How to insure your wine cellar?

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Any connoisseur of fine wines knows it: the wine cellar is a space that deserves special attention. Its layout must be done with great care so that the cellar is not only well decorated but also keeps the wine in the best conditions.

And precisely, about the attention that is given to this part of the house, it is useful to know that once the development and decoration work has been completed, it can also be the subject of an insurance. . This will guarantee you a specific protection for your collection of bottles.

Insure your wine cellar to protect a stock of great wines in the best conditions

In some previous publications, we have already mentioned the different possibilities for the layout and decoration of a modern wine cellar. And since the protection of the raw is just as essential as their conservation, today we turn to the subject of wine cellar insurance. Why ensure his wine cellar ? What are the options and guarantees to consider? Read on to learn more about these topics!

Why insure his wine cellar?

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What are the main reasons to insure your wine cellar? First, a modern winery can be used to create an invaluable collection of bottles. It is also, at the same time, a space of conservation. This one is built to meet specific requirements. As a result, the actual layout of such a room is often linked to significant expenses. And that, not to mention the cost of the bottles it houses!

To complete this, let's say that modern cellars are often designed to serve as a tasting area. They therefore have a refined corner decorated with quality furniture and sometimes even art objects. Expenses related to its development and decoration are the first element that motivates the purchase of insurance.

Secondly, insuring your cellar is also, of course, protecting its contents. In other words, a specific insurance will allow you to receive compensation in the event of theft, acts of vandalism but also problems related to the storage of wine in drums.

In short, a wine cellar insurance can cover several elements and thus protect your investments!

To properly insure your cellar, think about the types of protection you'll need

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A wine cellar insurance can be added to an existing home insurance policy. For example, it can be in the form of a rider to the contract or as an option that would complement your housing protection.

To ensure its cellar, we should think about the elements we want to protect. You have the option of taking out a guarantee for one or all of the following:

  • the facilities of the cellar;
  • the bottles that are there;
  • the wine inside your casks.

To decide what your insurance would look like, you could consider how many bottles you have. Also think about the type of equipment which is in your cellar, its age and its cost. Note that for each of the items listed above, your insurer can offer you a contract that covers several types of damages.

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For example, it is possible to purchase insurance for its cellar facilities against damage caused by fire, electricity, storm or flood. Regarding bottles, we would consider protecting them against accidents related to the weight and durability of storage. Do you keep wines in barrels? Know that you can benefit from additional protection that will cover your losses in case of cracks or bursting of these containers.

It will be understood, ensure his wine cellar is a very good idea for all lovers of great wines. It is also a gesture that will allow you to enlarge your collection in all tranquility!

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