefcase or a sweaty sports bag? First, do your manicure. Second, buy yourself one: mainly from this season's adult handbags.

"The ease of use is the best feature of this bag,"says co-founder of Herschel Supply brand Jamie Cormack. You can take it to the beach and then have a good dinner. It is also a great companion for your travels. You can wear extra clothes in case it's cold but also have quick access to all your belongings. at????


3. Fashion summer man 2018: White shirt with long sleeves white-shirt-a-sleeves-longues2

We firmly believe that a man can not own too many shirts. But it is essential for him to have a white shirt with long sleeves. It's not just the default uniform for bankers, lawyers and doctors, it's a classic piece for every man.

A solid choice whatever the season, a white long-sleeved shirt can take you from office to dinner with absolute ease. For summer, you can always opt for a linen option for more ventilation with a pair of chino and light colored loafers. shirt-sleeves-white sun

4. Mens Summer Fashion 2018: Navy Blue Custom Shorts

short-to-measure-navy blue

The last thing you want when temperatures go up is to have your legs wrapped in a lot of cloth. Keep warm and leave an elegant impression with tailored shorts.

shorts-tailored blue-marine2

According to Henry Graham, co-founder of the independent Wolf & Badger boutique, the trick is to choose a classic color commonly used on trousers. "Made-to-measure blue shorts always look great on vacation."

5. Fashion summer man 2018: Lightweight blazer

blazer-leger-man was

If we were not already well acquainted with the Italian art of sprezzatura, we would suppose that it vaguely translated something like"always look good while it's hot outside". The Mediterranean talent for wearing a blazer in the heat comes down to lightweight fabrics and cool summer colors.

blazer-leger-man ande2
"A lightweight blazer is essential to staying smart during the hottest months,"says Doidge. "Fabrics like cotton, seersucker and linen are great options: you'll look smart, but not too formal".


6. Fashion summer man 2018: Beige chinos Chino beige-man was

Without a pair of rotating chinos, men would not only be less stylish during the hottest but probably bareest months. What other pants could put the summer smoothly? Originally developed for the military before being adopted by civilian men (including style icons such as Paul Newman), they are never out of date.

Chino beige-man ande2
"With their classic BCBG cut, beige chinos, in particular, look great on a light blue Oxford shirt and a pair of sneakers,"says Courcey. For the summer, look for a cut pair in a slim shape that allows for a little air flow and is not a good idea. ? is not too restrictive.â €

Chino beige-for-summer-man

7. Fashion summer man 2018: Sun glasses glasses-of-sun-Rights2

Yeah, yeah, protect your eyes! The practical reasons for owning a pair are obvious. But on a more superficial level, the right color, the right cut and the right size can help bring symmetry to your face and hide the crimes of excess, making them essential for the summer.


If a pair of sunglasses is uncomfortable, it's because most are designed in generic size for the impulsive shopper. Take the time to understand your features and the shape of your face and find out which style is best for you. It's unlikely to change, so it's a knowledge for life!


8. Fashion summer man 2018: White Tshirt T-shirt-white-for-summer

No well-edited wardrobe is complete without the humble white T-shirt, ideally in Supima cotton or jersey. Although it is essential throughout the year, its place in the wardrobe is very important in the summer. The white color helps to reflect the heat waves and allows you to stay cool.

The 2018 summer fashion man: some examples with classic pieces
The biggest plus of the white T-shirt is its versatility. There are so many style options available. Wear it under a light-colored linen jacket for a casual outfit. Under a printed shirt with short sleeves for an airy summer look. Or all alone with blue jeans for the heroic masculine look par excellence.

9. Fashion summer man 2018: Breton striped top


Sailors in Saint-Lauren, few objects have a history as varied or staged as the Breton striped top. First worn by French sailors in Brittany during the 1850s (with a stripe for each of Napoleon's victories). Today the room serves as a solid choice to support smart-casual looks or wear solo.

Breton tops are one of the favorite looks of many people. They can be worn under a jacket at night, thrown out after the pool or out on the terrace during hot summer evenings.

man-with-a-top-striped Breton

10. Summer fashion man 2018: Penny Loafers moccasin-man-Penny Loafers

The right pair of shoes will earn you respect and endless compliments. A key element of the summer style are the Penny Loafers loafers. These shoes are so named because the students of other times would insert a coin in the front slot. Penny Loafers are among the most versatile shoes and can easily fill the smart-casual dress code.


They are perfect with brightly colored chinos, jeans and linen pants. It's practically the only style of shoe that works properly with shorts. Make sure you put them on before you wear them because there is nothing worse than blisters and swollen foot pain.


11. Summer fashion man 2018: Custom swim shorts Short de bain-on-metric2

Bathing shorts are as synonymous with summer as ice cream or cold beer. While the retro style runner shorts have joined the pools section this season, the chinos cut models will always score a perfect 10.

Short de bain-made
Custom swim shorts are essential for the summer. They can take you from the beach to the bar. The slim fit fit works wonders for your body. If you are tall, you can opt for a patterned pair, but as a rule, a single solid color is the best option. Navy, gray or bright red is a good choice for the summer of 2018.

12. Summer fashion man 2018: Woven belt


Any well-dressed adult knows that the key to looking good in the long run is to keep their clothes on. An elegant belt avoids any embarrassing skid and can also be used to add an accent to an outfit.


A woven style is versatile and does not look too heavy with pants or shorts in summer. It is also a subtle nod to the trend of the 70s that just will not stop.

Belt-WOVEN-man was

13. Summer fashion man 2018: Printed short sleeve shirt Shirt-sleeves-short-printed

As more and more men follow the trends, it can be difficult to stand out. Use it to add a little lightness to a costume, or to make a solo statement with jeans or a chino.

Go for bold, bold colors and unique patterns. Combine all this with simple colors and let the shirt speak.


14. Summer fashion man 2018: Cotton polo Polo-en-cotton-man-2018

Of all the"classics"in the male wardrobe, the polo undoubtedly deserves the title more than anything else. With a design that has remained virtually unchanged since the beginning of the 20th century, the sporting piece still refuses to look old-fashioned. The cotton polo is always worn next to anything from swim shorts to tailored pants.

Polo en cotton man-summer-2018
This season, opt for a pink or blue polo shirt and pair it with navy blue shorts and white sneakers.

Polo-Shirt blue

15. Summer fashion man 2018: White sneakers of-sneakers-white-man

Trends are not supposed to last, are they? That's why we call them trends. So how long does a room have to stay in fashion before it's considered a classic? Well, we can say it: white sneakers have officially been inducted into the pantheon of men's fashion.


Take a simple pair of white sneakers and they will take you from the office to the dance hall and then to the local Greeks if the night goes well.


Fashion summer man 2018: some ideas of combinations

1. Lightweight Pants + Polo + Loafers

Three pieces that settle in the chic and relaxed style. This combination is a choice to make when you want to look well dressed without having made any effort.

pants-leger polo-moccasins
The fit and choice of material are the most important considerations here. The pants and the polo must be made of cotton or breathable linen and have a narrow (but not restrictive) fit to maintain a snug fit. Similarly, moccasins will ideally be made of lightweight suede and come in a color ready for summer like beige. Do not forget the invisible socks!


2. Top Breton + White Pants A nautical-inspired wedding, matching a classic Breton top with white pants ready for summer. It is imperative that the trousers are slim and follow the legs. The white is notoriously ruthless and any excess of ankle tissue will give you a neat look.

For the top, there are many variations: different colors, necklines with various shapes, short or long sleeves. For a classic example that will sit well alone or under a deconstructed blazer, choose a darker shade with fine stripes rather than blocks. Although it may be tempting to have the boat shoes here, this could give you a more formal look. Try a pair of moccasins instead.

Breton-top trousers white

3. Floral Shirt + Neutral Shorts

Looking to express yourself this season? We just have the ideal thing!


A staple that many men continue to avoid - the flower shirt. It is much easier to wear than it may seem. As long as you opt for a design with a darker basic tone (navy blue, black or burgundy) and associate it with something neutral, it's really hard to go wrong. Finish the look with a pair of sandals or sneakers. You will surely be noticed for good reasons at home or abroad.

Shirt-a-flowers-with-short-neutral 4. Custom Shorts + Short Sleeve Shirt

Perhaps the most obvious combination on this list. Custom-made shorts with a short-sleeved shirt are part of the classics forever. Guarantee comfort in the heat while allowing you to maintain an elegant and refined appearance. There are no strict rules regarding this sartorial choice.

Shorts-shirt-with-short sleeves

That said, always keep in mind the color wheel when mixing different shades. Make sure that if you opt for a printed shirt, you will counterbalance it with neutral shorts (and vice versa). Casual shoe styles such as sneakers can compete with this outfit. Stick to smarter shapes such as loafers and boat shoes.

5. Denim Shorts + Printed T-Shirt

A favorite of the music festival, a printed T-shirt worn with denim shorts is no longer useful when the temperature rises. With this look, it makes sense to build from the ground up. Start with a simple pair of shoes such as white sneakers.

Denim shorts, T-shirt prints
Then add a pair of dark jeans which will help soften the volume of your printed T-shirt. Be careful not to choose colors too dark because the jeans will absorb the heat and make you sweat.


6. Navy Blue Pants + Neutral Light Blazer Worn together, the blue and beige colors offer a foolproof combination that every man should add to his repertoire. The beige blazer is a modern must-have and especially for the hottest months. Prioritize unlined models made from breathable materials such as blends of pure cotton or cotton-linen.
Shorts, T-shirt-Blazer-leger

For pants, adapt to the occasion and the expected formality. The jacket works just as well with navy blue pants as with cotton pants or even with dark indigo denim. Finish off with a plain t-shirt and minimalist sneakers for a chic, casual look that can be adapted to anything from barbecues to business lunches.

7. Custom Shorts + T-Shirt + Lightweight Blazer

Even at casual events, no one wants to be the most dressed guy in the room. The tailored shorts are ideal to look more casual.

Shorts, T-shirt-with-Blazer-leger

Plus, putting a light blazer on a T-shirt and pairing it with breathable summer shoes like moccasins is a sure way to be stylish, but not stuffy.

8. Shorts + Crew T-shirt + Sneakers

Each piece of this trio has a strong sporting heritage which guarantees that they combine harmoniously. There is the possibility to try slightly looser adjustments as comfort and air circulation are priorities. Whether in or out of the gym, this combination is relaxed and effortless. You just have to respect the color combinations.

Shorts, T-shirt-with-sneakers

Wear a light bomber jacket or sleeveless sweatshirt on top when temperatures begin to drop.

Shorts, T-shirt ras du cou-sneakers

9. Shorts + Fine knit blouse

We can already feel the sweat in your head at the idea of ​​wearing a knit blouse in the summer, but listen to us.

Shorts Blouse-en knitting-end

The fine knit blouse - think of blends of linen-cotton or merino wool - contains enough thermoregulatory properties to keep it breathable in a warm climate. This makes it the perfect partner for a pair of shorts during the day or evening.

10. Terry polo shirt + Custom swim shorts

Sitting around the pool or at the bar wrapped in a beach towel is difficult.


It's a lot more elegant after diving to get dressed in a soft terry cloth polo shirt. This ultra-absorbent piece has all the class of a classic collar polo, but without any sticky fabric. Better yet, it's a simple way to dress up a pair of swim shorts (preferably custom-made) and stay by the pool all day long.

Polo-fabric-sponge-Short-suite bathroom

11. Light Suit + T-Shirt + Sneakers

While a suit bought in the right color and the right cut, is indispensable throughout the year its fabric may not be. Heavy winter wools are about as good as Christmas sweaters in the summer. Relax with a light alternative.


Easy to maintain fabrics such as cotton, linen and seersucker are the reference in this field. They are ideal in combination with a T-shirt and sneakers.

Costume-leger-T-shirt-with-Trainers 12. Shorts + T-Shirt + Open Shirt

T-shirts and shirts are both essential pieces of the male wardrobe. It goes without saying that the two go well together like beautiful pieces of Lego. We should not need to tell you it's a one-way street. The T-shirt can not go over the shirt. But there are some other guidelines beyond.

Shorts, T-shirt-shirt-open

For best results, make sure that only one of the pieces has a pattern (a white T-shirt under an open check shirt or a Breton striped top under a denim button, for example). The only other salient point to make is on the fit. Nothing kills faster than a loose T-shirt under a tight shirt. So, find the correct size.