How to decorate your living room without committing decorative mistakes?

how to decorate your living room and-avoid-miss-miss-mirror

How to decorate your living room without making mistakes that would cost us all the decorative efforts? What are the faults? These are faults in relation to decorative colors.

But also bad choices that have been made and have ruined the decor and interior design.

How to decorate your living room by avoiding making decorative mistakes?

You have to know some basic rules before you start decorating your living room. For example, let's tackle the question of the colors we have chosen for its inside . Is it good to paint the walls in black? Diving your interior in sobriety will not be good for your mood and your well-being. On the contrary, choose pale colors and all in the same clear range, is this a good decision? Monochromatism is not always a good thing, even if you're a fan of minimalism in color.

how to decorate your living room and-avoid-fault-monochromatism

How to decorate your living room so that the decoration makes your place of residence a place of well-being?

Speaking of minimalism, is it always good to have nothing at home? Colors in the same dark range, straight lines, lack of liveliness and furniture to relax and stay comfortably, is this the solution? It's good not to be cluttered. Having the impression that around your furniture, there is still room to move, it's not bad, but have nothing in a large space, it's not what makes a good atmosphere . Unconsciously or consciously, how can one feel at home without having what and how to tame?

how to decorate your living room and-avoid-fault-empty-minimalism-excessive

How to decorate your living room taking into account the space to be developed?

When you have a big house, you tend to buy big furniture. We have room, so why deprive ourselves of furnishing at the size of the space we have at our disposal? And yet, seeing too big and furnishing big is not really necessary. A huge couch running along the walls of your huge living room can serve you when you are organizing parties at home. But in the rest of the time, relax on a giant sofa, positioning yourself away from others who sit on the same couch, will not it deprive you of the opportunity to feel the warm atmosphere at home?

How to decorate your living room and-avoid-fault-size-furniture

How to decorate your living room without using too dark paint?

Is it a good idea to paint the black walls ? Everything depends of course on your tastes and preferences, but sobriety never gives satisfaction in terms of the atmosphere that plays an important role, even unconsciously.

how to decorate your living room and-avoid-fault-color-dark

It is not mandatory to put curtains but even if their primary function is to allow some privacy that you may not really need, they have another function too. And especially the function of adding color and life to your interior. They have the particular function of decorating and avoiding decorative nudity.

how to decorate your living room and-avoid-fault-lack-curtains

How to decorate your living room and avoid a rassamement of furniture that have nothing to do with each other?

There is indeed the problem of choosing colors but another big mistake would be to put furniture that has nothing to do together. For lack of means perhaps, we put as furniture what we have at hand, but if you want to have a nice interior, we must avoid putting together all the furniture that we kept from before.

How to decorate your living room and-avoid-miss-miss-mats

How to decorate your living room and illuminate it adequately?

Lighting is an important thing. This is not a detail. Decorate well and do not light well, it is a mistake that we can certainly avoid!

how to decorate your living room and-avoid-miss-light

Do not dispose the furniture correctly: avoid!

Your living room can be a room that communicates with others. Storing furniture in transit can obstruct you from moving cleanly at home. You have to think about that too!

how to decorate your living room avoid-absence-contrast

The choice of colors of paints and furniture in all this

This choice of colors is a personal matter but there are some color matching rules and color combination theory to consider. In principle, yellow and blue are good together, but if you only stick to the rule at the walls without regard to the colors of the furniture, your color combination may not be respected.

how to decorate your living room avoid-absence-proportion-bad-choice-colors

How to decorate your living room keeping clarity but also the contrast

Having a bright and sunny living room is the dream of some. Indeed, light is vital! But you have to know how to play with the colors and try to have a certain contrast during the decoration. If not, living without colors can influence your mood.

how to decorate your living room avoid-pile-furniture

The different types of furniture have their precise place in the living room

Giant sofas where there is room for everyone, oh, that's the dream! Watching TV while lying on the sleeper is more than comfort. So why put the sleeper at the other end of the living room where it will not be used much?

how to decorate your living room avoid-furnishing-dispose-way-inadequate

You have to look for a certain symmetry in the storage of your living room. Do not place the sofa in front of the chairs but in front of another room, even communicating, seems a little strange. Then, at the color level, are you sure that brown is the right choice?

how to decorate your salon avoid-colors-inadequate

The accessories

What is the right quantity? The right proportion? There are not really any recipes, but do not overdo it! To have it everywhere, that it sort of everywhere, it is not the best idea!

how to decorate your living room avoid-bad-accessories

Yes to minimalism but not to lack of vitality!

Do not focus on objects, that's good. Hold on to materialism, what for? But do not decorate in a way that we feel life at home, no! It takes spirit in a house! We live there, we rest there, we get used to it, so we must apply and find the right formula!

how to decorate your living room avoid-bad-choice-furnishing

Your home is not a hotel room!

how to decorate your living room avoid-painting-walls-color-furniture-inadequate

Be careful with the combination of matte and gloss!

how to decorate your living room avoid-gather-furniture-styles-too-different

Too much contrast in styles, is it pretty?

how to decorate your living room avoid-too-contrast

Every piece of furniture must have its own place!

how to decorate your living room sound-corridor-avoid-fault-decorative

Do not abuse with colors!

how to decorate your room and-avoid-fault-colors