Design interior planter: zoom on Tom Raffield's latest collection 'The Green Range'

modern wood design interior planter

Want to beautify your home with a design indoor planter? Zoom on Tom Raffield's latest collection The Green Range . Because plants deserve the best.

A really design interior planter

The new collection includes hand-made motifs, using sustainable wood and created as sculptural works of art.

modern wood design interior planter 1

Two of his drawings are called Morvah . One represents an indoor planter to hang from the ceiling. And the other is a wall-mounted interior planter, which features a steam-curved pot holder with a smooth-edged ceramic pot.

modern wood design interior planter 2

The other two models in the collection are named Merryn. They are soil planters, one is small, the other is tall. Both include a pot holder made of sixteen blades of steamed wood and a pot made of earthenware by hand.


Who is Tom Raffield?

Tom Raffield is a young artist and designer who works with wood using the method of steam bending. He created a range of furniture and steam lighting by folding a variety of woods, mostly temperate hardwoods, including ash, oak and walnut.

modern wood design interior planter

Tom Raffield grew up in Exmoor, England, where the natural environment stimulated his imagination and fueled his future projects. His fascination with Raffield for the traditional practice of steam bending began when he was studying at Falmouth College of Arts (now Falmouth University ). For years of research and experimentation, Tom has been able to develop a new method to turn his visions into reality and create furniture models such as Chaise Longue , Arc Chair , Loop Chair and Cage Light . On its website, you can consult its catalog of products and order them online: fixtures, furniture, accessories.


An interior gardener of pure design and hand made

You can place these planters where you want them: in the living room, in the bedroom and even in the bathroom. Their design makes them easy to pair with any interior style.

modern wood design interior planter

The wood has been finely worked and seen more closely its softness and perfection are impressive.


And for those who miss more or prefer suspended solutions that take up less space, we recommend the indoor hanging planter model. They are also significantly less expensive than planters to put on the floor.


These design planters also make a great gift.

Hanging planters are priced at £ 195.00 and £ 275.00. While standing planters are priced at £ 745.00 and £ 695.00. Beautiful design has its price, but these models of luxury planters are really worth it. It's not every day that we buy such planters, right?


Do not have experience with houseplants?

Many people believe that taking care of houseplants is complicated. Indeed, we have already dedicated several publications to houseplants and we have even done a list of which are the easiest to cultivate . You'll be amazed how nice it is to have plants at home.


Why have plants at home?

Plants purify the air and help concentration. They also make the best interior decoration that exists. All modern interiors, but really all, have indoor plants. The greenery has become a must for all apartments and houses that are modern. Having plants at home also allows you to have contact with nature every day. Urban gardening allows city dwellers to enjoy the freshness that plants spread daily...


What pretty elegant planters!