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Plants green interior easy maintenance idea pot plant

The cultivation of potted plants begins in Egypt for practical reasons. In China, for the first time, potted plants were introduced into the interior for purely aesthetic reasons. Discover our selection of 20 Indoor green plants Beautiful and easy to maintain: yes, that exists!

Indoor Green Plants: A selection of 20 easy-to-maintain species

Green plants easy interior maintenance ideas

The Chinese currency plant , in Latin Pilea peperomioides , Also known as the plant Of the missionary, is a very adaptive succulent plant with persistent foliage. Its common name is inspired by the shape of its round leaves that resemble small coins.

Indoor green plant easy to maintain: Chinese currency

Green plants interior idea Chinese currency

If you are looking for a drought-tolerant plant, greasy plants like Money-of-the-Pope , Also known as Medal of Judas , And in Latin Xerosicyos danguyi, Are the ideal solution for your home. Originally from Madagascar, they ask to be placed in a good planter in ceramics or bamboo. Those are Succulent plants To the tomentose leaves which rise and must be provided enough space for this purpose. Place them in a sunny spot in direct light.

La Monnaie-du-Pape, a plant originally from Madagascar

Green plant interior pot plant perennial pot

In addition, Oxalis , The family of Oxalidaceae , Is an indoor plant originating in Brazil, known for its bold and dynamic coloring that can vary from purple to red. Usually, it grows quite quickly and it can even flower in ten weeks. This plant needs several hours of direct sunlight every day. It is therefore ideal for a sunny corner in the garden too! Like almost all indoor plants, it is not suitable for animals and you have to be careful. It's best to place it in a place where you can protect it just like your pet for that matter!

Oxalis: an apartment plant from Brazil

Plants green interior easy maintenance plants plants apartment

The Crassula Ovata, Commonly called Tree of Jade , Is a succulent plant particularly interesting for its bush structure. Originally from South Africa, it can reach up to 3 meters high in its natural state. If it benefits from adequate contions, it can even flourish. Usually these flowers are pink or white. When it is very often exposed to the sun, this plant can develop a red or yellowish hue. It requires very little water in summer and even less in winter. It is one of the most common houseplants.

Jade tree - a succulent plant from South Africa

Plants green interior easy maintenance idea plant apartment

The Plant ZZ , in Latin Zamioculcas Zamiifolia , Is a perennial plant with evergreen foliage that always impresses with its size and shine. Easy to maintain, it prefers indirect light and it needs small amounts of plant foods.

The ZZ Plant is a perennial with evergreen foliage

Green plants indoor indoor plants indoor plants

The Pearl necklace plant , Also known as Rowley's Ragwort , in Latin Senecio rowleyanus , Is a succulent evergreen perennial plant originally from South Africa and Namibia. Delicate, elegant and very beautiful, it is also very easy to maintain. It does not like direct light and does not need much watering.

The pearl necklace plant, also known as the Rowley Ragwort

Plants green interior easy maintenance idea plant apartment

Tillandsia - a succulent plant of the family bearing the same name. It is perhaps the most adaptive and easy to maintain. Thanks to its foliage, it quickly absorbs water and humidity. Another advantage is the lack of root system, which makes it ideal for creating fascinating arrangements. On the picture, we see a Tillandsia oaxacana, one of the most common kinds.

Tillandsia: one of the most easy to maintain apartment plants

Plant green interior easy maintenance idea plant perennial

The Sedum , Sedum Morganianum In Latin, is a succulent plant with wonderful flowering that lends itself to unique planters like those on the image. These plants benefit from direct sunlight, but do not like extreme heat. They require regular watering, especially in summer, but never too much water because they risk killing them.

Sedum: a succulent plant of original appearance

Green house interior idea plant succulent

Opuntia microdasys , Native to northern Mexico, is a magnificent plant that requires a little more care from their handling. If you are looking for a cactus that requires little maintenance to enhance your desert themed interior. Think about ensuring it plenty of sun and water when it is in its dry state.

Opuntia microdasys is a plant originally from northern Mexico

Plant interior cactus

In addition to being a widely used ingredient in cosmetics, Aloe vera is also a succulent decorative and easy to maintain. It requires a sunny location and is very adaptive. The Aloe vera can reach up to one meter in height.

Aloe vera: succulent plant house easy to maintain

House plant idea easy to maintain indoor plant pot

The False philodendron , in Latin Monstera deliciosa , Is a perennial plant that works very well as a hanging plant. You can add a trellis and enjoy its potential as a climbing plant. Avoid direct sunlight and keep the soil slightly moistened to see it grow.

The false philodendron: a perennial plant that can be suspended

Plant interior idea plant apartment easy maintenance

Epipremnum aureum Is an indoor green plant known for many good reasons. Her other nickname is"ivy of the devil", inspired by her ability to hardiness and the fact that it is almost impossible to kill her. Its leaves can grow incredibly long, it is also an excellent choice for those who wish to hang plants from the ceiling. It does not need direct sunlight and needs watering in its dry state.

Epipremnum aureum commonly known as"Devil's Ivy"

Indoor plant house apartment idea ivy of the devil

The Dracaena sanderiana , Is a very common house plant, originating in Cameroon, which does not even require soil - just place it in the water like a cut flower. You can then add pebbles and shells to decorate it, for example. If you place it in the water, consider changing the water every few weeks and avoid tap water if possible.

La Dracaena sanderiana is a native of Cameroon

Idea house plant indoor vase idea dracaena

The dragon tree is a very beautiful tree plant, usually not very easy to maintain. Genre Dracaena marginata , Commonly known as dragon tree or dracena, is an exception to the rule. Originally from Madagascar, it is one of the indoor plants requiring the least care possible. You can sometimes wait until the soil is dry to water it, making it ideal for offices. Indirect light and constant temperature will help it to become even stronger and more resistant.

The dragon tree, in Latin Dracaena marginata: a plant of indoor arborescente

Dracaena marginata plant indoor plant easy

Often, flowering plants are the most difficult to maintain healthy, but this is not the case with the plant Spathiphyllum , Originally from South America. In general, it is not very demanding, but it is still better to expose it to bright light. They also need reliable drainage. Put it in a simple design pot to accentuate its beautiful flowers.

Spathiphyllum: plant originating in South America

Plant interior easy idea plants apartment

The plant of prayer, in Latin Maranta , Native of Brazil and Venezuela, is of an incredible color and very attractive appearance. Its red veins will make a beautiful decorative accent in any interior. A masterpiece of nature... It changes according to day and night, it is from here that it takes its name"plant of the prayer". It does not need direct light or water.

Maranta commonly known as the plant of prayer

Plant interior easy apartment ideas interior plants

Ficus lyrata is a rustic tree that can reach up to 50 meters in height in its natural environment - the rainforest. Cultivated indoors, it is smaller in size and makes a beautiful decorative tree. Be prepared to update the planter size if you want your Ficus to grow healthy. This plant should be placed in a location with indirect sunlight and should be watered when the soil surface is dry and the leaves are softening.

Ficus lyrata: a rustic tree originating in the tropical forest

Plant maintenance easy interior plant pot idea

Dypsis lutescens, also called palm multipliant, originated in Madagascar, will make a very nice decorative accent in your interior. This plant benefits from indirect light and partial shade. Preferably, place it in a well-drained pot filled with loamy soil. If you like to water the plants often, this species will prove rather indulgent. Keep the soil moist, but avoid over-watering it. If your cat or dog likes to nibble on plants, pet owners can rest because it is not toxic.

Dypsis lutescens: a plant originating in Madagascar

Palm tree interior interior plant easy maintenance

The Calathea orbifolia Is with leaves of a very bright green. This plant requires a little more care than previous ones. The key is to take care of it regularly, to ensure a moist soil, good drainage and low light exposure.

Calathea orbifolia: plant with very bright green leaves

Indoor plant house plant idea easy maintenance

The plant Strelitzia , Or also known as a bird of paradise with white flowers, grows up to six meters in height under suitable conditions. It is also one of the largest plants presented here that impresses with its beautiful wingspan and its sumptuously colored flowering. While many plants are sensitive to direct sunlight, this plant loves it! Keep the soil moist and fatten each month to get the best results.

Strelitzia: a sumptuously colored flowering plant

Plant interior plant apartment flower plant apartment idea

The Bonsai , Is a small tree well known and very widespread lately. This versatile and attractive tree, officially known as Schefflera arboricola, Is very pretty. It is very adaptable to all light and watering conditions. It is possible to let it grow naturally by placing it in a large pot or to restrict it by placing it in a small pot and installing it as a desktop decoration.

Bonsai : A small widespread interior tree

Plant interior bonsai plant pot interior plant