Afro woman hairdressing with braids - some great ideas for those who wish to wear their hair naturally

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In a recent article, we talked about a new trend for frizzy hair: the natural hair style. Made popular by a number of fashion bloggers lately (like Freddie Harrel, on the picture above), this hairstyle comes in several different variants and lengths.

Today, we are dedicating a special image gallery. It particularly affects afro braids and different ways of wearing them.

Afro-hairstyle woman with braids - the most fashionable ways to wear her hair naturally

The frizzy hair, which is typical of some populations of African descent, may be notoriously difficult to maintain. And, contrary to what is believed, this is as true for short cuts as for those of longer length. Moreover, many girls who do not know in detail the characteristics of this type of hair are surprised to learn the complexity of care related to the maintenance of an afro mane! Things can become even more complex if you decide to opt for smooth based on chemicals.

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Here is a small part of the reasons why afro braids are one of the most popular alternatives for those who wish to wear their hair in a natural way. Let's see how to wear your hair naturally thanks to the afro braids!

What are the most popular types of braids for afro hair?

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African people have devised a way to make the maintenance of frizzy hair easier: the braids. In the past, the different populations had been ingenious and had come up with different ideas for braiding the hair. These braiding methods are known and still practiced today. Among them are the cornrows, the micro braid and the Bob Marley style braid.

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We discuss each of them in the sections that follow. Finally, we also offer some ideas of looks with afro hair braided and attached.

African braids cornrows

Hair braids African-feature ideas

When it comes to afro women's hairstyles, cornrows braids are probably the most common type of braiding. What makes them so common is that they are easy to wear. In addition, they can be adopted even by those who have short hair. A cornrow style braid does not require a particular hair length. So, you do not need extensions to enjoy a natural look with this type of afro woman!

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The story of the African Cornrows tresses goes back to the Caribbean region. Made close to the scalp, cornrows were the typical way to wear and care for your hair in this part of the world. At the base, these Afro braids are made to form simple lines on the skull. But, today, we can take advantage of this basic idea while making it even more elaborate. For example, opt for original forms of geometric inspiration!

The micro braids afro

frizzy-hair-braid-woman African hairstyles

Micro braids are also called"invisible braids"by English speakers. This is so because they are characterized by their extremely fine appearance. The hair is styled to form incredibly thin and delicate braids.

afro hair style hair-long-braids

Like the cornrows, these Afro woman braids are designed to ease the maintenance of frizzy hair. At the same time, they allow various hairstyles. Because they are almost invisible, micro braids can easily form a more complex hairstyle. For example, they can be worn with attached or tied hair. If you want to try a look like this, take a look at our section just below.

Micro-braid African woman hairstyle-ideas

Also note, the micro braids afro can be long or short. Everything depends on the wishes of the wearer. This basic Afro woman hairstyle is also ideal for girls who would like to experiment with extensions. Like Bob Marley's African braids, micro-style braids can be made on colored hair or decorated with various accessories. You can see examples of this type of look in the gallery below.

Braids Afro woman Bob Marley style

braids African-long natural hair

Last type of braids for afro-woman hairdressing that we approach today: those of the Bob Marley type. Eh yes! The artist from Jamaica gave the name of a specific way to braid the hair he often wore during his concerts.

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The Bob Marley style braid is ideal for girls who want to avoid chemical treatments. It will also seduce those who want to wear their hair frizzy natural. This type of look combines well with manes of black color but also with afro hair in light shades. And, to add to that, let's say you can also have fun dressing up your Bob Marley-inspired Afro-woman hairstyle with a variety of accessories!

Afro woman hairstyles with tied or tied hair

hair-woman African-braided bun-ideas

As we have said, certain types of African braids are imagined so that they can be incorporated into more complex hairstyles. They illustrate, in a way, all the creativity and imagination of women of African descent. These have managed to facilitate the maintenance of frizzy hair while getting beautiful!

African braids hair-cut-mid-long-wife

At the present time, the stars and their hairdressers have added to the list of African hairstyles with attached hair a whole series of interesting looks. This makes girls with natural manes very lucky. They can now choose between a lot of different models of hairstyles!

Among the chic and practical ways to wear frizzy hair attached, there are the following options:

  • the bun;
  • the long and low braid (made from micro braids);
  • fish braids;
  • hairstyles with mid-tied hair (with or without headband).

In short, today, there is a huge choice of Afro hair styling options for natural hair. And so much the better! Now, to see and review our gallery of images to select the look of style Afro that seduces you the most!

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