Haircut squared: which model to choose according to the shape of his face

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The square haircut is THE most fashionable women's haircut this season. No matter the shape of your face, this cut goes to all face shapes. There are still some useful tips that will make it easier for you to choose Bob.

Scroll down to discover all our tips and ideas for bob haircuts in addition to 23 inspiring photos.

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The square haircut is ideal for hot spring and summer days. Light, elegant and feminine, you will spend much less time in the morning styling your hair. The bob cut is also an excellent choice for ladies who are looking for a smooth transition from long hair to short hair.

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How to choose your haircut squared according to the shape of your face?

You have probably heard of the term "Morpho-hairstyle" . This is a hairstyle selection technique based on three criteria: the shape and features of the face and the texture of the hair. Determining the shape of his face is quite simple. Just put yourself in front of a mirror and pull your hair back. Then examine the length and features of your face: forehead, cheekbones and chin. Ask your hairdresser - visagiste to help you determine the shape of your face. Indeed, your hairdresser can give you useful tips specially adapted to the shape and features of your face.

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Round shaped face and squared haircut ideas

The round-shaped facial features are soft with rounded cheekbones. Indeed, it is one of the most frequent forms of face. This type of face has a round chin proportional to the forehead. The cheeks are pronounced or even rounded. For round-faced women, we recommend a long square haircut falling over the shoulders, with a few subtle layers and a swept bang on one side.

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Heart-shaped face and cutting ideas

If your chin is narrow and your forehead is wide and asymmetrical to the cheekbones, it is quite possible that you have a heart-shaped face. For this type of face, hairdressers advise cuts with volume and a fringe to make the front symmetrical. A long square to the chin with a swept bang on the side is a perfect option for those with a heart-shaped face.

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If your face is heart-shaped, the short or very short square cut will underline the softness of your features. This will give you a cute look and will have a rejuvenating effect.

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Diamond shaped face and square cut ideas

Your forehead and chin are symmetrical and narrow and you have wide cheekbones? So, you probably have a diamond shaped face. For this type of face shape, hairdressers recommend cutting with volume to soften the chin that can sometimes appear angular. It is also better to avoid very short cuts, as well as fringes. If you have a diamond face shape, opt for a bulky, layered, short or mid-length squared haircut model.

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Square-shaped face and haircut ideas

If your jaw is wide and pointed and your cheekbones and forehead are pronounced, your face is probably square. Usually, square-faced people can afford everything in terms of cuts - short, semi-short, long. To soften facial features, look for soft cuts that look natural. Try to create volume on the top and sides of your head. Hairdressers advise to avoid layered squares.

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Oblong or elongated face and haircut ideas

Long or oblong faces are usually characterized by a jaw and cheekbones of the same width. The forehead is often symmetrical. The ideal cut for those with an oblong or elongated face will be the cut that allows to reduce the size of the front and to give volume on the sides. For women with an oblong face shape, it is recommended to cut the short or mid-layered square haircut.


What color for my haircut squared?

We have already mentioned several times that the natural look is the trend look of this year. This also explains why morpho-hairstyle is fashionable. It allows to choose the cut perfectly adapted to the shape and features of his face. We try to highlight its natural beauty. This is also the trend color - shaded hair, dark hair, sweeping California, caramel sweep, honey sweeping... All these techniques try to highlight and shine the natural color of the hair. They are also very little aggressive, even natural. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthese staining techniques is to leave the roots intact.

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Once the haircut is chosen, you must take care of it every day...

The choice of cut is only a first step of a successful look. Once your haircut squared chosen, you must take care of it every day. And it is only about the application of expensive maintenance products. Beauty comes from the inside. Having a good shampoo and making nourishing masks from time to time is important, but do not neglect the importance of a rich and varied diet.

cut-square-woman-hair-look-idee Who said that short cuts are not feminine? Indeed, the short cut can reveal the neck. Boy and very French, the haircut squared is at the top of the ranking fashion trends and look woman in 2018.

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The Californian sweep has been very trendy for a few years now. With its rejuvenating effect and California-inspired side, it's perfect for squaring.

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Do you have curly hair? The square will suit you perfectly.

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