Novelty eye makeup: eyeliner in bright colors!

novelty makeup eyes-trend-eyeliner-bright-color

In recent times, a new makeup trend has emerged: that of the minimalist makeup. With it, we see the return of eyeliner in bright and original colors. Perfect for the summer, the novelty make-up was also featured in Dior's fashion show for this year.

Discover the latest make-up: eyeliner in bright shades for a minimalist look that rhymes with the summer season!

Among the most popular shades, there is the yellow that rhymes, more than any other color, with the summer season . In addition, we rediscover other interesting colors to make up the eyes: green, orange, red, pink, purple and blue.

novelty make-up eyeliner-bright-color-eyes-makeup

In our publication on this new makeup, we tell you more about the ways to wear such a brightly colored eyeliner. Discover our look ideas, our suggestion of eye makeup and, as a bonus, a tutorial on how to prepare your own eyeliner in chic tones for a trendy and cheap makeup!

Yellow eyeliner, a novelty makeup to adopt to celebrate the summer season!

novelty makeup ete-eyeliner-bright-color

The yellow color evokes the image of the sun, happiness, lightness and liveliness. This is the color synonymous with summer par excellence. And it is not by chance that this color comes to be the last new makeup this season.


The good news is that putting on makeup with a yellow eyeliner is not at all complicated. For that, it would be enough to follow 4 stages, quite simply. We tell you more in the tutorial just below.

Tuto eye makeup with yellow eyeliner

novelty makeup-eyes-eyeliner-yellow

For the first step, start with a waterproof white eyeliner. Line up the line with your eyelashes. Rest assured, this line does not have to be perfect.

Continue with the second step. For this, apply a pencil or yellow liquid eyeliner on top of the white line. It's a way to highlight the light color of your eyeliner in warm tones.

novelty makeup-eyes-color-yellow

Continue with step number 3. To do this, use dark brown eye shadow. Apply on the fold and under the lower lashes. The dark shade will help you bring out the yellow color. For best results, try to avoid putting dark blush on the yellow line.

Finally, apply two coats of your favorite mascara on the upper and lower lashes. There you go!

Some options to adopt this novelty makeup and wear a colored eyeliner


If you do not like the color yellow or you want to have fun experimenting with an eyeliner in various bright tones, you can opt for shades of pink, blue, purple, green, orange or red. Take a look at our photo gallery to see examples of looks with this kind of products.


Also know that there are different ways to adopt this new makeup. In addition to wearing the eyeliner described in the tutorial above, you now have the opportunity to experiment with other original approaches. We give you some ideas about this in the following lines.

eyeliner-trend color-alert-model

The bottom line

Try this idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtrendy look with a more or less subtle makeup and eyeliner applied on the lower line of the eyelid. Again, it is possible to bring out the light color more by using a white eyeliner in advance.

eyeliner-color-bright-pink makeup

A line in two shades

You have trouble choosing only one shade? So, mix two! Use similar tones, such as purple and pink or green and blue, for example. Or, opt for a game of contrasts between shades of your choice. For this technique, you can apply a single eyeliner color combined with an eyeshadow. Another possibility: have fun making geometric lines with two different eyeliners!


Adopt a geometric approach

In addition to giving more freshness to your summer look, this new makeup with eyeliner in bright shades allows you to play on original geometric lines! It's a look you can try for a party or a festival, for example. Liquid eyeliner or felt are perfect tools for this look.

trend-make-the-eyes-colored eyeliner

Color cat eye makeup

Regarding makeup with eyeliner, the cat's eye is not really a novelty makeup. Unless... we do not talk about color cat eyes! So that's an idea to update for your favorite look! The color of the eyeliner is to select according to your desires. For those who like to go slow, blue is a great option. Otherwise, you can bet on pink or red, for example!


Highlight inner or outer corners of eyes

Add a touch of color to your look with the latest makeup novelty! Use a colored line on the inside or outside corners of the eyes. Or, experiment with this solution for the two corners of your eyes!

novelty makeup eyes-eyeliner-bright-color


Be bold and try the smokey eye but in color! With this trendy makeup idea, you have a lot of freedom. For example, consider harmonizing the color used on the lower and upper eye line. Or, complete a brightly colored eyeliner with a neon-colored eyeshadow!

Tuto makeup eyes with bright color eyeliner cheap

novelty makeup eyes-trends-eyeliner-bright-color

You are seduced by this new makeup for the eyes but you do not want to invest in an original color eyeliner? No problem! We have a solution that will allow you to create your own brightly colored eyeliner! It would be a way to save money, try a color before buying a felt or gel eyeliner or, simply, wear various shades every day!

diy-eyeliner-not-dear-color alert

Materials needed:

  • eye shadow of a color of your choice;
  • a fine makeup brush;
  • some water;
  • a holder for mixing the eyeshadow with water;
  • your eyelash curler;
  • your favorite mascara.



To make this homemade eyeliner, start by scraping off some eye shadow. Transfer the fine powder to your support (for example, a metal pallet or a mirror).

Then mix with a small amount of water (one or two drops would be enough). And now, your brightly colored eyeliner is ready for use. !

Tuto eye makeup with homemade eyeliner:

tutorial-makeup-eye-to-eye liner

Once you have prepared your trendy eyeliner, go to eye makeup.

To do this, start by preparing your eyes with the product you usually use to keep your makeup going longer. For example, apply a little foundation and spread out well.

Using a small, thin brush, take some of your homemade eyeliner. Apply starting at the outside corner of your eyelid. Draw a line to the center of your eye.


Halfway, stop and lift the brush. Starting from the inside corner, draw a line to the center of your eye until the two lines meet in the middle.

Continue curling your eyelashes to further emphasize your look.

Finally, apply your favorite mascara!


What color of eyeliner to choose to follow this novelty makeup?


You have decided to follow this new makeup and you wonder what is the ideal color for you? So, continue reading. We offer our ideas of eyeliner shade according to the color of your eyes.


For blue eyes

Contrasting shades bring out the color of blue eyes. Thus, the copper and gold shades make blue eyes look even more expressive blue. Metallic tones in warm color really brighten blue eyes.

Other colors to try: terracotta, champagne, and marine blue.

makeup, eyeliner shade-alert-trends

For green eyes

Red is the complementary color of green. So choose shades of eyeliner with a reddish hue. Take inspiration from nature and think about the amethyst and bronze hues that will particularly sublimate the green eyes . Note, however, that these shades can make you look tired. To work around this kind of problem, try drawing a thin black eyeliner line before applying these colors.

Other colors to try: my colors rust, mahogany, eggplant.


For brown eyes

You have Brown eyes ? In this case, know that you can perfectly bet on tints of brown. Amber and dark blue tones will further accentuate brown eyes. If you do not have to experiment with too bold eyeliner shades, have fun with geometric lines!

Other colors to try: the shades gray, purple, cobalt.

eyeliner, eye-color-trend-makeup

For hazel eyes

Those with hazel eyes can bet on an emerald eyeliner and gold to follow this new makeup and adopt a trendy look. Warm brown tones and reinforcing neutral shades will help you enrich your look and give it more depth.

Other colors to try: the colors bronze, olive, plum.

Novelty eye makeup and trendy look ideas with brightly colored eyeliner


Have you already chosen the ideal eyeliner color for you? If you still have hesitation, browse the images below. It will give you some more ideas to help you decide!

trend-make up-to-the-eyes-eyeliners novelty-trend-makeup-color alert-eyeliner to-make-up-the-eyes-colored eyeliner to-make-up-the-eye-makeup-trends-eyeliner novelty makeup eyes-eyeliner-sharp-shade novelty makeup eyes-eyeliner-yellow novelty makeup eyes-eyeliner-color-orange novelty makeup eyes-eyeliner-yellow-tendencies novelty makeup for-eyes-eyeliner-yellow novelty makeup-eyes-trend-eyeliner-yellow

model-make-the-eyes-color orange makeup-eye-trend color-alert-eyeliner makeup-eye-modern-eyeliner makeup-eye-instagram-colored eyeliner makeup-eye-color-eyeliner-latticed makeup-trend-eye-color alert makeup-trend-eyeliner-color alert makeup-trend-color-yellow-eyes makeup-trend-colored eyeliner-yellow makeup, eyeliner color-alert-trend-makeup makeup-the-eyes-trend-color orange makeup-the-eyes-nouveautes-eyeliner-green makeup-trend-novelty-eyeliner-blue Liner-make-the-eyes-trend-models


eyeliner-purple-eye-makeup eyeliner-purple trend-make-the-eyes-ideas eyeliner-trend-make-the-eye eyeliner shade-alert-tutorial-idee-makeup eyeliner-makeup-eye-pattern-color-pink Eyeliner make-up-trend blue eyeliner-yellow-trend-makeup-ideas eyeliner-dore-trend-makeup-ideas eyeliner color-alert-model-makeup eyeliner-color-trend-makeup-ideas eyeliner-color-trend-make-the-eye eyeliner-color-blue-makeup trend eyeliner-blue-clear-trend-make-the-eye color-makeup-eye-eyeliner color-makeup-the-eyes-green trend color-eyeliner-trend-make-the-eye color-eyeliner-orange-shades-trend color-eyeliner-makeup-eye-trend how-to makeup-the-eyes-trendy-colored eyeliner how-to-a-eyeliner-in-color-tutorial how-to-live-eyeliner-models-color eyeliner-yellow-eyes-makeup-trend makeup-trend-of-eye-nouveautes-eyeliner-color