Horoscopes, why are we reading them and what are we waiting for?

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Horoscopes and everything that includes... predictions, forecasts, indications, recommendations, tips, etc. Why do we read them? What do we hope by reading them?

Well, we read them because it interests us to know what lies ahead. In addition, we like to read or hear great truths about us or about what we are supposed to be... Need creates service: Professional numerologists and astrologers or just quacks are looking into how to tell us or do to read things that we want to hear and that respond to a certain commonly accepted theory as scholarly and true.

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The horoscopes and the people who do not believe in it but let themselves be charmed by the hope of a happiness that awaits them

Few people confess to believe in astrological signs but a lot of people read the horoscopes of the day or annual. This reading attracts them and gives them some hope, even some confidence. They think that if they read what the day or the year reserves for them, they will be able to avoid the misfortunes and let themselves bloom in the predicted happiness.

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Horoscopes: the confirmation of a fate drawn or proof that fate does not exist?

People have been wondering from time immemorial whether destiny dictates their life or whether, on the contrary, it is their own decisions that move them forward or backward in life. We men need to believe in something to explain what happens to us. We dreamed for a long time and maybe even have a machine to travel in time. This will allow us to know everything. We just want to take a look but since we know that it's impossible, we said comforting ourselves that what must happen, will happen.

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Horoscopes and the search for an appeasement of our soul

The uncertain, the hazard worries us. We need to be reassured. What reassures us is belief and hope. Hope soothes the mind, belief caresses our heart. The monotheistic belief tells us that we must believe only in God (or the Messiah for the Christian and Muslim religions).

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So do not believe in superstitions, horoscopes or so on. Why are people still interested in astral horoscopes or the Chinese horoscope?


What is the horoscope?

The learned practice of astrology is based on reading the astral map. His interpretation is expressed in horoscopes. The position of stars and planets in the sky (celestial bodies) informs us about our personality, our life, our attractions, etc. We pretend we know how to correctly interpret what we read.


People even manage to find themselves in the interpretation of this reading. That's why when you read on his astrological sign, you nod and you agree on what it's written about.

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Horoscopes and what characterizes the different astrological signs in one or two words

Rams: strong and independent. Bulls: allergic to surprises in life. Twins: unmatched sense of humor. Cancers: nice and insightful. Lions: bold.

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Virgins: fans of order and cleanliness. Scales: undecided. Scorpions: the most intuitive. Sagittarians: the most direct in their remarks. Capricorns: stable and determined. Aquarius: originals.

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Fish: sensitive. Cliches? Statistics? Yes, what we write for some is true but is it also valid for others?

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Horoscopes and predictions of compatibility between astrological signs

Love is one of the themes that hide the most hazards. To get along well with others and to keep one's love for the one one loves intact, is it possible? In order not to take risks, men prefer to rely on marked paths.

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These traced paths are the astral statistics showing that one astrological sign gets along well with another. The signs are even classified according to the theory of the four elements: water, fire, air and earth. Even Chinese signs are classified according to this theory of the four elements.

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The theory of the four elements

This theory is based on the functions and processes of life. The elements of life have been linked to the astral signs so that the Earth and what is beyond are one in the explanation of the life around us. There is fire, air, water and earth that correspond to the chemical states of matter: igneous, gaseous, liquid and solid.

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It is also parallel with the qualities of hot, cold, wet and dry to explain the personality of people. To conclude, we can say that we try to give a valid explanation of everything that teases us about our personality through the reading of nature and the cosmos.


Horoscopes based on Chinese signs

The Chinese horoscope forecasts the twelve Chinese signs, animals, under the light of the sign whose symbol governs a whole year. The year 2018 is the year of the dog that evokes justice and benevolence.


Twelve animals, therefore, which characterize us, explain what we are according to our year of birth (from a date that changes in January or rather February) and show us their interaction with other animals through the symbol that every animal defends and represents.


Horoscopes: a killer, a moment of relaxation

A last look will be made to the reading of the annual or daily horoscope: the not very critical pseudo-journalist look that entertains and lets us kill a little time. The horoscope has always been an interesting reading. On the one hand, the style used for his writing seduces and attracts. On the other hand, to learn about what the stars say, is not wrong.


Sometimes you need a push to feel better. This push can be the reading of some rules written in good faith.

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Watch out today, trust your instincts, wait before you start or go for it if your instinct dictates, etc. After all, tips of this sort are funny headings in newspapers supposed to be sometimes too serious...