Fashion Trends Fall-Winter 2017/2018: Checked patterns, how to wear them?

fashion trends fall winter 2017 2018 shirt tiles woman

What are the fashion trends of autumn-winter woman in 2017/2018? This season, we put on the casual, cozy and elegant look. Zoom on one of the must for the season to come - coat or accessory with plaid patterns!

How to wear and match - discover in the following lines through our selection of 21 trendy autumn-winter woman look.

fashion trends woman scarf tiles gray sweater

Fashion trends autumn-winter woman in 2017/2018: zoom on the plaid patterns

Shirt, dress, scarf, poncho, jacket and even pants - plaid patterns are present everywhere right now! They are worn with clothes in light or dark colors, jeans and avoids to match them with other reasons not to do too kitsch. A single coat or tile accessory in your outfit is enough.

Check patterns were born a long time ago. They have crossed several cultures, generations and musical styles. One thing is sure and certain, they never stopped to be fashionable and worn by women as well as by men. Our selection includes ideas to look woman, but gentlemen can also find inspiring ideas for their outfit .

fashion trends woman autumn winter 2017 look trendy dress

A large soft and soft scarf with plaid patterns

We love it and we wear it all the time and everywhere. As you well know, in autumn temperatures are falling and we all need warm clothes and accessories. Having a scarf is always convenient. To make a trend, put on the check scarf.

fashion trends woman scarf tiles

Fashion advice: match the color of your checked scarf with that of your jacket or coat.

fashion trends woman scarf tiles look woman trend orange jacket

The checked shirt - we all wore it at least once in his life!

Impossible not to mention, the must-have piece of any person inspired by the American campaign - the checkered shirt. We wear it long or oversized this season. You can opt for the classic red and black or try with other colors. We love his version in blue and green . Our two favorite colors and most trendy this year!


The plaid shirt is declined to infinity.

The check patterns appear in parallel with the manufacture of wool woven in Scotland. And the checkered shirt has already gone through three generations and many styles of music. Today, she is considered timeless fashion piece.

The checkered shirt has its origins in North America. Worn by American lumberjacks, it was also a must-see for any fan of the grunge. Several people associate it with the 90s.

It will not be wrong to say that in American culture the checkered shirt was almost always matched with jeans.

shirt Tile-woman-trends-of-fashion-autumn-winter Idea of ​​look woman autumn-winter 2017/2018 : black and white plaid shirt matching with khaki-colored pants and combined with pumps and chic handbag woman-shirt Tile-trends-of-fashion

The checkered blazer for a vintage English look

The blazer is always stylish and timeless. Here are two good reasons to keep it in your wardrobe. Fashion trends come and go and the blazer is always there! It is worn with a dress, jeans or skirt. To make even more trend, one chooses a plaid blazer. If you want to have a casual look, combine it with sneakers and if you want to make more formal, choose boots, boots or flat shoes.

look-trend-woman-fashion-fall-winter-jeans-jacket Fashion trends look woman autumn-winter 2017/2018: checked blazer and short black dress trend-fashion-woman-jacket-look-trend


Idea of ​​look : combine your checked blazer with pullover or turtleneck blouse

woman-look-trend jacket coat autumn

The plaid skirt - long or short

The plaid skirt is a classic. It is often associated with Scotland. If you like vintage style, the plaid skirt is made for you!

look-woman-fashion-trends-Tile An original vintage-style autumn-winter look : long plaid skirt, red leather jacket with pattern and red pumps


The leather jacket is also one of those fashion pieces that has gone through several eras and cultures and has never stopped to be trendy.


Fashion trends: check coat for always warm

The coat is a must in late fall and winter. If you want to change from the classic black or brown coat, try the check coat. Combine it with a beanie, with or without pompon, and jeans for a cool and casual look or with leather ankle boots for a trendy look.

coat-long-woman-look-trend jeans

trends-of-fashion-woman-long jacket

Fashion trends, dress - elegant, feminine and light

When it is very cold outside, you rarely want to wear a skirt or a dress. Fortunately, even in winter, you can be feminine and wear your favorite dresses and skirts thanks to all kinds of hot pantyhose available! Wearing a cotton dress or skirt in winter is not necessarily the best idea, but you can find plenty of soft and comfortable woolen skirt and dress. To make the class, choose a checkered one!


Ah, the banana bag! Long associated with the sellers at the market, this small bag mounted on the fashion shows a few years ago. Some brands even offer versions of leather banana bag! This is the case of the red model in the picture below.

We love this set of jacket and plaid skirt in blue and the bag super banana class! trends-of-fashion-woman-look-trendy A woman's costume composed of jacket and checkered skirt in gray, formidably combined with a t-shirt and platform sneakers: blow of heart! look-woman-holding-fall-of-fashion trends,

Just as the man's outfit, this year's autumn-winter woman's outfit wants to be casual and elegant at the same time. One dares the combination of stylish clothes with accessories and sporty shoes. The khaki color is always in the spotlight, as well as suede jackets, aviator jackets, denim, long dresses and oversized pieces. The successful look of this year (woman and man) is one that is neither too elegant nor too neglected. It is somewhere in the middle of these two definitions. If it is necessary to describe it in two words, it will be said that it is an elegantly sporty or sportively elegant style!