How to build an interior window sill to optimize your living space?

window sill organization-interior-space-optimization-corner-reading

Optimize your interior space, it is a mission that goes through the reflection on the small recesses of his home that we do not necessarily used to use on a daily basis.

This is precisely the case of the interior window sill.

How to use the space around the inner window sill?

Today, we turn to one of those little corners, the support or the inner window sill. Here are 6 different ways to take advantage of the space around this part of your home to beautify your home and save space!

Use the interior window sill as a bar or kitchen dinette

window sill interior idee-deco-optimization-space How one will use an inner window sill may depend on the room where it is located. In fact, this zone can be arranged in various ways depending on the function of the interior space. We can see a specific example with the bar or kitchen dining room ideas located near the window of this room. edge-to-window-interior-bar-kitchen-breakfast area-deco

Transforming your interior window sill into a bar or dining area is a very nice idea especially for small spaces. The beauty of this solution lies in the few materials it requires and in the very interesting result it promises you to obtain. So, to create an interior window sill bar or dining nook, all you need is a tray and two or three counter chairs or stools.

interior windowsill deco-kitchen-bar-bricks-white-paint

The bottom line is that this idea of ​​organizing the space around the window sill will allow you to have your morning coffee while enjoying the view of your kitchen!

lip-window-interior-deco bar-counter-idee

Moreover, the decorations are to be selected according to your personal preferences. You can opt for hanging lights, flower pots, vintage curtains... it's up to you!

How to turn an interior window sill into a home office work area

support-of-office-home-window-Layouts-breakfast space

Another idea to optimize the interior space: the window sill turned into a corner office. It is an idea of ​​decoration and organization that will be particularly useful in a bedroom or in a living room. It will also benefit in a small child's room.

windowsill interior office-work-home-office-small-space-deco

Creating a workspace around his inner window support is really simple. To save space, preferably a shallow suspended office will be used. This will be accompanied by a chair or a comfortable chair.


Finally, there are some practical storage. Think of a wall niche or furniture on wheels to slide under the tray of your desk. The rather large offices, which also occupy part of an interior wall, could also benefit from hanging shelves.

Idea to use interior window sill to create a comfortable reading area


The reading corner is a more beautiful ways to enjoy its interior window sill. In addition to requiring very little means for its development, the reading corner is a very cozy space that predisposes to relaxation.


Versatile, it will easily complete a living room or bedroom but also a playroom for children. Moreover, it can be arranged even in a house entrance or in a hallway!

support-window-interior-deco-idea-reading area woods

How to beautify your reading corner and make it even more comfortable? The key for us is the use of soft cushions and coatings. Go for throws and plaids for the cool months. You will get a window support arranged in an extremely cozy way!

Create a space saving bench in its interior window sill corner


Optimize the space around your interior window sill, this can simply consist of a comfortable bench seat. Again, this is a project that is very simple to implement and requires very little money.

support-window-deco-optimization space-small-interior-deco-reading area

In fact, it is an idea of ​​deco that will seduce many do-it-yourselfers. They will be able to transform the edge of their interior window with the help of a few wooden planks converted into a DIY type bench!

edge-of-window-office automation-interior-deco-seat

Enjoy this space near your window sill to listen to music, meditate or simply take a few minutes to relax while observing nature.

Idea to optimize the interior space with a window sill transformed into a library


Perhaps you have thought about it, your interior window sill can also be used as a practical bookshelf. Depending on the size of your support, you can build a shelf larger or smaller.


The way you will decorate this shelf will depend entirely on your wishes. Books arranged as a library are only an option. Among the other ideas to consider, there is storage for magazines and for various decorative objects.

support de-window library-storage-shelf-deco

In short, an interior window support bookcase can also be used to display your favorite small design objects. This is a clever interior design option that will help you embellish a window sill in your living room or on interior stairs!

Make your inner window support a small garden for potted plants

interior window sill landscaping-support-garden-small-space

The inner window sill is probably one of the most practical spaces for the layout of a small garden with potted plants . The explanation is simple: natural light, which abounds in this corner, is essential for the development of most green plants.

lip-window-interior-pot de fleur-small-garden-plants inside

A shelf installed at the window sill can also be used for the maintenance of bulb plants. Hyacinths, daffodils and crocuses do not even need soil to beautify your home. This beautiful idea will help you decorate your interior window sill during the spring months!

support-window-interior-small-garden-fresh herbs-pot de fleur

If you like the idea of ​​setting up a mini garden on your window sill, try to vary the plants. For example, in late spring, replace your bulb plants with fresh herb pots. Enjoy it throughout the summer and fall to beautify your kitchen or bathroom!