Entrance decoration deco seaside: let yourself be inspired!

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Do you have the chance to own a house on the beach or in a coastal village? In this case, you have probably decided to invent some touches of marine style or seaside in its interior decoration.

If this is the case, it is important to think about the layout of the entrance to your property. More particularly, we advise you to create a marine atmosphere to announce this type of decor that will be found in the rest of the rooms. This is equally true for hall-type entrances, for spaces that are open on a staircase and for very small house entrances. Whatever the size of this space, it should have two or three accents reminiscent of marine decoration in other rooms of your coastal home!

Special file on the layout entry of house with deco seaside

You are going to see it, imagine the marine decor for the entrance of a beach house or coastal style is not at all a difficult task. For that, one should simply choose furniture that you like. Of course, they must echo the decorating style in question. Do you like interior design and specific deco details? So, you can look more carefully at the different models of marine decoration. And precisely, in the following section, we discuss two of the best known styles!

What are the marine decoration styles for a home entrance layout?

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What are some of the most popular types of beachside decorations or marine theme ? whether for a living room, a kitchen or a house entrance, we often speak of two styles. The first is said of the Hamptons; the second of the Mediterranean houses.


The first is specific to a region near New York City, which has become synonymous with vacation homes for affluent New Yorkers. It is characterized by a few touches of luxury decor and, especially, the presence of natural materials in shades of white, beige and blue in particular.

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The second is, as we know, typical of all Mediterranean countries. Moreover, one often wonders whether to speak of a single Mediterranean style or of several. Because, as you have probably noticed, each country and region has added personal touches to the marine atmosphere that characterizes them all. In any case, the Mediterranean-inspired marine decoration is simple and authentic. It favors the typical colors of seascapes, such as white, beige and blue. And it gives them their own interpretation that is often adapted to smaller spaces and closer to the imagination of Europeans.

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Whichever approach you will follow for your home entry layout, you will probably need some typical furniture for each space of this type. Among them, there are the storage, the console table, the mirror, a bench or a chair and, possibly, seaside-themed accessories. Let's see how these come in marine style!

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A marine style console table for practical home entry

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The console table is an omnipresent furniture in the house entrances, whatever the style of decoration that has been chosen. Practical and little greedy place, it often serves as a small storage cabinet and a decorative element where you expose several small accessories. Its double role is also what explains its popularity within the space entrance of house!


In seaside style homes too, the console table is a very popular accent. If you have fallen for such a piece of furniture, do not hesitate to integrate it into your project entry marine atmosphere!


How do you imagine a marine setting with a console for a coastal or nautical house entrance? Several options exist in this regard. For example, choose a piece of furniture that fits your space. A vintage console may suit a vintage space or shabby chic spirit. A rustic wooden console table is, for its part, the best for the marine style entrance.

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Do you have a rather small house entrance? So, we strongly advise you to opt for a wall console.

Some ideas of decoration for a table console of arrangement marine entrance

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Once the console is installed, you can decorate it in several ways depending on the desired effect. For example, consider hanging some beach-themed artwork over your console. This is how you can create an accent wall that combines perfectly with the nautical atmosphere. This is an idea that will appeal to those who prefer sleek interiors where most of the decorative touches are hanging on the walls.

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For the rest, you could also accumulate small nautical-style accents. Shells, starfish, corals... These are all objects that can be incorporated into a console table decoration marine style. The best thing is that you do not even need to buy this kind of items. Take the time to stroll on the beach and spot this kind of little treasures!

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Other marine decorative items for a home entrance arrangement are bells, bowls, dishes and plates, lanterns and bottles. Some owners use these objects to decorate the tray of their console. Others prefer to put them on the floor, for example, on both sides of this kind of furniture.

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Finally, in terms of the entry house in marine style, do not forget the nautical touches introduced through the driftwood. Have fun creating them yourself if you like DIY and DIY decor!

A marine style bench or chair for a functional entrance layout

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Other essentials in most house entrances, bench or chairs. Eh yes! This kind of furniture appears everywhere in the house entrances around the world. And for good reason! It is practical and it meets the needs we all have in our halls and entrances, wherever we live! For this reason, it is not surprising to see that it is also present in the home entry marine atmosphere.

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Contrary to what one might think, the bench (or, at least, a chair) is also a must for the smaller entrance. Better to provide such a piece of furniture that suffer daily from a layout entry functional! The key is to choose the one that fits your space perfectly.


A wooden bench or chair is an ideal piece for marine-style spaces. This is as much for a Hamptons-style layout as for a Mediterranean ambiance.

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Among the most typical examples of the seaside decor, there are, of course, those made of driftwood. Light-colored wooden chairs will also be an ideal complement to a nautical entrance. Your lobby space is tiny? No problem! Try an integrated bench.

How to decorate an entrance bench or marine style chairs?

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As for the console table, there are many marine decorations for a bench or for chairs. One of the most common is to use cushions. It is perfectly adapted to an unbuffered wooden bench. Add printed pillows to your furniture. You will complete the color scheme of your entry layout and make your wooden bench more comfortable.

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As for chairs, the most classic solution is to opt for a paint color or for a furnishing fabric that refers to the marine theme. It all depends on the type of chair you have selected. The prints and patterns will also be chosen based on your taste and personal preferences.

Some marine accessories for an even more successful entrance to the house


In addition, you can bet on various accessories to complete the nautical atmosphere of his house entrance. Seaside-style accessories often seen in house entrances include floor mats, plants, baskets and boxes and wall hangers.

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Note that many of these accessories take the typical colors of the marine decor. Blue and beige are the most common shades. For example, one can opt for a floor mat in dark blue tones or for a braided rugs.

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The same solution is very popular when it comes to small marine style storage. These are often in the form of wicker baskets or other braided materials. What are the advantages of these accessories? Among their most popular strengths, there is the fact that they have a dual function. Thus, they complete the general atmosphere of the space. At the same time, they slip easily into an empty corner of the entrance!

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So here are some ideas and tips for a fitting home entry of marine atmosphere quite successful. Take the opportunity to beautify your holiday residence and its entrance area!

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