Terrace Fireplace: 30 Outdoor Fire Ideas to Create a Cozy and Modern Corner

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The summer period is, for many French people, the ideal moment to realize projects of landscaping . Whether you live in a city or in the countryside, you all enjoy moments spent outdoors, especially when you have a garden or terrace.

And, of course, we are looking for ways to make these parts of our homes even more chic and cozy!

During the warm months, the garden and the terrace are a part of our daily life. Those lucky enough to own a small outdoor area put this outdoor space in the center of their mornings, weekends and evenings.

Decoration ideas with terrace fireplace or outdoor fire

Some accessories are essential for the ambiance of our outdoor spaces. Today, we are going to talk about such an accessory that has become very trendy lately: the terrace fireplace and the outdoor fire. They have the capacity to make the environment more pleasant and give the garden a more welcoming aspect... Let's discover the different options and points to consider to decorate its exterior with a terrace fireplace or an outdoor fire!

Modern terrace fireplace for a more welcoming atmosphere

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According to several professional decorators, the trend to beautify its outdoor space with a terrace fireplace or an outdoor fire will remain relevant. The outdoor fireplaces and the garden stoves give the outdoor space a special charm. They also make it more convenient and cozy. In fact, as we will see, these useful accessories during the day and in the evening!

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During the cooler periods of spring and autumn, the outdoor fire and terrace fireplace provide our outdoor spaces with a more enjoyable ambiance. When it's hot, they can make them even more sociable and exciting. A terrace fireplace undoubtedly refreshes the design of the entire house!


Modern outdoor stoves and fireplaces have the advantage of better protection against the wind. As a result, they are also characterized by higher heat output than old chimneys. These modern accessories also fascinate us with their design. The different models and variations of these decor complements make each garden and terrace a special place.

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Note, modern fireplaces can have very different shapes. Some outdoor fire models have an additional grill. Thus, in addition to enjoying the heat, you can also organize a barbecue in its outdoor area. The materials of manufacture can also vary enormously from one model to another. It should be noted that all materials do not allow use as a barbecue.

Installing a terrace fireplace or an outdoor fire: what do you need to know?

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In short, an outdoor fire or a terrace fireplace is an excellent accessory. It will allow you to expand your living space and increase the value of your home. You will spend more time outdoors, enjoying the warmth and the light during the cool months.


Adding an outdoor fireplace or terrace fireplace is a project that requires good planning. This is essential to end up being happy with the final result. There are many factors to consider to ensure that a new terrace fireplace fits all the desires of its owners. Here are 10 important planning tips to consider.

What is the ideal location for a terrace fireplace?

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With regard to the installation or construction of a terrace chimney, the location is a very important point. The chimney must be easily accessible from the house. The same goes for the other structures of the property.


The size of the outdoor space is also important for the project. Do you have a small patio with a terrace at the back of the house? Then you can connect the external fire to the latter. By opting for this solution, you will create an intimate environment near the residence. The terrace fireplace will become a focal point of your decor.

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Do you have a large patio? In this case, consider building a separate outdoor area or additional terrace area. Install your outdoor fireplace. This would be a way to benefit from extra space for the entertainment of your family or friends.

Some important points about the functionality of your outdoor fire

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How do you plan to use your outdoor fire? Be forewarned: an outdoor fireplace will immediately become a focal point in your outdoor space.

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So make sure the location of the terrace fireplace is selected from the point of view of your family's needs. For entertainment, you will need comfortable seating and side tables. For dinner, also plan a table and chairs outside. In order to have fun with your friends, consider the idea of ​​adding a bar and tall stools next door.

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You want to cook in your terrace fireplace? Remember to include a space for cooking utensils and storage.

The size of the property is a factor to consider when choosing an outdoor fireplace

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Another element to consider: the size of your property. What is the size of your patio, your garden or terrace? The size, shape, design and overall appearance of your outdoor fire must be proportionate. This is the best way to ensure that the outdoor fireplace will fit the size of your garden.


Do you have a garden that is rather small or medium? So build an adequate fireplace and arrange around an intimate setting. For a large terrace or garden, you will need a fireplace or fireplace that is in balance with the scale of your outdoor space.

Some tips on designing an outdoor patio chimney


As a rule, modern outdoor fireplaces are designed with a rectangular shape. However, this is not absolutely true for all models. Some also have a square, round or oval structure.

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At the time of today, you can decide to bet on a modern terrace chimney made to measure or on a model ready to pose. Both solutions have their advantages and disadvantages, so weigh them well before you start.


If you like DIY, you can even embark on an outdoor fireplace making project. But beware, it's an idea that requires a lot of work and informed choices. It is therefore better to learn in detail about such a project before starting!

What do you need to know to use your terrace chimney safely?


The terrace chimney is usually installed close enough to the house for the comfort of those who use it. However, it must never be a danger to the safety of the house itself. The same goes for nearby structures and neighborhood residences.

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In addition, any external fire source needs ventilation and adequate protection. Both of these are essential to avoid a fire hazard. If your home is connected to the house, make sure it is well ventilated. To protect yourself, always keep a fire extinguisher near your outdoor fireplace or outdoor fireplace.

How to choose storage space for outdoor fire?

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Your outdoor fire should have a convenient storage area. This can be built-in or arranged nearby. If you plan to use the terrace fireplace for cooking, plan a storage area for your kitchen utensils and accessories. A good idea would also be to think of a storage for your cleaning products.

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Choose a dry place for your patio fireplace. Do you live in a cold region? So, make sure that the chimney is not damaged by snow, ice or frost. Good drainage is essential in this case.

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Also note, the different chimneys have peculiarities related to their exploitation. It is important to consider this before deciding which type of outdoor fireplace to choose.

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Fireplaces and chimneys outside the wood tend to create a lot of smoke. It should therefore provide a good way to drive this smoke to avoid exposing his house and terrace. The size of the stove or chimney must be taken into account to calculate the correct dimensions of the duct.

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Gas fireplaces and electric fireplaces, on the other hand, do not produce as much smoke. On the other hand, one should think of a good protection of the gas pipes and an insulation of the fan which is part of the electrical installation. For this, the best approach would be to talk to a professional.

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Here are some options and ideas for an outdoor fireplace, a garden fireplace or an outdoor fire. And, to decide the ideal model, do not hesitate to browse all the details of our selection of ideas in pictures!

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