Boho decor: 10 ideas how to invite the bohemian spirit in his bathroom

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We recently dedicated an article to the bohemian style and how to integrate it into its house entrance . Today, we continue on the same subject, but this time we go to the bathroom...

The boho decor invites itself in the bathroom!

Bathroom Decor Boho Rustic Wood Modern Bathroom Mirror

The boho decor is very easy to integrate into any room in the house, including outdoors. This style of decor is very cheerful, colorful and vibrant. If you like it too and you want to invite it into your bathroom, scroll down to discover our selection of special photos and our useful tips.

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1. Boho decor with ethnic patterned floor

The floor mat is this decorative element that goes everywhere. It is also easy to find and does not cost much. In specialized stores, we find all kinds of patterns and sizes. Just go for a walk and you probably find the carpet which will fit best to the boho decor in your bathroom.

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The carpet also makes the atmosphere more cocoon. If you find that your bathroom lacks heat, the floor mat is a great idea. It will warm up the atmosphere and bring the desired boho decor.

decorative boho idea bathroom modern interior


2. Laundry baskets or storage basket in pine, wicker, bamboo...

Here is another great idea how to invite the boho chic spirit: opt for a laundry basket or storage made of pine, wicker, bamboo or other natural material of this kind. You decorate and you will have a convenient and space-saving storage solution. But again, these baskets are at very affordable prices and you can put them where you want.

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3. Plants, plants, plants and always plants!

Our regular readers know that plants for us is a must! An interior without plants is a pity. Many people think that indoor plants are difficult to grow and require too much care. Well, we have good news - there is a lot of indoor plants easy to grow that require very little maintenance. If you do not have a plant in your bathroom, do not hesitate and add some pretty potted plants to your boho decor. A cooler bathroom interior, airy and decorated!

decoration boho idea bathroom decoration original

If you have a window, consider placing the plants next to them so they can enjoy natural light.

deco boho idea interior modern bathroom

4. Decorate with exotic objects

Basically, the bohemian style results from the mixing of several objects from far country . It is inspired by what we call: the ethnic style, also known as colonial style. As its name suggests, this decorative style was born during the colonial era. Ethnic style is the result of adaptation to a different culture and climate. Any European who settled in one of the colonized countries, went to meet a different way of life. The materials, the furniture, the decoration, all diversified, by its unique way, of what was already present in the West in interior design. It is from this meeting that the ethnic style is born. A style described as "Simple and functional, which reconciles the beautiful and the useful" .

Bath-room-of-bath-design original

In the bathroom, you do not need a lot of decorative items. In this piece, we put rather on the formula: beautiful and useful. An exotic object, hanging on the wall or next to the sink, is more than enough! Finally, it also depends on your desires: you want to opt for a minimalist or rather eclectic boho decor?

deco boho wall bricks idea bathroom modern

5. Decorate with dream Catcher or macrame suspensions

Usually, we put dreams in the bedroom, but why not put one in the bathroom? It is indeed very easy to make and perfect as wall boho decoration. You have already heard about the creative technique macrame ? We have already dedicated several publications on this subject. Indeed, this technique is also called"the technique of nodes". Making a macrame suspension is surprisingly easy and perfect to incorporate in its boho chic decor.

deco-boho-chic-room bath

6. Decorate and decorate with vintage objects

The boho decor is also inspired by the vintage style. Adding some elements (deco or furniture) vintage weathered wood or rusty metal is a great idea. Retro is in fashion!

vintage bathroom deco idea boho chic

7. Mix some dramatic patterned tiles

You have probably already seen a Moroccan bathroom. The Moroccan tile has always been and still is. In case you are thinking about renovating your bathroom and you have not yet started the work, you can mix various patterned tiles to introduce the desired boho decorative touch.

deco boho interior bathroom modern wall wood mirror

8. Dare to mix styles

Bring a mirror and vintage furniture to a modern sink - it's boho chic paradise! As we mentioned before, the boho decor is often eclectic and inspired by the ethnic style, so mixing styles is one of its main features.


9. Mix the textures

Wood, concrete, tiles, paneling, wool... Dare to mix the textures and you will see how the bohemian spirit will settle in your bathroom.


10. Decorate with works of art

Paintings, photos, drawings... The boho decor is also artistic. If you have a free wall, hang some works of art.

Modern bathroom

Now let's explore some modern bathroom interiors and their boho decor.

How green it is, how beautiful! The bathroom interior is very bright. It's no wonder that its owners have decided to decorate it with so many potted plants. The groundsheet with ethnic motif is present, as well as some exotic decorative objects: the Moroccan box and the tray hung on the wall.

carpet-Carlsbad idea original-deco

If you remove the floor mat from the bathroom interior below, you can easily put it in the category of minimalist, Scandinavian or rustic interiors. But the carpet changes everything! He adds the boho and exotic decor to the whole room. This interior is a great example of how to mix decorating styles with taste.





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