Having a rain chain on your gutter is both nice and useful

various-models rain chain Making your own homemade rain chain is both pleasant and convenient . But first you have to choose from the wide variety of shapes and materials. Here are some interesting ideas about the possibilities you have.

wood-fleet rain chain

For those of you who are not familiar with rain chains - they are containers in different shapes that are"chained"together to allow gutter water to flow. There are many possible options between series of traditional rings or cups of different shapes.

stone-in-glass rain chain

Tools you will need:

Before you begin, you will need to gather some tools that you will need to complete your project.

• Tape Measure - to estimate the exact length your rain chain should have.
• Socket wrench - to remove the old chute. You may also need a box of rust remover to loosen stubborn old bolts.
• Wire cutters - to shape chains and other metal objects as needed.
• A drill - to add holes that are missing in objects and help to better position the rain chain.
• V-shaped hook - to secure your new rain chain under the gutter.
• Gloves - to protect your hands against sharp metal parts.
• Metal file or sandpaper - to blunt sharp edges and / or eliminate corrosion.
• Nuts, bolts, wire, chain - to connect all the pieces of your new rain chain.
• Aluminum staircase - to give you a boost to the top of the gutter spout.
• Some old stuff - that you will turn into a fascinating and elegant work of art.

rain chain rings-in-metal

Rain chains can be made of a wide variety of different materials. Some of these materials are more resistant to outdoor conditions than others, but you can create a rain chain from anything. We offer some of the most commonly used materials and some examples to inspire you. In addition, read what you can expect in terms of the life and behavior of your new rain chain.

Copper rain chain

Of all the metals you can use to make your new rain chain, copper oxidizes the most easily and there is a beautiful look. If you choose to make your new chain using copper pieces, you can wait the time to change the metal naturally. Alternatively you can do it yourself by using common household products such as cooked eggs or baking soda for brown oxidation. But also a solution of vinegar, salt and ammonia to obtain a green patina.

copper rain chain

If your copper is already oxidized, you can also use sandpaper to remove some of it and create interesting patterns on the metal. Alternate the shiny metal with the aged metal.

As with most metals, copper does not deteriorate as fast as other materials, so you can be sure your new rain chain will have a long, happy life!

Some interesting ideas for using copper:

1. Copper containers in various forms.


2. Weathered copper rain chains.

3. Stock tank, rain chain fountain fountain-of-string-to-rain-in-copper
4. Rain chain copper garden of succulents. chain-of-rain-succulent garden

Aluminum rain chain

The easiest of all metals to work, aluminum is soft and flexible and can create interesting effects as the material starts to oxidize. If you do not need your old gutter, you can use it too. You must cut it with metal shears and incorporate the parts into your new rain chain.


Aluminum polishes to a brilliant white or silver color. When aluminum oxidizes, it takes on a rough stone appearance.
Since aluminum is a light metal, you may want to combine it with a heavy chain or other hard object to prevent your rain chain from moving too much with the wind.

Some interesting ideas for using aluminum:

1. This rain chain is an interesting idea to reuse unwanted items.

of rain-chain mold-a-biscuit
2. These woven powder coated aluminum rings create an intriguing design. chain-of-rain-rings-en-aluminum
3. This aluminum rain chain is a fun and easy to do D-I-Y project. chain-of-rain-cones-en-aluminum
4. Also consider using aluminum soda cans or cane legs to create a multi-colored rain chain. different-cans-of-soda

Iron rain chains

Some of the most spectacular rain chains can be made by connecting together pieces of old scrap metal or discarded metal objects. There are countless possibilities to use iron to make a rain chain.

Iron is harder to work than copper or aluminum. So be very careful when shaping or drilling holes in your rooms. theiere-in-metal-to-string-to-rain

Some interesting ideas to use iron

1. DIY rain chain using spoons.

2. Metal seals. chain-of-rain-seal-to-metal
3. Rain chain of several iron teapots. of rain-chain-en-metal
4. Rain chain with many old keys. chain-of-rain-des-cles-en-iron
5. Iron pots with rings. of rain-chain-pots-en-metal

Plastic rain chains

Although it is the least durable of all rain chain materials on our list, plastic has some advantages. The most important of these is that plastic is the safest material for children. Plastic also offers a greater variety of brilliant colors than other materials.


The biggest disadvantage of building rain chains from plastic parts is that the material breaks down more quickly when exposed to sunlight. However, if you put your chain away from the direct sun, you can avoid this major inconvenience.


As the plastic is light enough, you can attach a heavy object at the end of your rain chain.

Some ideas of plastic rain chain:

1. Clamping links in different neon colors.


2. Colorful plastic cups that are sure to delight children of all ages.


3. This rain chain suspended from soda bottles is a fun concept for all gardeners!

of rain-chain bottle-plastic

Rain chain in glass

Another option for having colorful rain chains is to incorporate pieces of glass or old glass objects into your room. If you choose to make your new rain chain with glass objects, there are some additional tools you will want to invest in before you start. To drill holes in glass objects, you will need specialized drills that you can find at DIY stores.

stones in glass-various-colors
Also be sure to blunt the sharp edges and be sure to wear high quality cut resistant gloves that will protect your hands. You will also need eye protection when working with glass.

Some interesting ideas with colored glass:

1. Recycle jewelry that you no longer use.

chain-of-rain-old jewelry
2. Old bottles of wine are perfect decorative objects. chain-of-rain-bottle of wine
3. It is very pretty with the colored glass stones. chain-of-rain-in-stone-of-glass
4. Tart boxes with colored glass beads. boxes-a-pie-with-pearls-on-glass

Ceramic and porcelain rain chain

Like glass, ceramics can add an interesting color to your new rain chain. Unlike glass, ceramics are easier to work with and much more customizable. Apply paint or just a stain. The possibilities are limitless. Old broken pots? No problem. Use your pieces of glass and tiles to turn them into a rain chain. Old broken tiles? Same thing. Partial tile sheets of your new kitchen backsplash? Idem. The tiles are not interesting enough for you?

Just remember that unfinished ceramic is very porous and will absorb a lot of water when it rains. If you choose to use paint on the parts for your rain chain, you will need to apply a varnish to preserve your manual work.

Here are some ideas for using ceramics and porcelain to make your own rain chain:

1. Colorful ceramic DIY jars.

2. Rain chain in pieces of mosaic. chain-of-rain-in-mosaic
3. Super smart broken ceramic rain chain. chain-of-rain-ceramic Splinterspear

Wooden rain chain

Using altered wood chips to make your new rain chain can have some very interesting effects in terms of sound and appearance. Each piece of wood will create its own sound when water falls on it. If you really want to be creative with wood, try digging holes or tunnels through every room.
Remember before attaching the wood to the chain that running water will erode the material. Put varnish in the thickest parts of the wood to give your rain chain the longest life possible. Be creative with the wooden rain chains by painting the pieces.


Moist wood may eventually start to produce mold, so keep an eye on this. You may need to pre-treat parts or periodically take your wooden rain chain and clean it to prolong its life. If you live near the ocean, you're in luck! Driftwood is amazing for creating fun and interesting rain chains.

Some ideas for using wood

1. This rain chain of wooden pots is a fun idea with great potential.

2. Discover this incredible chain of driftwood and oysters. chain-of-rain-wood-de-derivative
3. This driftwood wreath is great for inspiration! garland-wood-de-derivative

Chain of rain in shells

If you live near the ocean, you have an unlimited supply of shells from which you can make your new chain. The sea shells have an interesting quality. They tend to look bland and colorless when dry, but when exposed to water they have bright color patterns. So, even if you do not live near the sea, you may want to collect shells the next time you go on vacation. The rain chains in shells are really magical!
Remember that working with shells can pose serious security risks. Invest in a good pair of work gloves and goggles. You can also take some special pieces of glass and tiles that are great for making nice, clean holes in your shells without breaking them.

Here are some great ideas for using seashells to create a unique and beautiful rain chain:

1. Shells garland suspended.

2. Rain chain snails. chain-of-rain-snails
3. Various sea shells. chain-of-rain-mer-de-shells

Rain chain made of stones, rocks and pebbles

Smooth rocks, a metal cage filled with small polished stones, remnants of natural stones from your latest DIY tile project or even large rocks. These are some ideas for integrating pieces of soil into your new rain chain.
Remember that when you drill or cut the stone, the same rules as for glass and shells apply. Equip yourself with goggles and gloves.

Here are some beautifully designed rain chain ideas using stones, rocks and pebbles to give you some inspiration

1. Rain chain made of stones.

2. The peridot rain chain is both pretty and practical. chain-of-rain-en-peridot
3. Stones wound in a wire. ROLLS-in-stone-wire-metalic
4. You can also use polished stones. chain-with-stone-polished 5. A volcanic stone rain chain can give a lot of style to your garden. chain-with-stones-of-lava

Hang your new rain chain

Now that you've made your new rain chain, it's time to hang it. All gutters are not the same, so it is best to know in advance what you will need for installation of your channel. It is also necessary to build a sump to collect and redirect the rainwater at the base of the chain.

several-models-in-copper chain-of-rain-cuts-plastic