Idea to enlarge your house and enjoy more space with a modern extension

idea to enlarge his house terrace-wood-extension-living-room-dining-room

Building an extension or winter garden is probably the best way to earn extra space in your home. The house extensions and other similar solutions allow us to increase his living space and to obtain one or more pieces of modern appearance.

The construction of such a structure is an approach that particularly appeals to the owners of old houses outside major cities. In recent years, it has become popular in the city as architects offer more and more small expansion options.

How to find an idea to enlarge his house?

If you are looking for inspiration to expand your home with an extension, we offer you a starting point. We collected a series of fresh ideas from projects of various sizes. Examine them to find the best way to expand your property!

Idea to enlarge his house with a modern piece intended for various uses

model-extension-brick-exsposee-roof glass

Finding an idea to expand your home can be a fairly demanding task in terms of time. This is all the more true as we all have different needs with regard to the additional parts we are considering. Additional questions may arise in the case of working on an old house enlargement subject to specific requirements (for example, if the building does is classified as part of the historical heritage). In any case, a good idea to spot a project that suits you is to think about the use you want to make the new room.


From home enlargement ideas the most popular are the rooms in the kitchen, living room and dining room. But, at the moment, you can enjoy your extension for any kind of projects. A bathroom, a guest room, a work place at home... All these spaces can be arranged in an extension of modern house.

garden-of-winter-expansion glass-house-stone

In short, all solutions are possible from the moment they really meet your desires. Starting with thinking about how you will use enlargement is a good idea, too, because it may provide some pointers as to which interior decorating elements you want to see in that space.

Idea to enlarge your house enjoying its garden or inner courtyard

expansion-of-house-painting-white-glass-sliding door

Those who own an old house with garden can take advantage of the outdoor space to arrange their modern extension. This is the simplest and most common way to gain extra space. Turn a small corner of your garden or inner courtyard into an enlarged design, for example, by diverting the area that is now reserved for your patio.

idea to expand his house sliding door-development-enlargement

The beauty of this idea to expand your home is that you can enjoy it even if you have a very small garden. Better yet, you will not even lose the opportunity to go outside your home. To keep the privilege you have with your garden, simply plan a sliding door for your expansion!

idea to enlarge his house winter-garden-enlargement

Sliding doors and bay windows are elements found in all modern home extension projects. And that's not surprising at all! After all, this type of elements allows us to increase the natural lighting of the new construction. And, thanks to the sliding doors, you will be able to go out at any time!

Idea to enlarge his house even beyond the modern extension

idea to enlarge his house extension-garden-interior-deco-terrace

Having a modern extension is a way to earn one or two more pieces. But did you know that such a project will complement your current lifestyle? As we have said, modern extensions are usually built to open to the outside. As a result, it completely changes the way we approach our daily lives.


For example, you can revamp the area around your home expansion by making a small modern terrace. It's a great idea to expand your home beyond the new construction itself. When the weather is nice, you will be able to open your extension on your terrace and spend more time outdoors!

extension-of-house-brick terrace-small-wood-glazed door

This outdoor landscaping option tempts you? So think, simply, to provide a terrace in your project. Wood decking is the most common solution in this respect, although it is not the only one. If the wooden deck is so popular, it is that it offers several advantages. For example, this type of coating is really easy to harmonize with any kind of outside.

Expansion-house modern brick-stone terrace-wood staircase

This applies to buildings of all types, even for very old buildings. And then, the wooden deck fits any kind of terrain, including gardens and sloping terrace. So how to take advantage of this kind of idea to expand his house even beyond the extension itself!

Idea to enlarge your house on two levels or more


Did you know that modern home extensions and expansions are not limited to one-level constructions? Eh yes! Today, you can consider the possibility of expanding your home and gaining not one but two more floors!

how larger-his-home-extension-wood

This kind of idea to enlarge his house is not reserved only for houses with large gardens. In fact, you can optimize a small gap between two old structures with a simple wooden extension. And so much the better because, in this way, we can enjoy not one but two or more new rooms directly attached to a building already on site!

build-extension-house two-storey-building-old-Layouts

In fact, extensions on two levels can become a new apartment in its own right. Think of all the uses that you can make: comfortable office space, guest room or bed and breakfast...!

Idea to enlarge his house with a modern facade

idee-extension-home-modern-glass conservatory garden-of-winter

When one wonders what is the best idea for expanding one's house, one often asks questions that affect the appearance of one's facade. Should there be an extension of modern appearance or a facade that harmonizes with that of the old house?


Modern-looking extensions are generally designed to be clearly distinguishable from the old building. They are made of modern materials. They combine the aesthetic aspect of the project and the comfort of the inhabitants. Wood, glass and metal dominate projects of this type.

idea to enlarge his house extension-wood-modern

In addition to being very elegant, this kind of idea to expand your home also has advantages related to thermal and acoustic insulation. This is another reason for many homeowners to opt for a modern design facade of their extension. And, be aware that, depending on the chosen materials, you can also benefit from a fully ecological expansion.

Idea to enlarge his house with a facade harmonized with that of the old building

idea to enlarge his house extension-vtree-living room-stay

In some cases, extensions of houses with modern facades are not possible. You can then turn to another solution: harmonize the appearance of your new building with that of the old building. In this way, you will be able to preserve the overall appearance of your home, while enjoying an extra room.

idee-expansion-house-brick-glass roof-garden-of-winter

Fortunately, home improvement designers can help you achieve this effect. What's more, they will know how to advise you on the best materials. As a result, you will be able to benefit from all the advantages of a modern construction without sacrificing the authentic aspect of your home!

idea to expand his house kitchen-modern-extension-design

Note that the fact that you opt for a classic facade does not mean that you have to give up modern design for the interior. Many extensions with classic facades have interiors arranged according to the latest trends in decoration. By the way, this contrast of styles can be a highlight for your new piece!

Idea to enlarge your house and increase the value of your property


You may not know it, but home extensions and expansions are some of the projects that can drive up the price of your property. As such, it ranks next to the solutions of garage, basement and attic. Eh yes! The price of your house can increase with additional parts created within the expansion. For that, it would be necessary that the project of creation of your extension is well realized from the point of view of the construction but also of its interior organization.

idee-deco-extension-house-painting-white-glazed bay

Decorating your extension with a particular style of decor or trendy design solutions is a good approach in this regard. Opt for clean lines and quality furniture. Try to create a modern, airy atmosphere that gives you enough space for the activities you plan to do there.

Check out our interior design records to inspire you on the best approach to follow depending on the space available and the effect you want to achieve!

idea to enlarge his house enlargement-bay-vitree-garden

What type of home extension or extension to choose?

idee-Layouts-expansion glass-house-garden-terrace

What type of home enlargement to choose for his property? To find out, you can examine modern extension ideas on the images below. Small or big, wood, glass, metal... it's up to you!

Expansion-house wood-Layouts-yard indoor Expansion-house-old-stone-expansion-open glass Expansion-house-old-brick-red Photo Construction-extension-contemporary-house-facade-gray Layouts-expansion-from-home-modern-pictures expansion-home-kitchen-dining-room-in-picture