Contouring lips for a luscious mouth effect all natural!

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If you follow the latest trends in makeup, you have certainly tried the technique of contouring face. And if you're thinking of getting started and are not sure where to start, you can take a little tour this publication which will give you essential information about the technique.

Zoom on the contouring lips - tips and tutorials for a mouth fuller than ever!

The face contouring technique is undoubtedly the best known. But you should know that this type of trendy makeup, used by Hollywood stars, also comes in contouring for other parts of the body. Today, we will talk about a part of the face that is not normally addressed in contouring tutorials: the lips. In fact, most explanations on the contouring face relate to the nose, cheekbones, cheeks, chin and forehead. The lips, if they are concerned, are simply highlighted by the play of shadows and lights at the chin.

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You may not know it but there are opportunities to emphasize your lips more with contouring. The technique in question involves working the mouth itself to give it a more pulpy appearance. All without any medical intervention, of course! And if, for many, the idea of ​​accumulating several nuances to a small space such as the mouth may seem a little surprising, we will see that it is certainly worth it to try this technique. Because, if it is used correctly, it will give a lot of depth and dimension to your mouth !

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In the following lines, we will first take a look at the advice of professional make-up artists in lip contouring. We will then see how lip contouring is done in practice thanks to a tutorial that promises you a luscious mouth with a natural look!

Makeup tips for a successful lip contouring


As every time we talk about contouring and makeup in a more general way, we wanted to talk about it with makeup pros to get at the source of information on the right things to know. The contour of the lips is a technique to make your lips more open, rounder and more defined, as the modeling of your face on your cheekbones, they share. Here are 4 tips they wanted revealed to all girls dreaming of a luscious mouth!

For a successful lip contouring, choose the colors well


The contouring lips is a technique that must create more dimension, just as it does for the face. For this reason, even when it comes to the mouth, it's important to keep in mind that lighter colors are naturally illuminating. On the other hand, darker shades tend to"swallow"natural lighting.

In this regard, makeup artist Katie Hughes shares with StyleCaster that it is important to opt for neutral nuances. For this, a good idea, it would be to draw inspiration from the nuances you wear in blush or the tones of brown. Try to wear them in a lipstick version!


The natural makeup for the lips is based on the use of neutral hues. It remains very popular and very suitable for any kind of occasion. In addition, you can have fun creating effects of various sizes thanks to natural colors!

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Add to this the importance of the association of the pencil mouth and lipstick. According to several makeup pros, this is a key element. And that's because of a simple reason: it's easier to blend and blend the colors that are well chosen to go together. The color should blend naturally from dark to light, says Lori Taylor-Davis, a professional makeup artist who works on contouring lips.

So here are some basic tips that will help you start your shopping for tailored mouth contouring products! Let's see, below, how to proceed to achieve the contouring itself.

For a perfect lip contouring, start by marking the area of ​​the face

contouring lips mouth-makeup-tutorial

Regarding the technique to master for a perfect lip contouring, know that you must start by marking the area you are working on. For that, a simple approach would be to start by applying a light concealer product or a concealer. Use it to mark the corners of your mouth. With this trick, you will be able to keep the natural aspect of this part of the face.

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Continue with this procedure by the following step: the lip pencil. With your pencil mouth, remember to delimit the outer part of your lips. It is the small fleshy area where your lips meet and the skin of your face.

Ready? So let's continue. Now, it would be necessary to work the lips themselves. To do this, use your pencil and draw an X in the center of the upper lip. Then, make a very expressive vertical line in the center of your lower lip. This is the basis of lip makeup that will allow you to create a game of shadows and lights.

How to fill your mouth well by moving colors inwards


When you are done with the steps outlined above, the time has come to fill your mouth. Starting with the outer edges of your lips, draw small lines that go to the center of the mouth. Try to imitate the appearance of a feather movement.

makeup-contouring face-lips-mouth-luscious

Then take your dark shade lipstick. Create shadows in the part that corresponds to the outer edges of the mouth. For best results, pay attention and try to avoid the center of the mouth.

To finish with this step, use your second lipstick. It should be a lighter color. With this product, start filling the center of your lips little by little.

To give a perfect finish to your mouth contours, blend the shades well

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After finishing with the outline and fill stages, you have to go through one last essential moment: blurring shades. The step is crucial for a natural finish and for a perfect look, so do not underestimate it! Here's how to do it:

For this last step, professional makeup artists advise to use a short and fluffy brush. It is the ideal makeup tool for giving the center of the mouth a darker color. His goal? Create a natural shaded effect that enhances the pulpy look of the mouth!

how-to-make-up-the-mouth-contouring tutorial

Also note that you can add a touch of extra volume to your mouth. For this purpose, take a liquid highlighter and use it in the middle part of your lower lip. You will thus emphasize more the game of shadows and lights!

Tuto contouring lips for a luscious mouth inspired by Marylin Monroe

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So far, we've talked about how to give more volume to her mouth through lip contouring and have seen how professional makeup artists use the technique for optimal results. Now, let's take a step-by-step guide to getting the lip contouring done right. It is inspired by the mouth of actress Marilyn Monroe who made lipstick an element of its characteristic look.

Makeup-lips-mouth-tutorial countouring

According to some, it is not the star of reality TV Kim Kardashian who would have invented and popularized the contouring. The technique would have a long history and would be known to Hollywood stars for generations. Because, it is none other than Marilyn Monroe who would have used the contouring to create his signature look, the luscious lips adorned with shades of bright red. No wonder that this tutorial lip contouring is inspired by the mouth of the star of Some like it hot. Makeup artist Laramie Glen from Book Your Look explains how to replicate this star look.

contouring mouth-luscious lips-tuto-marylin-monroe

According to the legend, to make her lips appear fuller, Marilyn Monroe applied several shades of color and gloss on her mouth. This makeup trick allowed him to create a dimension effect.

How to make a contouring lips for a pulpy mouth to the Marylin Monroe?

contouring lips-before-after-effect-mouth-marilyn-monroe

On the picture above, we can observe the differences of look and make a before after contouring lips. The first image illustrates the mouth in its natural aspect. The second shows the matte lipstick effect on the lips. In the third picture, we can observe the result of the mouth contouring in all its splendor. The added bonus of the operation is that this look helps to hide all the small defects and imperfections of the mouth. If this result tempts you, you can now replicate it at home thanks to the tutorial below!

Exfoliate the lips

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For an optimal result, a preparation step is recommended: the exfoliation of the lips. Of course, you can count on an exfoliating product for your mouth. But you can also make your own homemade lip scrub. For this, you will need only 4 ingredients (and you bet you already have them in your closet). Here's our recipe suggestion we found on The Wonder Forest blog:


Recipe to make a natural lip scrub:


1 C. to s. brown sugar, 1 tbsp. to s. white sugar, 1 tbsp. to s. honey, 1/2 tsp. to s. olive oil


Mix all ingredients in a small bowl. You are free to change the proportions of the ingredients. For example, you can add more or less of some ingredients to get a different consistency that fits better to your taste.

How to use the homemade lip scrub product:

Apply the product on the lips and massage for about 20 seconds. Wipe your mouth thoroughly before applying a lip balm or lipstick!


What are the benefits of the products in this homemade mouth scrub product?

Wondering why this combination of simple, natural ingredients can successfully replace a store-made scrub? The answer is in the benefits of each of the ingredients!

Thus, brown sugar has antibacterial properties and vitamin B. White sugar has the ability to naturally preserve moisture in the skin. It is also an ingredient that promotes cell renewal, allowing you to get younger skin with each use. White sugar is also a natural source of glycolic acid, which can be beneficial for the treatment of sun-damaged skin.


As for the other two ingredients, remember that honey is very rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Like sugar, it absorbs and retains moisture in the skin. As for olive oil, you already know it: it is full of vitamins, minerals and proteins. For this reason, it acts as a natural moisturizer and has regenerative powers that make it easier to heal the skin.

Draw the lines of the lips

contouring lips tutorial-steps

Once the lips are prepared and exfoliated, you can go to the contouring itself. At first, it will be a question of drawing the desired shape of the lips. To do this, get a dark colored pencil (to be determined according to the color of lipstick that you intend to apply).

Create a base on the mouth

tutorial-contouring mouth-create-base

When you're done with the pencil application, you'll have to go to the next step of this lip contouring tutorial, which involves applying a first color to your mouth. To mimic the Marilyn Monroe effect, use a brick-tone red. With the help of a pencil of this shade (or that of your choice), fill the lips.

For an optimal effect, the trick is to focus on the corners of the mouth. The good technique for this part of the tutorial is the small short strokes for the application of the outline in the center of the lips.

Mix the shades well and fade the color


After applying the base color, you should now give even more volume and liveliness to your mouth. For that, use your brightest lipstick. Start in the center of the mouth. With precise movements, blending shades and shading nuances.

Caution: take care not to get too close to the lip contour. Otherwise, you risk erasing the depth you have just created!

Highlight the mouth

marilyn monroe-mouth-lips-contouring

After the color mixing stage, it's a good time to highlight your mouth even more. For this part of the tutorial, you can use a brush if you have one. Otherwise, your finger would do just as well!

contouring makeup-face-of-mouth-luscious

Using the brush or your finger, apply a little liquid highlighter on the central part of your lower lip. With this tip, you will add more volume to the mouth. It's also a way to catch the eye in the center of your lips and make them still lush.

Moisturize your mouth

makeup-contouring lips-mouth-luscious-marilyn monroe,

Finally, you just have to moisturize your mouth. For this purpose, use a pink lip balm. The ideal product for this step is a balm and not a lipstick. The balm will preserve your hydrated for longer without changing the ideal color mix that you have achieved.

There you go! This lip contouring tutorial is now complete. And if you have followed all the steps of it, you have a mouth fuller, brighter and more attractive!

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