Hairstyle with a headband and scarf in 20+ of simple and chic looks for the beach!

hairstyle with an idea-look-beach-chic-practical headband

The hairstyle with a headband or with a scarf is a great idea for a chic and casual look on the beach. In free hair, semi attached, with braid, bun or even ponytail, the headband with a headband comes in a thousand different variants to give you the opportunity to change your look as often as you want during your vacation.

Hairstyle with a headband in 20+ options for a chic look at the beach

The hairstyle with a headband or with scarf is practical for the days of holidays. You can adopt a headband or scarf that complements your outfit or swimsuit. In addition, it is ideal for hot days and it allows you to vary the simple bun or classic ponytail.

hairstyle with a headband scarf-look-beach-trend

And you can wear a hairstyle with a headband both during the day and in the evening, whether you're thinking of a romantic dinner with your darling at a seaside tavern or an evening of crazy dancing on the beach . Come discover with us this selection of ideas on hairstyle with a headband or with a scarf to try this summer!

A hairstyle with a headband or with a scarf and free hair

hairstyle with a hair-free headband

This hairstyle with a headband is inspired by the bohemian style and hippie chic . For this reason, we recommend wearing it with a scarf or other similar accessory with a boho chic motif. It will surround your head and associate with a day or evening outfit, depending on the occasion. Simple to make, the hairstyle is ideal for short and medium length hair.

A hairstyle idea with a headband and attached hair

hairstyle with an easy headband-hair-ties

Here is another idea of ​​bohemian-inspired look to adopt on the beach. To make this hairstyle with a headband or scarf, start by replicating the look with free hair on the picture above. Then, it would be enough to roll the hair over the headband to tie them. Simple and fast, this hairstyle with a headband is perfect for hot days on the beach. She is also among the popular.

Video tutorial to make a beach hairstyle with headband

For this very reason, we decided to share with you a video tutorial that will help you to replicate it. Watch the steps to copy this beautiful hairstyle idea with a headband for your summer vacation!

Hair styling ideas with a headband for the beach by Hair By Lori

hairstyle with a beach headband-easy-ideas

What is good with the looks and hairstyles with scarves or headbands is that you can easily turn several objects into hair accessories. In fact, one can wear a classic scarf or another piece of similar fabric that complements the colors of his outfit. In addition, he is also creating his own tiara or other similar object. And, for evenings, you could even opt for a wreath in fresh flowers!

The blogguese Lori from Hair By Lori is passionate about hairstyle style looks with a heabdand or scarf. On her blog, she shares no less than 7 ways to wear such an accessory. We consider them particularly suitable for the holiday season and beach days. To explore them, it's just in the following text!

A hairstyle idea with a DIY headband and free hair


On the picture above, a hairstyle idea with a headband really easy to adopt. It can be worn with free hair of various lengths: long, mid-long or short. Do you have a haircut with long or medium hair? So, we advise you to bet on a hairstyle with curls or wavy hair of seaside style. You will see it, it is one of the most ways to wear a heabdand during the holidays!

A hairstyle with a headband or scarf for hot days on the beach

hairstyle with a headband hair-fasteners-tutorial

Adopt a hairstyle with a heabdand or with a scarf for the days on the beach and complete it with a high bun. The top bun is already one of the classic beach look ideas because of all its practical benefits. It is a hairstyle that is easy to wear and contributes to a feeling of freshness even when it is very hot. And then, it is also convenient to swim!

hairstyle with an easy-beach headband

Here's how to make this hairstyle with a headband and bun in 3 easy and quick steps. To begin, make the top bun of your choice. You can opt for a bun with a lot of volume, like that of Lori, if you wish. Another idea, ideal for a beach hairstyle, is that of the disheveled bun, says messy bun again. Tie well at the level of the skull. Then put your scarf or headband a few inches from your forehead. Tie well and check for any stubborn hair that has slipped out of the scarf. It is a beach hairstyle that is also suitable for days with light breeze.

Hair style model with simple scarf for a casual look on the beach


Are you looking for a hairstyle for the beach that rhymes with a casual look? We offer another look inspired by Lori's blog. It is a high ponytail completed by a scarf. The idea behind this beach hairstyle is to find the perfect balance between a chic look and a hairstyle that facilitates movement. In other words, it is a hairstyle for girls who like to move!

Whether for swimming, for a short jog by the sea or for a game of beach volleyball, this idea of ​​hairstyle with a headband is ideal for all occasions. To make it, start by making a classic ponytail. In order to avoid accumulating too many accessories at the level of your hair, bet on a clean look for the ponytail.

Then complete with a headband, as in the previous tutorial. Note, you can wear this hairstyle with smooth or slightly wavy seaside style hair.

A hairstyle idea with a headband and low ponytail


The low ponytail is another alternative hairstyle for the beach. It has the advantage of having a less serious appearance than the high ponytail. And then, it can be worn also with long hair. This hairstyle rather banal will enjoy a lot of an accessory such as a headband or a scarf to complete it. As always, you can improvise with the colors so that they are best with the shades of your little dress or swimsuit.

Hair-beach-easy-heabdand-wavy hair

In this type of hairstyle, the idea is not to seek perfection. On the contrary, you can tie your hair a little coarsely and let some braids go over here and there. After all, the beach is a place where you have to feel comfortable. Forget the hairstyles of the red carpet, instead to look chic and casual!

Continue by placing your heabdand a few inches from your forehead. If you have a bang, you have the choice between two solutions. You might decide to go over the bangs or tie it up with your headscarf. Everything depends on your desires!

A hairstyle idea with a headband and a braid on the side

hairstyle-for-beach-with-headband braid

Braids are very fashionable lately. This is good because they are among our favorite hairstyles for the beach. To think about it, this is not very surprising. After all, the braid is a hairstyle alternative that facilitates movement and is perfect for holidays. In addition, once made in the morning, your braid will last all day.

Another reason why girls love braids as a beach hairstyle is that they allow them to get the beautiful ripples associated with the seaside look. To do this, just make your braid with your hair still wet. Let them dry naturally thanks to the sun. At the end of the day, you will have a mane with beautiful ripples. Enjoy it for your evening look!


You can wear a classic braid with a heabdand, as in our previous tutorials. But if you want a hairstyle for the beach a little more original, know that you also have the opportunity to bet on a braid fishtail type. This will start at the top of the skull and pass to the side to be added to the wicks forming the classic braid. Nice idea for those who have a long haircut!

A hairstyle idea for the beach with fishtail braid at the fringe and scarf

model-hair-headband-to-beach Speaking of fishtail braid, note also that this type of hairstyle can be worn with a scarf or headband and free hair. In other words, it is a hairstyle to achieve with the hair that surround your face. The rest can go to the back of your skull, being supported by your scarf or headband.

This hairstyle will please girls with long and medium length hair. It's a nice option for a romantic evening or a bohemian chic party by the sea!

A hairstyle with a heabdand and braid crown

Hair-with-headband braid crown

The braid crown is among the hairstyle ideas that suit all occasions. It can be worn successfully at work, at school, at a wedding or on the beach. What is very good with this hairstyle is that it also allows a lot of possibilities of customization. Depending on the occasion, you can complete it with jewels, tiaras, flowers or... by a scarf, of course!


This idea of ​​hairstyle really is not very complicated. The only difficulty is probably to master the braid crown itself. From there, the turn will be played in just a few minutes. To make it, make your braid favorite crown. Then, circle your head with a scarf or with a headband positioned just before the braid itself.

The best thing is that you have the opportunity to customize this look further. In addition to the braid crown, girls with long hair could bet, for example, on a bun!

A hairstyle idea with headband for the beach and a low bun


The low bun is a hairstyle that we love because it is versatile and suitable for hair of various lengths. Thus, girls who have mid-length hair can very well consider wearing a low bun plus a scarf. Those with longer hair have, in addition to this option, the opportunity to try a hairstyle with a crown braid that frames the face.

This beautiful hairstyle is ideal for beach days but also for parties. Try it especially if you go out in a bar or restaurant near the sea. You will see it, it is ideal to keep your hair in place even in case of light breeze!

A hairstyle idea with scarf for girls with short hair


Many people consider that girls with short hair do not have a lot of solutions from the point of view of hair accessories. In fact, this is not entirely true. The scarf, headband and other similar accessories are perfectly suited to a hairstyle with short hair.

Above, a quick tutorial that shows you how to make a hairstyle with a headband or scarf if you have short hair. Begin by folding the scarf (if necessary) to make a headband. Do not forget to use a scarf with suitable prints. These will be selected according to the rest of your outfit or according to your accessories for the beach.

Then, wrap it around your head so that the ends of the fabric meet over it. Finish by making a knot and slip the ends under the headband. There you go! A hairstyle idea for the beach simple and chic for those who have a cut with short hair!

A hairstyle idea with a headband for medium and long hair

Hair-headband-simple-girl-short hair

Another proof that the hairstyle with a headband works perfectly well with short and mid-length hair, this idea of ​​haircutted look perfect for the holidays. To get it, ideally, we will work with a short or mid-length gradient cut. It would be the best way to take back these beautiful blonde locks of seaside style.

The elements, such as the light breeze and the moist air on the beach will help you create beautiful ripples by starting on that basis. If you have rather long hair, you can also tie them by creating a low bun. For the rest, add your favorite headband or scarf. Do not forget to leave some lashes free to best imitate the rebellious spirit of this hairstyle chic and practical at the same time!

An idea of ​​a look with a classic and timeless headband


To wear the headband or headscarf in a classic way, you only have to tie it around your head with a retro hairstyle. ribbon . Fortunately, this idea of ​​hairstyle is perfectly adapted to any length of hair. It's up to you to take it back and give it a personal interpretation.

Among the many possibilities in this respect, there is the pirate style look or many options hippie chic look. We present you some examples below. They may inspire you to imagine a truly personal and unique look. Take a look, it's just down!

hair-scarf-easy-beach Hair-easy-beach-headband-beach hairstyle-with-scarf-easy-for-the-beach