How to choose the perfect bridal bouquet for your special day?

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Are you planning your wedding and need some inspiration for choosing your floral decor? So you've come to the right place!

Bridal Bouquet - How to choose the perfect flowers for your special day?

Trends in wedding decor for the year 2018 are already there, and with them, a whole series of really interesting ideas about the choice of flowers. We have compiled a collection of examples in pictures to help you find the best flower arrangement for you!

How to choose a bridal bouquet that is adapted to the morphology of your body and your outfit

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You may not know it, but creating a bridal bouquet is a real art. It is not by chance that all florists do not dare to start preparing bouquets for this type of event. Because, in fact, it is an activity that can take a lot of time and requires a careful eye to detail.


This may surprise you but the bridal bouquet should be adapted not only to the holding of it but also to the morphology of his body. Eh yes! The figure of the bride can be an important factor when it comes to arranging her bouquet!

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For example, girls with a rather elongated figure are advised to opt for a well-supplied wedding bouquet. The best option for them would be to bet on a bouquet of cascade type of flowers.

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The small girls, for their part, would do well to take a look at our selection of small bouquets. Those of rather round shape are perfect for them, because they will register more harmoniously in their overall look.

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After selecting the perfect bridal bouquet shape, it's up to you to decide how to harmonize the flowers and their colors. Let's see what are the criteria for achieving a beautiful floral arrangement and a successful combination of colors.

Roses, a classic and timeless solution

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When it comes to bridal bouquet, roses are, of course, the most popular flowers. White roses seduce a lot of girls and the same goes for red ones. The pink and orange roses are, for their part, a nice option for a romantic or classic wedding bouquet.


Whatever the color of these flowers, know that those with small petals will last longer. This is so because this type of roses is able to retain moisture for hours. This is very useful information for those planning a full day wedding!

Lily flowers, a fine and refined option

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Another very popular flower in bridal bouquet, lilies. Lilies are known for their majestic and pretty appearance at a time. In Europe, we tend to associate this flower with royalty and glamorous deco. As a result, a bridal bouquet arranged with these flowers is perfect for parties of a more formal nature.

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Lily flowers are often used in the creation of wedding bouquets because these flowers are durable and have a very pleasant fragrance. But beware, their petals are tender and very fragile. A bridal bouquet with lily flowers should therefore be handled with great care to avoid unpleasant surprises!

Calla, a symbol of purity

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Calla is a very special variety of flowers for wedding bouquet. Thanks to its white color, it combines very well with a party decoration in immaculate color. She is also a very refined accessory for a classic silhouette wedding dress.

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Calla is a symbol of purity and youth. In addition to its symbolic value, this flower is included in many wedding bouquets because it is very resistant. As a result, it is equally suitable for events celebrated during the warmer months than for winter weddings. And then, the calla does not decline only in white color. It's up to you to choose the right shade for your bouquet!

Succulents, an idea of ​​an original and chic bridal bouquet


Succulents are a very popular floral arrangement for wedding bouquet in recent times. Resistant to heat, this family of flowers includes several species of various colors. So you can have fun combining various succulents or combine this type of plants with other flowers of your choice.


If you think of succulent plants for your wedding bouquet, check out our recent article on this type of bouquets . You will find interesting ideas to try!

Which plants and colors to choose according to your wedding theme?

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The wedding theme is another criterion to take into account for the choice of flowers in your bouquet. The overall atmosphere you are looking to create can help you find the best components for this accessory.

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Do you think of a romantic wedding decor? Then explore the ideas of wedding bouquets with roses. Opt for soft, pastel tones that will dominate your flower arrangement. To complete all this, you could count on one of the colors that you have preferred for your party decoration.


What bridal bouquet for a bohemian chic party? The bohemian chic decor is cheerful and relaxed. It will appeal to couples who dream of a wedding with many guests who are all close friends. Succulent plants are a very good choice for this kind of event. Especially since boho chic weddings often stand outside and these plants resist very well to heat!


Are you getting married in the countryside and organizing a rustic style event? So select country flowers for your bridal bouquet. Soft and natural, they will further embellish your outfit and your party decor!

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