Rustic House: The Shack designed by Feldman Architecture and Loretta Gargan

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Rustic House: the Shack designed by Feldman Architecture¹ and Loretta Gargan² that remodel a small Californian cottage nicknamed this way by adding a house two floors.

Rustic house: a job and especially a dialogue

Feldman Architecture is an innovative residential and commercial design practice, recognized for creating warm, bright, site-sensitive and carefully detailed spaces. Highly collaborative in nature, the company approaches design as a dialogue between the customer, the design team and the site. Each project is an opportunity to create an innovative solution adapted to the project environment and adapted to the specific needs of customers.

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The Feldman Architecture studio: a non-hierarchical culture and intelligent work

The studio culture is also informal and non-hierarchical. Small business members work with clients in an engaging and shared process. The goal is to find smart and sustainable solutions.

By closely guiding projects from design to construction, designers and project managers are deeply involved in researching and studying the parameters of a project. Strong alliances with consultants, builders and craftsmen contribute to carefully informed design decisions and result in fully realized projects with conceptual clarity and precise details.

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The vision of Feldman Architecture that leads logically towards their excellent results

Feldman Architecture specifies with regard to their work and their team that they are dedicated to the creation of buildings that rest with elegance and lightness on the ground. They make beautiful, healthy and soulful spaces that improve the lives of customers, communities and the environment. Then, they strive to associate audacity with simplicity in all their conceptions. When they work, they listen to their clients and colleagues.

The conversation is the key to success for them. They share visions and values, generate ideas and explore opportunities together. Thus, they find a clear and convincing goal. This collaborative process helps them to design solutions that are tailored to the program and context, sustainable and elegant.

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On the other hand, they take seriously their obligations and opportunities as architects to respect and even restore the natural environment. Inspired by past wisdom and contemporary building science, they create resource-conserving structures that move architecture towards ecological and ethical responsibility.

The quality of architecture, for them, shapes the quality of life of the present generation and generations to come.

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Rustic House: A Concert Work Between Feldman Architecture and Loretta Gargan

It is not surprising that they worked with their clients, photographer Catherine Wagner and designer Loretta Gargan, to design the house, the landscape and the interiors.

Before introducing the house, we will briefly introduce Loretta Gargan. A graduate of Berkeley University in Landscape Architecture and a BA in Studio Art from Mills College, she has a keen interest in art, architecture and design.

rustic house dining room

She has been the director of Loretta Gargan Landscape + Design in San Francisco since 2000, focusing on residential design - rooftop urban gardens at a 50-acre site in the Santa Lucia Preserve.

Loretta was born and raised in California and has deep appreciation for the native landscape of Northern California. She works closely with her clients to understand their needs and desires and interpret them artistically to create meaningful space for them. She has a minimalist approach to design, inspired by Japanese and Californian modernist styles. His designs often include elements built in the garden, harmonizing the fabricated with the natural, the functional with the aesthetic.

rustic house designed-enlargement-old-house

Rustic house: a close look at the California cottage

The new construction has a cladding of planks and cleats to match the old redwood siding of the original cottage.

The landscape design of the courtyard has several relaxation areas, such as the living room and an outdoor dining terrace.

Rustic pool-spa house

Rustic house with pool and spa

There is a pool in the backyard with a patio that goes along the pool. A small wooden walkway that allows someone to walk easily between the pool and spa.

rustic house pool-patio-wood

Rustic house and outdoor living area

From here one can see the exterior of the Sonoma stone fireplace, which is an important design feature of the original cottage.

rustic house exterior-zone-continuation-interior

The new construction has a large sliding glass door that opens the living room to the outside, creating an environment of indoor / outdoor life .

Rustic house: a look inside

Where the new building communicates with the chalet, an opening is planned between the living room and the kitchen. Given the limited space and unobstructed view from the living room, the closets were planned much like the kitchen of a ship.

rustic house living-design

Adjacent to the kitchen, the dining area is positioned near the impending stone fireplace. Like that, he benefits from it. From here you can enjoy the view of the trees seen through the sliding door.

Ceiling, chimney, floors and interior doors are local wood (Douglas fir).

rustic house kitchen-dark-colors

Rustic two-storey house

Back in the living room, we can see a minimalist gray steel staircase leading to the bedroom.

house-rustic stair-gray-metal-minimalist

A wall of windows in the room offers breathtaking views of Mount Baldy.

rustic house-view

A small closet was built next to the bed to create a storage space for the room.

house-rustic-room-white-white cabinet

Rustic house with a modern bathroom

The bathroom is very bright thanks to the use of light porcelain tiles. The interior painted and furnished in white also helps.


Photography by Phil Bond. Architecture: Feldman Architecture. Interiors and Landscaping: Loretta Gargan Landscape + Design. Contractor: Joe Doerr Construction. Woods recovered: Paul Discoe. Lighting Design: H.E. Banks & Associates. Cabinetry: Rae Creeger.

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